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Hello Friends I am your host Shraddha Welcoming you to 5-Minute Kitchen Let's make low-carb Keto Roti (Keto Chapati) easily made with 3 basic ingredients Let's start Firstly we will saute 1/2 cup flax seeds Heat up the pan roasting reduces the bitterness flax seeds starts popping up after couple of minutes it means they are properly roasted Keep aside for cold. Prepare flax meal by finely grinding roasted flax seeds Now we will prepare dough for Keto Roti Take a big bowl and add freshly prepared flax meal add 1/2 cup Keto friendly Almond flour add 1/2 tsp.

Salt mix evenly with spoon you can also prepare almond flour at home like the way we did for flax meal also these are easily available in market Gradually add lukewarm water and mix everything well with the help of spoon now add little bit more water and continue to knead the dough by washed hand until it is mixed to a consistent texture Leave to rest for around 10 minutes so it becomes soft Now we will prepare small tikki(balls) now we will roll these balls Place a Parchment paper on flat surface Flatten it over the parchment paper by gently pressing it with your hands. Then place one more Parchment on top. Roll with a roller This process helps in easily rolling of the Keto Roti and do not get stick to the roller now Keto Chapati is rolled Remove the parchment paper Make a circular shape with the help of lid remove the extra part Lift them gently and place it on a hot pan by slowly removing the paper. and let it cook in medium flame flip the keto tortilla and let it cook from other side for around 2 minutes Flax meal and almond flour are already oily hence this will not get stick to the pan like paranthas these gets cooked over the pan Low-Carb very healthy Keto Roti(Keto Chapati) is ready now Have this with Yogurt and Keto Baingan Bharta and stay healthy Link for Keto Baingan is in the description of this video For more such healthy and quick recipes please subscribe to 5-Minute Kitchen Also please share your thought in the comment section Thanks for watching 🙂

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