Air Fryer Salmon Bites … I mean Trout Bites

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I went to make some of those salmon Bites I've been seeing everywhere and Then I realized I had trout Steelhead trout it looks so similar to Salmon so I thought what the heck let's Give it a try I sliced it up into Bite-sized chunks and this method of Slicing is what I like to call Air Slicing it really helps to get through That tough skin it's just a method I Picked up like 10 seconds ago and it Seems to be working with so I went with It I mean I really am butchering the Salmon I mean I mean trout it's trout Anyway you toss the bites in a few Tablespoons of olive oil and then for Seasoning we use a tablespoon of each Which is smoked paprika garlic powder Dried thyme salt and pepper Add that to your bites give it a quick Toss and then I'm air frying these but Make sure that you do put it skin side Up so that the skin doesn't stick you Know I kind of forgot halfway through Airfry at 400 degrees shaking halfway Through for a total of eight to ten Minutes these turn out so juicy and they Are delicious dipped in ranch dressing