45 Second KETO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE FOR ONE | Cooked 3 Ways – Air Fryer, Microwave, Oven

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there are two reasons why this next
recipe is going to rock the first reason is is because it's portion-controlled
the second reason is because sometimes you're a little lazy so stay tuned to
see what I'm gonna make today we're making chocolate chip cookies but we're
not going to be making up a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies because I
don't need all those treats lying around the house and also because I don't have
time for that so we're gonna make just a portion controlled single serving this
is gonna make two cookies for us or it can make one really big chocolate chip
cookie I'm going to show you how to make it in the microwave the air fryer and
the oven and the best part about this recipe is that it involves no eggs many
of those little single serve cookies that you see people making up in the
oven or the air fryer they involved using up like an entire egg so your
cookie tastes like an egg so we're not doing that here we're omitting the egg
altogether and it still turns out perfect like I said this recipe is so
easy to make so it's perfect when you're having one of those lazy nights and you
don't want to get out all of your cooking ingredients it's one of the
benefits of making mug cakes – and I have some mud cake recipes on my channel
you guys can click up here to watch those those are very very easy dessert
recipes that you can make as well but this one is great for when you're
craving chocolate chip cookies to make these keto chocolate chip cookies
everything is going to be made in One Bowl combined and then we're going to
bake it to a small bowl we're gonna add two tablespoons of almond flour one
teaspoon of coconut flour one tablespoon of unsalted butter that's softened to
room temperature 2 teaspoons of monk fruit or you can use the sweetener of
your choice a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt for chocolate chips I'm going to be
using ChocZero chocolate chips they're my favorite kind they're sugar free
sugar alcohol free I'll have a link down below on where you can purchase them you
can save 10% off your order when you use my code ketofocus at checkout but
there's other different kinds of sugar-free keto approved chocolate chips
out there I know Lily's makes one too so whatever brands you can get ahold of you
can certainly use and if you can't get ahold of either of those brands you know
what works really good is just getting like a hundred percent dark chocolate or
like a baking chocolate bar that you get at the grocery store just chop that up
into chunks and you can throw a little bit of in your cookie dough we're gonna
mix these ingredients up all together and then we're gonna portion them out
into two cookies or it can make one really big cookie now if you really want
to make some stellar keto chocolate-chip cookies I recommend popping them in the
refrigerator for around like 10 to 15 minutes so this is after you've formed
the ball shape and kind of smash them down a little bit
pop them in the refrigerator just that time when it's cooling it allows all of
the ingredients to just meld together and taste good plus when you bake them
they don't spread out so much either like I mentioned before we're gonna bake
these three separate ways the first way is in the oven so you want to have your
oven preheated to 350 degrees we're gonna put those cookies right into the
oven the second way that we're gonna cook these keto chocolate chip cookies
is in the microwave so just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes I'll
have that full instruction listed down below the last way we're gonna bake up
these chocolate chip cookies is in the air fryer so the air fryers becoming
increasingly popular for baking just because you can make these easy portion
controlled desserts in them so I finished all three cookies as you
can see they all turned out a little bit different which was kind of shocking to
me but also kind of expected like I figured the microwave cookie would be
more flat and spread a little bit more just because it's higher heat and in
order to keep the cookie nice and fluffy you need it to just kind of chill and
then slowly bake in a hot place so microwave totally expected that I didn't
really expect it to look like somebody pounded it with a meat hammer one of
those meat tenderizers but you know I think it still looks pretty good the
airfryer cookie looks good too kind of overdid it a little bit so definitely
watch your baking time and then the cookie in the oven turned out perfectly after trying all three of the cookies
they actually all taste the same and then well as we as we is the same dough
for each of them but even the baking methods they all turned out very very
similar my favorite one was actually the airfryer one but I think that's because
I let it go a little bit longer so it kind of had almost a little burnt cookie
taste to it which I'm weird but I like that it's probably because when I was
growing up my mom always used to bake cookies and she always over baked them
so the edges got a little burnt and crispy so I just I kind of liked that
but overall they're soft they're chewy just a perfect easy a chocolate chip
cookie dough cookie that you can make and really it comes down to how much
time do you have or what appliance you have to I mean if you are just starving
and just jonesing for a chocolate chip cookie then definitely make it in the
microwave but if you have a little bit more time to spend then I would do like
the airfryer or the oven I hope you guys enjoyed this video make
sure you tag me with your pictures of your single-serve keto chocolate-chip
cookies on my social media I am ketofocus on Instagram and the ketofocus on

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