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this time of year i usually get a ton of 
requests for soup recipes and i thought i   would tie in you guys were loving that video i 
did on the keto budget if you haven't seen it   click up here it's how you can make 84 meals 
feeding a family of four for a week for just   40. super cool video i'll have it 
linked down below for you guys too   but you guys were wanting like another keto budget 
video so i thought what a cool way to tie in   making keto soups along with how to save money too 
let's do some budget friendly keto soup recipes   i'm gonna go on walmart.com because i want to see 
if i can get each of these keto soup recipes to   be less than five dollars a recipe now some of 
these recipes have overlapping ingredients too   so that's going to help me save money groceries 
are ordered let's go pick them up the thing that i   like about curbside pickup at walmart that i know 
exactly what i'm getting and how much i'm spending   i mean sure there might be out of some product 
sometimes but for the most part you know exactly   what you're spending so that's a tip for you guys 
is to do curbside pickup just to watch your budget   we are gonna dive on into these keto soup 
recipes i'm gonna show you how to make them   i'm to tell you what the macros are and 
we're going to go over the pricing plus   i'm going to give you some more tips on how 
to save money when you're on the keto diet   the first soup we're going to start with is my 
keto chicken noodle soup and yes this does have   noodles in it we're gonna make our own keto egg 
noodles in a large stock pot we're gonna add two   tablespoons of butter and melt that down and then 
we're gonna add in a half a cup of diced onion   three stalks of celery that you've sliced 
up and a quarter cup of chopped carrots   now i know you're probably going to think well 
carrots aren't keto but we're only using a quarter   cup of chopped carrots so it hardly adds any 
carbs to this a quarter cup of chopped carrots   will add around 2 grams of net carbs for the 
entire soup so that's hardly anything especially   if this serves around like four to six people you 
want to cook these until your vegetables are just   tender you don't want to overcook it until they're 
softened because the veggies will continue to cook   as they're simmering in the broth and you 
don't want to end up with like mushed veggies   then you're gonna add in your chicken 
broth this is three cups of chicken   broth going in here and i'm gonna stick in a 
bay leaf this is optional you don't have to   use that if you don't want to but if you do have 
some line around your pantry and want to use up   some of your bay leaves this is a great time to 
add some flavor then we're going to bring this   to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer 
and you're going to let it cook uncovered and   while your chicken soup is cooking then we're 
going to move on to making our keto egg noodles   to make these noodles you're going to need one 
cup of almond flour a tablespoon of xanthan gum   you could use agar powder too if you want to as 
a replacement a half a teaspoon of salt you're   gonna whisk it together until it's combined and 
then you're gonna add in a third cup of hot water along with one egg mix it together until it forms a dough ball and 
then we're going to put this down in between   two sheets of parchment paper flatten it out and 
roll it till it's about like an eighth of an inch   to a quarter of an inch thick then you're going 
to cut off your noodles you can do a thick noodles   if you want some thick noodles in your chicken 
noodle soup or thinner strips if you prefer that   lay them down on a parchment paper and you 
can either let these air dry or i like to   pop mine in a 200 degree oven for around 
15 20 minutes or so this will just help   set the noodles if you were to add 
your noodles straight to your broth   it still works but they're a little bit more 
mushy and they tend to dissolve like the   longer they're in there once your egg noodles 
are ready you can add them to your soup just   make sure you remove your soup beforehand so 
it's not too hot and you're ready to serve the macros for the soup for one bowl if we're 
gonna divide it into four servings it's 282   calories 11.3 grams of fat 22.5 grams 
of protein and it's only 3.2 net carbs this keto soup recipe comes to around six 
dollars and thirty cents some ways to save   more money on this recipe and to get a little 
bit more cost effective is to actually make your   own chicken broth so you can purchase chicken 
legs or chicken thighs from the store and then   put them in a pot of water and then let that boil 
for around like an hour and a half or so you will   make your own chicken broth that way and it makes 
up a large amount especially if you keep on adding   water to it and it's healthy because it's chicken 
bone broth so that's one way that you can save   money and you can use that on all of these recipes 
here that i'm giving you that do require chicken   broth another way is to just completely omelet 
the noodles you could actually go with maybe   a vegetable instead cabbage is a really good 
substitute for a low-carb chicken noodle soup   along with um there's you can use bean sprouts if 
you wanted to zucchini noodles would be fabulous   in this too so that would actually they'd 
probably be cheaper than making your own   almond flour egg noodles i just like to have i 
just love that comfort food that noodle part in   there and it's delicious to me when you make it 
like this on its own and it's super simple too   you can serve this chicken noodle soup with some 
low-carb rolls i have a recipe for some delicious   keto bread rolls that everybody raves about i did 
do a video on it already you can click up here to   watch it or i'll have it listed down below in the 
description box or just google search keto focus   rolls and you'll find it since we're on the topic 
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is they'll have a flavor for you   plus these are loaded with protein so they're 
going to keep you full until your next meal   up next let's make some clam chowder 
this is one of my favorite recipes it is   a keto clam chowder in a medium saucepan or a 
dutch oven you're gonna melt down some butter   and then we'll add in half a cup of diced onion   three sliced up celery stalks and a quarter cup of 
red bell pepper i like to use the red bell pepper   in this recipe as a replacement for the carrots 
but you could go with carrots if you want to   cook this until your veggies are 
softened and then we're going to   add in some arrowroot powder i'm using a root 
powder as a thickener i always have it on hand   it's a great keto thickener because it's low 
in carbs and it really thickens more than   flour does so just a little bit goes a long way 
we're going to stir in some chicken broth and   then add in your clams these are canned clams 
i'm going to use the entire can plus the juice and then whisk in your heavy cream an option here 
is to use a daikon radish if you want to this is   an added expense but it just gives that potato 
like feeling like all clam chowder has potatoes   this recipe does not use potatoes because potatoes 
are higher in carbs but we can substitute to get   that same like flavor or texture by using a radish 
and i like to use daikon radish because it looks   just like a potato and it takes on the flavor 
of the soup too so it doesn't taste weird we'll   add our seasonings which is one bay leaf half a 
teaspoon of salt and a half a teaspoon of pepper   bring it to a boil and then let 
it simmer for around 15 minutes   another option is to top this with some 
crumbled bacon is super delicious but it   does add an extra expense onto your keto five 
dollar soup and actually when i calculated out   the cost of the soup recipe it's actually less 
than five dollars it came to three dollars and   five cents that is if you use chicken broth that 
we already made from our chicken noodle soup if   you wanted to use the box kind from walmart or 
wherever it would probably add an additional 30 cents the macros on this soup for one serving 
it's around 200 calories it's 204 calories   the fat is 17.6 grams protein is 4.3 grams and the 
neck carbs are 2.6 grams so this is a little bit   higher in carbs just because clams do have carbs 
in them but you can decrease that if you want to   add less clams decrease some of the vegetables 
and you will bring down your net carbs but it   would fit into your macros especially if you 
only um are having like two or three meals   a day and your net carbs are around five 
grams this recipe is already inexpensive   but if you did want to save some money then 
i would just not put in maybe the bell pepper   decrease some of the onion maybe only do half a 
can of clams although you already bought the one   cans you might as well just throw the whole 
thing in there but again using chicken broth   that you've already made will help here too up 
next let's turn a cheeseburger into a soup we're   going to be making keto cheeseburger soup this 
recipe is so good and it has so many different   toppings and add-ons you can do to it but 
we're just going to make the bare bones version   but i'll tell you what you could add to it to 
make it even more tastier in a large stockpot   we're going to add one pound of ground beef 
and cook it over medium heat until it's brown remove your ground beef from your stockpot 
set it aside and we're gonna cook our veggies   in the same pot we're gonna add some butter a quarter cup of diced onion a 
quarter cup of red bell pepper   and three stalks of celery that are chopped up cook that until your veggies are softened 
that'll take around three to five minutes   next we're going to add back in our ground 
beef at this point if you wanted to add some   of that daikon radish you could do that many 
of the traditional cheeseburger soup recipes   actually use potato they use it more as 
like a thickener but if you wanted that   you know potato texture in there you could add 
a daikon radish in there but it's more expensive and then i'm going to add one 
teaspoon of arrowroot powder   as a thickener but the soup doesn't 
really need a thickener just because   it does have the heavy cream and the 
cheese which is going to thicken it naturally bring your soup to a boil and then turn down the 
heat and let it simmer for around 10 to 12 minutes   next we're going to remove it from the heat 
and we're going to stir in two cups of grated   cheddar cheese along with one cup of heavy 
cream then you'll add in salt and pepper for seasoning   now this keto cheeseburger soup is 
delicious just like this or we could   add on some fun toppings you can put on 
some crumbled bacon some more diced onions   some more cheese on there tomato shredded 
lettuce like pretty much anything that you would   put on a burger you could add to the top and it's 
really good i especially like the iceberg lettuce   just because it kind of gives it like this little 
crunchy feel with each bite this low carb soup   is a little bit more keto friendly per serving 
it makes around six servings it's 582 calories   and 51.3 grams of fat 24.7 grams of protein and 
the net carbs are 3.1 grams now the soup did clock   in at a little bit above five dollars if you make 
your own chicken broth it comes at around 6.69   still an inexpensive keto meal 
especially if you're feeding six people i hope this video i gave you guys some 
great keto recipe ideas as well as some   money saving tips when it comes to sticking 
with your keto diet without breaking your budget

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