How to Make a Keto Meat Loaf

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Keto meatloaf is an ideal meal to have on hand for quick meals that require minimal ingredients and carbs. Plus, it reheats easily too!

For the ideal meatloaf, it’s important to keep it firm. You can use almond flour or another binding agent as an aid in binding the pieces together.

1. Use lean ground beef

When making a keto meatloaf recipe, opt for lean ground beef. This will keep the meatloaf moist and reduce how much fat needs to be drained away.

For an additional flavor boost, you can add crushed pork rinds to this low carb meatloaf recipe. However, please note that these crumbs aren’t keto friendly.

2. Add a lot of garlic

Sweet onions, zesty garlic and fresh celery come together to form the delicious base for this keto meat loaf. Plus, fresh herbs add plenty of flavor as well.

Almond flour and eggs work together to keep this keto meat loaf moist. Just be mindful not to overmix; otherwise, your loaf may turn out tough and dry.

3. Add some onions

Add onions to your meatloaf for an extra layer of flavor without the carbs. You can either use caramelized or plain sliced onions.

When cooking meat, the key is not to overmix it; otherwise, your mixture could become tough and dry. 80/20 ground beef is typically a reliable choice as it easily melts when heated up.

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4. Add some herbs

Herbs are an ideal way to add additional flavor and zest. Try experimenting with fresh herbs like basil, parsley, or rosemary for maximum effect.

Meatloaf is also an ideal way to cut back on the extra carbs traditional meatloaf typically contains, such as breadcrumbs or flour.

5. Add some ketchup

Ketchup is an American kitchen must-have, so why not add some to your keto meat loaf for some added flavor? There are plenty of sugar-free ketchups to choose from at any grocery store or you can even make some yourself!

Add some to the meat mixture or spread it on top before baking for a super shiny glaze!

6. Add some crushed pork rinds

Crushed pork rinds are an ideal addition to keto meat loaf, providing it with extra crunch and deliciousness without adding any carbs! Plus, the extra moisture they provide keeps the dish moist and texture without adding extra calories!

Crush your own pork rinds in a blender or food processor, or purchase them already crushed. No matter which option you choose, this recipe is sure to please your family and friends!

7. Make it in a loaf pan

Loaf pans are essential for baking delicate breads such as brioche, babka and quick breads, but they’re also excellent at baking savory items like lasagna and pound cake.

Keto meatloaf can be delicious when baked in a loaf pan. But make sure that the pan you select is of the right size.

8. Make it in a sheet pan

Sheet pan meatloaf is an ideal way to make low carb dinners quickly and easily. Plus, you can add veggies for a nutritious and filling meal in no time!

This keto meatloaf recipe uses almond flour and ground pork rinds in place of bread crumbs to reduce carbs. Plus, the dish is finished off with a sugar-free ketchup glaze for extra flavor!

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9. Use a serrated knife

A serrated knife is an essential item in any kitchen. Commonly referred to as a bread knife, this blade can be used for cutting through tough foods with both hard exteriors and delicate interiors like crusty loaves of bread or tomatoes.

When making keto meat loaf, using a serrated knife is ideal. This will enable you to slice through the meat smoothly and without making an uneven cut.

10. Use a thermometer

You can check the internal temperature of your keto meat loaf by inserting a thermometer. Doing this will guarantee that the meat has been cooked thoroughly.

Making sure your keto meatloaf stays together after baking is the best way to guarantee its success. Don’t worry if pieces crumble and fall apart while being cut fresh from the oven!