Never buy LOW CARB tortillas again (gluten-free)

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Learn how to make pliable, soft keto tortillas with just a few ingredients. These are easy to make, you can control the sizes and they are only 0.6 g net carbs if you make 8 mini tortillas!!


Almond Flour:
Lupin Flour:
Xanthan Gum:
Tortilla press:
Parchment circles:




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(makes eight 4-inch tortillas)

½ cup almond flour
⅓ cup lupin flour
1 tablespoon xanthan gum
½ teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons water

1️⃣ In a small bowl, combine almond flour, lupin flour, xanthan gum and salt. Pour in water and mix until dough forms. The dough should feel similar to play-doh.
2️⃣ Divide dough into 8 balls to make mini tortillas (4”) or 4 balls to make 6” tortillas.
3️⃣ Flatten into a tortilla using a tortilla press. Sandwich a ball between two sheets of parchment paper and press down to flatten. Can flatten using a rolling pin as well.
4️⃣ Place a tortilla in a skillet heated on high heat. Cook for 30-60 seconds or until the underside starts to turn brown in some spots. Flip and cook the other side for 30 seconds. Remove from skillet and place back on parchment paper to cool.

MACROS (per 4 inch tortilla)
Calories 57
Fat 4.1g
Protein 3.5g
Total Carbs 3.2g
Net Carbs 0.6g

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Get pliable soft keto tortillas that Taste like a corn tortilla but only have Three main ingredients not including Salt and water and there's only one gram Of net carb per tortilla time to stop Buying these expensive low-carb Tortillas at the store because not only Do they contain gluten but each tortilla Has around three to five grams of net Carbs depending on what brand you get This guy only 0.6 grams of net carbs let Me show you how I did it and tell you The secret to bendable keto tortillas Because there are two necessary steps to Get this bendable gymnastics action First let's talk about ingredients you Want to start by adding a half of a cup Of almond flour then a third cup of Lupine flour and Lupine flour is made From ground lupini beans which is high In protein and low in carbs because it's Loaded with fiber so it's great for low Carb cooking and baking but I'm adding Lupine flour because also has a similar Flavor and smell to cornmeal I want to Give that hint of corn flavor in my Tortillas next we add a half a teaspoon Of salt for flavoring then add in one Tablespoon of xanthan gum and xanthan Gum is a necessary ingredient if you're Making these tortillas or just keto Crunchy tacos the xanthan gum acts like A glue to hold your tortilla together It's the first crucial step to making

Soft pliable tortillas and it also helps Your tortillas from sticking to the Parchment paper a step that I'll get Into in a bit Then add in six tablespoons of water and You're going to stir this with a spoon Or fork and you just want to get a dough Ball where all of your ingredients are Combined evenly and if you find that Your dough is a little bit too moist or Tacky just toss in a little bit of extra Almond flour and knead that together Until it has the consistency of Play-Doh On the opposite if it's too dry and your Dough isn't coming together and you have Chunks of almond flour just add a splash Of water just to get the right Consistency but you know what if you Measured all these ingredients correctly You're not going to have that issue at All then divide your dough into eight Little balls if you want to make a four Inch tortilla or four balls if you want To make a six inch tortilla and you Could actually make larger tortillas Here it's just make less balls to Flatten your tortillas I recommend using A tortilla press and I've recommended This when you're making keto tacos keto Crunchwraps keto Doritos Locos here's Another reason why you should get a Tortilla press is to make keto tortillas It flattens your tortillas into the Perfect Tortilla shape in just seconds

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And parchment paper is another mess Especially these circles because it Helps the dough from sticking to the Press or to the counter but if you Aren't ready to buy a tortilla press you Could actually just roll your dough out With a rolling pin it's just going to Take longer before we get into our final Crucial step to make these tortillas Bendy let's Hydrate with my favorite Brand of electrolytes by element who is The sponsor for today's video if you Like to snack while cooking dinner Like I Do by the time you sit down to eat You're not even hungry my trick is to Mix up a glass of element electrolytes And sip on that while I cook element Contains a science-backed electrolyte Mix of a thousand milligrams of sodium 200 milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium it's the perfect Combination to help keep you balanced And hydrated right now element is Offering my viewers a free sample pack With any order that's eight single Serving packets with any element order It's a great way to try all eight of Their flavors get yours at Ketofocus this deal is only available Through my link so head to ketofocus after I tell You that last crucial step for making These pliable bendable tortillas grab a

Non-stick skillet and heat it to medium High heat or even high heat to peel your Tortilla off of the parchment paper you Want to carefully peel one side flip it And then peel off the other side And then place your tortilla into the Dry Skillet you're going to let this Cook for around 30 to 50 seconds or just Until that Underside starts to get Golden brown in some areas it's these Little specks make it look like a real Tortilla well it is a real tortilla you Don't need cooking oil and in fact I Don't recommend it because it changes The way that they cook it actually makes Them stiffer and you don't get a super Pliable tortilla a dry non-stick skillet Is all you need for making the best keto Tortillas but if you're really not a Soft tortilla or taco type of person and You really want a hard crunchy shell While I show you how to make it in this Video right here

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