This Keto Pecan Pie is liking biting into Heaven (Gooey & Flaky)

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Gooey, Keto pecan pie with around 1.4 g carbs per slice!


Almond Flour:
Xanthan Gum:
Rice Vinegar:
Allulose syrup:



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Serves 12

1 cup almond flour
3 tablespoons coconut flour
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter, chilled and cubed
1 ounce cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1 1/2 teaspoons rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup Caramel Syrup or allulose syrup
1/3 – 1/2 cup brown sugar-free sweetener, packed (use more if not keto adapted)
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1/2 cup chopped pecans

1️⃣ In a food processor, add almond flour, coconut flour, xanthan gum and salt. Pulse to combine. Add chilled cubed butter and cream cheese. Pulse until coarse crumbles form.
2️⃣ Add egg and vinegar. Pulse mixture until just combined and a dough ball forms. Wrap pie dough in plastic wrap, flaten into a disc shape and refrigerate for one hour.
3️⃣ Place the chilled dough in between two sheets of parchment paper. Starting from the center of the disc and working your way out in all directions, roll out pie dough into a circular shape. If the parchment paper crumples beneath the dough, either carefully stretch the paper out or flip the parchment paper so the bottom layer is on top and stretch out the paper. Continue rolling until you are at least an inch wider on all edges than the pie pan you want to use. Crust should be between 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick.
4️⃣ Remove top layer of parchment paper. Place pie pan upside down on top the pie crust. Holding one hand on the pie pan, slide your hand under the bottom parchment paper and flip so the pie pan is on the bottom and crust is on top. Remove parchment paper.
5️⃣ Gently press the pie dough into the pie plate and trim the edges if needed. Flute the edges of the dough by pinching dough with your thumb and index finger all around the crust. Refrigerate until ready to bake.
6️⃣ In a saucepan, add heavy cream, sugar-free syrup and brown sugar free sweetener. Mix and heat over medium heat until sweetener has dissolved and mixture is heated through.
7️⃣ Stir in butter and salt until butter is melted. Whisk in egg yolks.
Scatter chopped pecans in the bottom of the pie crust. Pour in pie filling. 8️⃣ Bake at 325 degrees for 45-60 minutes or until the filling is set and lightly jiggly. Refrigerate for 1 hour to cool and set the filling.

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MACROS (per serving)
Calories 238
Fat 23.8g
Protein 3.5g
Total Carbs 3.6g
Net Carbs 1.4g

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I was never really a fan of this Pie as A kid until I had it around 10 years ago And when I realized that it was filled With a gooey buttery nutty filling I was Hooked and now I've made it keto and There's only two grams of carbs per Slice you are going to be shocked at how Much this looks and tastes just like the Classic we use ingredients that are Similar to those in a pecan pie Including a substitute for corn syrup But this incredible buttery gooey pie Starts with a flaky pie crust so let's Get to baking so I can show you how to Turn this holiday classic keto if you've Made keto pie crust before you know that The majority of them are just ones that You press in they're not flaky at all But I have a recipe that makes keto pie Crust that you can roll it out so you Can make a lattice you can make shapes Plus it's super flaky start by adding One cup of almond flour to a food Processor then add three tablespoons of Coconut flour one tablespoon of xanthan Gum and a half a teaspoon of salt give That a pulse to combine next add a half A cup of unsalted cubed butter and you Want to make sure that your butter is as Cold as possible so what I'll do I'll Cube this up and I'll put it inside the Freezer while I gather up the rest of my Ingredients for the pie crust so in About 10 to 15 minutes this batter would

Be cold and this is the key to making Flaky pie crust so make sure your butter Is always cold before it bakes we pulse This with one ounce of softened cream Cheese just until coarse crumbles form Then add in one egg one and a half Teaspoons of rice vinegar or apple cider Vinegar and then pulse just until a Dough ball forms you don't want to over Manipulate this Dough because then it Just increases the chance that that Butter is going to melt and we want Chunks of butter in this pie dough Because we want it flaky and if you Don't have a food processor you can try And mix this up in a blender or just use One of these a pastry blender or just Two forks at this stop if you didn't Really want to go on you just wanted to Stop at the crust because you don't Really have time to make a full pie in One day you can stop here just wrap it In plastic wrap or put it in a freezer Safe bag and you can refrigerate it or Freeze it but if you're continuing on You just want to place it between two Sheets of parchment paper now to keep Your parchment paper from slipping lay Down a wet paper towel first and then Sandwich your dough in between the Parchment paper then using a rolling pin Roll it out until the dough is around an Eighth to a quarter inch thick and your Pie circle is just slightly larger than

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Your pie plate and if you look at this Crust you can see these chunks of butter And this is what you want this is what's Going to give you that flaky pie crust And if at any point during this your Butter starts to look like it's getting Soft or melted or your dough starts to Stick to the parchment paper just stick It back in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 Minutes so it'll re-solidify that butter And then it's easy to peel off the Parchment paper and your butter stays Solid after you flip your dough onto Your pie plate you can fold the edges However you like and if it tears just Grab some dough from the side and repair It nobody's gonna know then we're going To put this pie crust into the Refrigerator while we move on to make Our pecan pie filling but before we do That let's take time to thank our Sponsor of today's video which is Element electrolytes I element contains A science-backed electrolyte mix of a Thousand milligrams of sodium 200 Milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium there's also no Sugar or coloring it's a delicious way To hydrate and I like to sip on them While I'm busy running around trying to Get ready for the holidays right now Element is offering my viewers a free Sample pack with any order that's eight Single serving packets free with any

Element order it's a great way to try All eight flavors or just to share with Your friends and family that gather Around the holidays get yours at Ketofocus and this deal is only Available through my link down below so You have to go to d-r-i-n-k ketofocus to make our keto Pecan filling pour in half a cup of Heavy whipping cream a half a cup of Allulose syrup and a third cup of packed Brown sugar-free sweetener into a Saucepan the allul syrup is zero carbs And it's going to act as our corn syrup In this recipe let that cook over medium Heat for a few minutes until the Sweetener dissolves and then turn off The heat and stir in four tablespoons of Unsalted butter and a half a teaspoon of Salt once that's melted you want to stir In six egg yolks but make sure your Mixture isn't too hot because we don't Want these eggs to curdle so just kind Of check it and see if there's no Problem when waiting like a couple of Minutes for the mixture to cool just to Be on the safe side so we're not going To scramble some eggs in here then we'll Whisk in the yolks and if you're Wondering what to do with all those Leftover egg whites well then you can Make a favorite holiday cookie which is Keto meringues these are zero carbs and

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They're delicious next bring back your Pie crust and sprinkle around a half a Cup of chopped pecans to the bottom and Then pour in your filling mixture into The crust then we'll bake this at 325 Degrees for around 35 45 minutes kind of Just depends on your oven but you want To cook it until it rises and it's set On top it'll be a little Jiggly that's Okay because it's going to firm up in The refrigerator but don't over bake it I kind of did here just because the Crust is a little dark but I got a Little distracted because I kind of have A sick pup to take care of after you Bake it we're going to refrigerate it For one hour and this pie will make you Want to do a happy dance it's incredible With whipped cream or keto ice cream on Top and if you want to see how to make The best keto ice cream well then just Click right here