Jumping back on track after the holidays (keto)

Jumping back on track after the holidays (keto)

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Getting back on track with keto can be difficult especially if you took a long break. In this video, I give you the best steps for getting back on track with your keto goals after the holidays.





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What did I do Sometimes the holiday Temptations are Just too much and sometimes you just Want to enjoy some delicious holiday Food with your friends and family so if You fell off keto over the holidays I Have six tips to help get you back into Your low carb journey in no time first Don't beat yourself up about it as with Any way of eating this is a lifestyle so Realize that you might not be a hundred Percent perfect all the time and you Don't have to be I mean granted it's Easier if you consistently stay keto or Eat low carb because you're not going Into this yo-yo cycle of falling off and Getting back on and it's harder to reach Your goals that way but realistically The majority of people have a hard time Doing that staying consistent so if you Start to have the mindset that keto is a Lifestyle and not just a diet that's Going to help you out on your journey so On those occasions like the holidays if You do enjoy foods that are high in Carbs and have some sugar in them it's Important not to think that you cheated And that you have to start over because You didn't cheat and you don't it's a Lifestyle so you don't have to be a Perfect perfect one hundred percent of The time and you're never starting over From the beginning You're simply just Pausing and then continuing where you

Left off and moving forward now Sometimes the problem that can happen is That a cheat meal can turn into another Cheat meal and then another and then Before you know it multiple days have Passed and you're feeling like crap you May have been trying to get back to keto But the Cravings are hitting so hard That the thought of just eating meat and Veggies just doesn't appeal to you and This is the part where a lot of people End up falling off keto because that Struggle for those Temptations is so Intense that's where my next tips come In handy so if I've just described you And you've been on this cycle of yo-yo Keto where you're on again off again Keto for maybe months or even a year or More sometimes the best solution is just To go slow in order to get back on track At this point your body is no longer fat Adapted because it's used to having Sugar for fuel but when you're suddenly Constricting the glucose and giving fat For fuel it has to switch which gears And start to ramp up the production of Enzymes in order to metabolize that fat During that period which lasts for Around two to four weeks depending on The person you can get some intense Sugar cravings and that's when some People can start to give in and the Yo-yo starts again so when you're in This position instead of just

Restricting your carbs to less than 20 a Day I think it's best just to take it Slow start with maybe 30 to 50 maybe Even 75 grams of carbohydrates a day and Then slowly taper down over the course Of a few weeks or maybe you start with a Keto breakfast and a keto lunch but Dinner you actually have like a carb Side dish to go along with it something Whole like a potato or sweet potato Works well do that for a week and then Slowly start to restrict your carbs if Keto is your goal by gradually replacing Each meal with a keto friendly version You'll be back on track and be able to Stay consistent without having a ton of Those intense Cravings triggered what I Like to do is look for keto recipes that Are insane mainly delicious and that I Know I want to eat look for recipes that Are also high in fat because they're Going to keep you full longer there are Lots of different types of recipes out There that fit this mold and maybe it's A keto lasagna or ribeye steak and I Have a bunch on my website ketofocus.com And on this channel too that definitely Accomplished this and I'll even share my Recipe that does the trick for this Every time later on this video but Before you can do any of this it's best To get rid of the junk whether you're Actually throwing away some of those Foods that are high carb Temptations or

You're donating them to friends family Neighbors or even a food pantry you Really need to get rid of them if They're constantly staring you in the Face when you open up the fridge in the Pantry and you're hungry now you're Gonna have to decide whether you're Choosing your health or your old ways And it's best not to have to make that Decision in the first place fill your Cupboards and your fridge with healthy Low carb options like string cheese Hard-boiled eggs I like these chicken Bites from Costco jerky there's keto Cookies low carb chips or pork rinds Although I don't always wear recommend Snacking sometimes these foods can be a Good replacement for when those Cravings Hit before you start have a plan the Greatest chance that you're going to be Successful with your low carb journey is To be consistent and what helps you stay Consistent having a plan I'm not saying You have to meal prep like one or two Times a week although that does help but At the very least you really should have A plan of what you're going to be eating Throughout the week because it just kind Of takes the guessing game out of it I Write out what I plan to eat once a week Based off of my schedule I find it Easier to pretty much eat the same Things for breakfast and then I'll mix It up with dinner I'll sit down once a

Week and I'll look at our evening Schedule and see when we'll eat dinner And then how much time it's going to Take me to prepare that meal if it's a Busy night like this one where my son Has a game right after school I know I'm Going to plan to do a slow cooker meal But I can start in the morning and then When we get home from the game dinner is Going to be ready for us I'll fill each Day with recipes for protein along with Some keto approved side dishes for Myself and my husband which is usually Just a simple vegetable like broccoli or Asparagus and then a valid my kids don't Actually eat keto so I usually try to Have a carb side dish for them like Potatoes or white rice but a lot of Times they're just fine with eating Whatever we're eating they love meat so Chicken beef not always fish but just Chicken and beef and they like salad too So it's real simple for us to do and They're perfectly satisfied being fed That all the time and if I have time to Cook a 20 30 minute meal but not a lot Of time to prep I actually cook up one Of our green Chef keto meals that are Delivered to my door thanks to Green Chef for sponsoring this video green Chef is a ccof certified organic company That helps you cook delicious meals for Your family it has step-by-step Instructions with pictures and premium

Ingredients that come pre-measured with Minimal prep there's options for every Lifestyle from keto and paleo fast and Fit Mediterranean gluten-free it's Delivered right to your door weekly and Has saved dinner on my house on multiple Times if you want to try green Chef use My code keto focus60 and get 60 percent Off plus free shipping go to Greenchef.com for more details this is An amazing deal and just in time for the New year because green Chef is Introducing an easier way to eat keto With their limited time keto kickoff 2023 you can order new keto meals for Breakfast and dinner again use my code Keto Focus 60 to get 60 off plus free Shipping just go to greenchef.com I find That just keeping things simple with Just a protein and a few low-carb veggie Options helps with the planning and Implementing that plan because I'm not Over complicating the menu with a bunch Of brand new recipes that I have to make Every night of the week and even though I live in the Pacific Northwest where It's snowy I still use my grill Year-round and it's a great way just to Throw on some chicken thighs there and You have yourself a protein that you can Use across many meals and then I can Serve it with some zucchini noodles or a Salad and then just to add some Additional flavor or to keep things

Interesting you can make up a quick keto Sauce to go with these proteins and I Already did a full video on some simple Keto sauce recipes that you can make to Help transform your meals I'll have it Listed Down Below in the description box Or after you're done watching this video Just rewind it to this part and you can Click right here keeping keto easy Taking the guessing game out of what to Eat and along with having some amazing Keto recipes up your sleeve that you can Turn to when you need to get back on Track these are the best ways to stay Successful with your journey and if you Want to know exactly what I eat when I Fall off track and what works for me Click right here so you can see what I Did

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