What they DON’T tell you about going KETO

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I started my low carb journey before it got CRAZY popular, so there wasn’t a lot of information or a lot of helpful keto substitutes out there. There is a lot of good information and a lot of miss-used information out there.

This is what I wish I would have known before starting my keto journey. It really would have made the struggle not so difficult.




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I started keto before it became super Popular so I didn't really know much About it other than it was for weight Loss and you just had to cut out carbs But there are many surprising things That I didn't realize about a low-carb Lifestyle that nobody told me so today I'm going to share six things that I Wish I knew before going keto when you First start keto it's actually really Easy for the first few days you might Have come off of a carb bench of all of Your favorite junk Foods before you Started so your mussels are full of Glycogen and you feel really good and so When you bite into that juicy steak or Bunless Burger you're actually quite Satisfied but after those first few days Of limiting those carbs under 20 it gets Really tough sugar Cravings come carb Cravings come your muscles are weak Because you're trying to work out and All of your glycogen has been depleted You get tired and cranky and you might Even get the keto flu because you've Depleted your electrolytes too and this Comes because your body doesn't really Know what to do with all that fat it's More used to burning sugar instead of Fat for fuel it's not efficient yet and It takes time to create those receptors So you can burn those ketones more Effectively and this takes around three To six weeks sometimes longer it depends

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On the person then this is really the Hardest part of Keto and where a lot of People can easily fall off or get into This cycle of just yo-yoing of going on And going off and that's how they Usually end up gaining a bunch of weight Too this part requires discipline and Motivation in order to succeed but after You become fat adapted it gets a lot Easier you don't have those sugar Cravings you actually feel satisfied you Have a lot more energy you're not tired Or cranky all the time the majority of People start keto for weight loss and it Can be a very successful method for Weight loss when you start you can often See a huge decrease in weight and this Is mostly water weight because you're Losing inflammation the keto diet is Just naturally an anti-inflammatory diet Because you're eating healthy proteins And fats and healthy low carb vegetables So you're not eating a ton of Inflammatory foods that cause you to Swell up so that first initial weight Loss is mostly water weight it's not Really much fat loss fat loss actually Takes time but it does get easier Especially the more keto adapted you are But even when you're fat adapted it Doesn't necessarily mean the weight is Just going to come pouring off there are Some people especially if they're Morbidly obese it seems like they're

Losing a lot of weight each month but That's because they have more weight to Lose the closer you are to just like Your normal body weight the harder it is To lose those last 10 15 20 pounds I Mean remember it took you years to get To this higher weight so it's going to Take years for it to come off too even When you're on a keto diet and keto Isn't just for weight loss I didn't Realize when I started keto how great I Was Gonna Fill I get so sluggish when I Eat too many carbs or the wrong carbs Like gluten or wheat based pastas or Rice too many carbs just make me tired And unmotivated and no energy cutting Them out made me feel alive and not Weighed down all the time I don't have Trouble thinking my skin and hair look Great it actually even improved my Vision when I wear contacts I went to The eye doctor the last time and they Had to change the power of my contacts Because my got better there are also Many other benefits like reversing type 2 diabetes or improving cholesterol and Lowering blood pressure people who don't Understand keto think that we're just Piling a bunch of bacon butter and Cheese on everything I mean you can do That they're keto friendly but the Majority of us don't eat a ton of that Stuff all the time a well-formulated Keto diet is one where the majority of

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The foods you eat are proteins like beef Chicken eggs and fish low carb fruits And vegetables and healthy fats like Avocado nuts avocado oil coconut oil and Butter of course but we are also getting Our fat Source from our meat so we're Not adding a ton of this extra stuff on Them plus if your goal is weight loss You want to use the fat that's on your Body as a source of fat rather than Drowning everything in cheese and butter And bacon the longer I've done keto The More I've realized that you're actually Not giving up your favorite foods there Are many ways that you can make keto Versions of your comfort food favorites And that's actually what I do a lot of On this channel I do a lot of clean Recipes too but they're mostly on my Website ketofocus.com or or my Membership where I give a weekly meal Plan and I'll have where you can get That down below if you're interested but Just because your keto doesn't mean you Have to give up cookies cakes ice cream Bread or even french fries we have Substitutes for all those and Substitutes for certain foods too like Pasta and rice and hamburger buns and These substitutes have kept many people On track and sticking to their goals Because they're satisfied and they can Fight off those cravings and desires When they hit in more recent years I

Feel like this is becoming more accepted Even within the keto Community it's that Keto is a lifestyle and that you can fit It into your life however you want keto Is not a one size fits all sure you can Be super strict and count your carbs and Always stand or 20 grams not have sugar Substitutes stay in ketosis for years or Even the rest of your life but maybe That's not how you want to live your Life maybe you want to enjoy yourself Maybe you want really dishwasher maybe You want to eat some dirtier keto Foods Filled with cheese and bacon and cream Maybe you don't want to track your carbs Maybe you want to enjoy your vacation And eat the local Cuisine and come off Keto it's okay of course you don't want To get into that yo-yo cycle that I Mentioned earlier where you're Constantly coming on and off keto but Keto doesn't have to be so strict Especially if you're on it for other Reasons other than weight loss and I'm Glad that this is becoming more accepted Within our keto Community instead of Insisting that you have to be so strict And be in ketosis for the rest of your Life and there are many other things That you just don't need on a keto diet And if you want to learn about these Things are just over hyped and not Necessary then click right here

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