Zero Carb Food List (BEST Foods For KETO!)

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in today's video i'm going to be giving
you an extensive list of foods that contain zero carbs or
carbohydrates suitable for a low carb or keto diet now
when i was first brainstorming this video
and seeing if anyone had done something similar
a lot of the top results on youtube were very misleading
and honestly clickbait there was one video
that had over four million views that had
watermelon on their list of zero carb foods now i am not here to bully you
today's video is going to get straight to the point i am going to give
you a list of 75 foods that contain less than one total carb per serve and
then i'm going to give you a list of 31 foods
that contain less than five total carbs per serve and make sure you stick around
until the end of the video because i'm gonna be hooking you up with
a free downloadable copy of both of these lists
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and one final thing before we get started if you aren't really sure
why you should be limiting carbohydrates i have a whole other video
on the benefits of a low carb diet so if you're a little bit unsure
pause this video check this one out and then come back the first group of
foods that have zero carbs is meat all types of meat
contain zero carbohydrates beef chicken
pork turkey lamb bison duck rabbit deer and kangaroo with meat you
want to watch out for anything that has been pre-marinated or comes
with any sauce these are usually filled with sugar and
will not be zero carb and with bacon more often than not there
is added sugar as a preservative now if there is less than one gram
that's not really worth fussing over but some brands will have
more added so make sure to check your labels
and then we have seafood salmon sardines mackerel tuna shrimp crab
lobster cod trout baths anchovies and herring these all contain zero
carbohydrates cheese most cheeses are only going to
have trace amounts of carbohydrates with less than one gram total carbs per
serve however some softer cheeses such as
cottage cheese and ricotta are slightly above this threshold zero
carb cheeses include american cheese blue cheese parmesan
feta cheddar cream cheese goat cheese
monetary jack mozzarella swiss provolone brie
gouda and tulumi other animal products chicken eggs duck eggs fish eggs also
known as roe beef bone broth chicken bone broth fish
bone broth and cod liver fats and oils butter
ghee beef tallow coconut oil avocado oil olive oil mct oil flax seed oil
cod liver oil palm oil duck fat chicken fat and bacon grease now you may
have noticed that i didn't include any oils such as vegetable oil
canola oil grapeseed oil soybean oil corn oil
and yes these oils do have zero carbs however when the type of fat that is in
these oils is refined it becomes extremely inflammatory for
the body so these oils should be avoided at all
costs and i'm not going to put them on my list
the oils and fats i previously mentioned thumbs up they're all great
if i didn't mention it avoid it sauces now
sauces will vary greatly depending on the brand
most generic brands have added sugar and other ingredients you want to stay away
from but if you can find the following sauces
with no added sugar from brands such as primal kitchen and
undivided food co they will probably be less than one gram
total carbs per serve mayonnaise sour cream ketchup mustard
aioli vinegar tartar sauce butter sauce soy
sauce and barbecue sauce vegetables it is
impossible for any vegetable or fruit for that matter to truly be
zero carb however the following vegetables have
less than one gram total carbs per serve bok choy arugula
iceberg lettuce romaine lettuce butter lettuce pickles
kale swiss chard and celery fruit unfortunately there are no fruits that
contain less than one gram total carb per serve
and that is my list of 75 foods that contain
zero carbohydrates now i am going to give you my list
of foods that contain less than five grams total carbohydrates
so these are foods that don't contain zero carbs or only trace amounts
they contain slightly higher but are still
extremely low in the grand scheme of things and suitable for a low carb or
keto diet vegetables asparagus broccoli
cabbage cauliflower celery cucumber eggplant green bell pepper mushrooms and
zucchini fruit olives and coconut flakes
now i want to give a special shout out to avocados as well
because today we are counting total carbs and avocados do not
quite make the cut however they are still
a great food to include on a low carb or keto diet
and i do not think they should be avoided just because they are
slightly over the threshold nuts and seeds
macadamia nuts almonds brazil nuts hazelnuts hemp seeds walnuts sesame
seeds pecans peanuts chia seeds
peanut butter almond butter macadamia butter
flax seed pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds cheese and dairy as i mentioned before
some soft cheeses are slightly higher in carbs
cottage cheese ricotta and heavy cream all right guys so that was my list of
zero carb foods and extremely low carb foods
as promised i have a downloadable copy of both of these lists
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i'll see you next time bye

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