This Keto Pancake Recipe STUMPED an expert taste tester

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I tested two popular gluten free keto flours to find out which makes the best low carb pancakes. One recipe uses coconut flour and the other uses almond flour. See which keto pancake recipe came out on top!


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I made two types of gluten-free low-carb Pancakes and took them to the streets to See if people could tell the difference Between these two recipes and regular Pancakes made with all-purpose flour Would you like to try some pancakes If you're keto it can be a struggle to Find a pancake recipe that doesn't taste Like an egg coconut flour or cardboard But I think I found two recipes that can Stand up to the tried and true pancake Let's see who comes out on top first I'm Making my coconut flour pancakes that Have almost a five-star perfect review On my website but don't Let the words coconut flour scare you I Know some people don't like the flavor Of coconut flour but I have some tips to Help diminish that flavor in these Pancakes I found that adding 8 ounces of Softened cream cheese helps to Neutralize that strong coconut flavor But it also helps neutralize the egg Flavor since we're adding four eggs to This recipe why so many well that's What's going to help puff up our pancake Since we're not using flour with gluten We have to add more eggs then add in a Half a cup of coconut flour and I do Believe that the brand of coconut flour Matters when it comes to lessening that Coconut flavor my favorite brands of Coconut flour is the one from Thrive Market and also Anthony's coconut flour

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Then add in a quarter cup of sugar-free Sweetener and half a cup of heavy cream Or nut milk and for a leavening agent Add two teaspoons of baking powder then One teaspoon of vanilla extract for Flavor using a blender helps to get this Batter smooth and make sure that all That cream cheese is broken up but you Don't want to over blend it or else You're not going to be left with puffy Pancakes instead you may want to mix all Your ingredients first and then add the Eggs at the end but I didn't do that Here when it comes to cooking these Pancakes I recommend a non-stick Electric griddle over Skillet because The heat is more evenly distributed Since this batter is thick you only want To add enough to make a three inch Pancake and cook it slowly over low heat Low heat that's the key this will give It time to cook without burning the Bottom have patience because it's going To take around four to six minutes on The first side you know it's ready to Flip when you can easily slide a spatula Underneath the pancake drag it and then Flip if you feel it getting stuck like I Did with this pancake in fact I felt it Tear I wasn't patient and now I have to Pay the price with a pancake that's not Not pretty let these cook for a few more Minutes on this side until they're Cooked through

I think these pancakes have incredible Flavor and I don't taste the coconut Flour but let's see what other people Think before I show you the next pancake Recipe let's talk about my sponsor for Today's video and not the fact that I'm Wearing completely different clothes my Sponsor for today's video is element Electrolytes when you wake up in the Morning chances are you're dehydrated Because no one drinks water and sleeps At the same time I think that's like Physically impossible it's called Drowning probably to rehydrate so that I Can have the most energy to start my day Out right I have a glass of element Electrolytes these electrolytes contain A science-backed electrolyte mix of a Thousand milligrams of sodium 200 Milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium sounds like a Lot of electrolytes right but you Actually need that many especially if You follow a low carb diet because a lot Of those electrolytes are fleshed out Right now element is offering my viewers A free sample pack with any order that's Eight single serving packets free with Any element order it's a really good way So you can try all eight flavors all you Have to do is go to Ketofocus this deal is only available Through my link so go to keto Focus right after

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I show you how to make another amazing Keto pancake recipe now let's change Outfits again instead of coconut flour Another low carb gluten-free flour That's used is almond flour the problem With almond flour is that it can burn Easily which is why I didn't use it in This blender pancake recipe that I just Showed you because they have to cook for A long time on one side just increases The risk that your pancakes are going to Burn with a few simple ingredients you Probably already have on hand you can Make a fat sack of fluffy pancakes with Little effort start with your dry Ingredients mix one and a third cup of Almond flour make sure you use blanched Super fine almond flour then add one Teaspoon of baking powder and a half a Teaspoon of salt Mix together then add a quarter cup of Heavy cream or nut milk Two eggs A tablespoon of sweetener a teaspoon of Vanilla and since I used heavy cream I Found that my batter was a little bit Too thick so I'm sending it out with a Couple tablespoons of nut milk you Shouldn't have to do this if you use nut Milk from the beginning since it does Have a thinner consistency and to keep Our pancakes from being too dry I'm Adding in one tablespoon of melted Butter plus it gives our pancakes this

Buttery finish the consistency of this Batter is more like regular pancake Batter Scoop onto a preheated griddle over low Medium heat and let these cook for a few Minutes on each side until golden brown Now it's time for our blind taste test These two are going up against Kodiak Pancake mix because that's really all I Had in my pantry Which pancake is made with flour They look really good I don't know it's Kind of hard to tell This pancake is made with regular flour Nope that's the pancake made with almond Flour can you make one of these for Breakfast I'm tired of bacon and eggs if You were to click right here for more Ideas that aren't bacon and eggs

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