My Secrets for Eating a Balanced Keto Diet

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Keto is not just about eating tons of bacon, cheese and butter all the time. For success and to make it sustainable, it’s all about balance. In this video, I show you how I include a balanced keto diet in my life.




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When you first start out on keto you Have these Ambitions of eating super Clean strict keto diet but then you get Bored and you find yourself eating the Same things and eventually you fall off The wagon and start binging on junk food And Treats but there's another way where You can eat satisfying keto foods that Gives you the nutrients you need to Achieve your goals while enjoying Yourself and never getting bored or Feeling deprived I'm going over protein Requirements are you afraid you're Getting too much protein as well as some Tips that I've picked up over the years To help keep keto interesting and Sustainable and it starts with a plan And a trip to the grocery store The best piece of advice that I could Give you is just to plan your menu based Off of what activities you have Throughout the week and your work Schedule My boys are involved in a lot of after School sports so in order to keep us From hitting the drive-through or Ordering doordash or just falling off Keto because of poor planning I found That knowing what we're gonna have for Dinner every night as well as planning Meals around our busy schedule and how Much time I have to cook dinner it helps To keep me on track and guarantees that We're sitting down as a family every

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Night to eat I try to plan my meals based off of what Meats I have in the freezer and any Leftover produce that I might have in The fridge that way I'm not wasting Money or running the risk of rotting Produce I don't even know what that is anymore One problem that can come up when you're On the keto diet is you get into this Rut of having the same thing over and Over again it's always eggs and bacon or Maybe you get into the cycle of grabbing Deli meat and cheese for lunch and Dinner because it's easy available and Doesn't require much thought sure those Are keto foods but if you're eating the Same Foods over and over again you're Going to start to lack micronutrients That you need to help give you energy And help this be sustainable and help You look great and feel great to add Variety to your keto diet mix up the Proteins and vegetables two or three Times a week have you heard of the Importance of eating the rainbow that Just means that you're eating fruits and Vegetables from each color in order to Make sure that you're getting a variety Of important nutrients and vitamins Since each fruit and vegetable contains A different amount of these Micronutrients for example having Broccoli a few nights a week can give

You vitamin C vitamin K iron and Potassium adding in some red bell pepper Will give you some vitamin A vitamin E Manganese and antioxidants you can also Achieve these by mixing up your proteins Most animal sources will give you iron And B vitamins but chicken is also a Great source of zinc selenium and Phosphorus while beef provides magnesium Potassium and even glutathione if it's Grass-fed adding salmon can give you Vitamin D vitamin E and essential fatty Acids and don't forget organ meat this Is especially important if you're on a Ketovor or carnivore diet where you Consume little to no fruits or Vegetables all of those essential Micronutrients are mostly found in your Organ Meats when I plan my meals I try And incorporate at least two vegetables With each meal whether that's two Vegetable side dishes like broccoli and A salad or chicken fajitas that are Loaded with different colors of bell Pepper and onion alongside a vegetable Side dish like asparagus or zucchini not Only does this make sure that I'm having A variety of foods but these are low Calorie high fibrous vegetables help Keep me full longer electrolyte loss is Actually very common on the keto diet Since we're not triggering insulin Release many of our electrolytes get Flushed out instead of getting

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Reabsorbed through the kidney that's why Electrolyte supplementation might be Necessary and the easiest way to do this Is by taking electrolytes by element who Is my sponsor for today's video element Contains a science-backed electrolyte Formula of a thousand milligrams of Sodium 200 milligrams of potassium and 60 milligrams of magnesium they have Delicious flavors like lime orange Watermelon raspberry and citrus and Right now element is offering my viewers A free sample pack with any element Order you'll get eight single serving Packets free with any element order it's A great way to try all eight flavors get Yours at Ketofocus you can only get this through My link so head to Ketofocus after I tell you why it's Important to make sure you're getting Enough protein on the keto diet a common Mistake people make on a keto diet is Not getting enough protein they're Scared into thinking that if they eat Too much that it's going to turn into Sugar via a process called Gluconeogenesis which happens but Usually it's when you're eating way too Much protein than what your body needs See the cells in your body are Constantly breaking down cells and Building new ones especially if you work Out so you're going to need a continuous

Supply of amino acids your body does not Store protein so you have to continue to Replace the losses every day or else You're going to run the risk of having Muscle loss you need around 0.8 grams of Protein per pound of lean body mass just To maintain or prevent muscle loss That's just to maintain it if you're Trying to build muscle you actually need More you need at least around one gram Of protein per pound per day if you're Trying to build muscle so when somebody Who has a lean body mass of 120 pounds They're going to need around at least 100 grams of protein just to maintain Their muscle and prevent muscle loss and It's more if they're weight training so Maybe 120 grams of protein and men have Higher lean body masses so that could be Upwards to 150 grams to even 160 of Protein a day just required to maintain Muscle Just because a keto diet is supposed to Be low to moderate protein doesn't mean That you have to go below what you need To maintain maintaining and building Muscle mass now is absolutely necessary If you want to live long and have Mobility throughout your years finding Balance isn't always just about Incorporating a variety of produce and Meats into your diet sure you're going To be satisfied full longer and have More energy throughout the day if you do

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But sometimes you just need a treat and It's okay to enjoy some keto treats Occasionally if weight loss is your goal And depending on where you're at in your Weight loss Journey it might not be Something that you can enjoy every night Since they do tend to be high in Calories and not always nutrient dense But if they keep you from falling off And make keto more enjoyable because you Have treats like chocolate chip cookies Or peanut butter mousse then make sure You include them and if you need some Ideas of some delicious easy keto Desserts I've got you covered just click Right here