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STOP the weight gain over the holidays! You can still maintain or even lose weight without sacrifice.

Here’s how:

1. There are 24 days left in 2022. Focus on eating a balanced, healthy keto meal and getting in some exercise on all the other days except 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 and any day that you have an event or holiday party.
2. Focus on low carb or low sugar treats and indulgences. There are many keto versions of our favorite holiday recipes that taste just as good as the original carb heavy ones. Check out my website for options!
3. If you choose to not eat keto or low carb on Christmas or for an event, IT’S OKAY!!! You have to enjoy your life. Just get right back to your low carb journey the next day or meal.

You don't have to gain 10 pounds over The holidays this time of year there's So many delicious treats for us to Indulge in and you should if that's what You want to do but there are three ways That you can still enjoy yourself over The holidays without going overboard and Derailing yourself from your goals check Out my top tips down below

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