Do THIS before you quit a weight loss journey

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When you first start out on keto or maybe you are restarting, there comes a point when you want to give up on your journey and eat all of your favorite high carb junk foods. Before you give in or give up, watch this video for some helpful tips to break through that struggle.




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If it was your goal this year to get Healthy or lose weight and you started a Keto or sugar-free lifestyle to help you Get there there comes a point in your Journey when you might hit a wall and You want to give in and give up here's What I do when I get to that Tipping Point remember your why why are you Doing this is it because your health was Suffering maybe you were recently Diagnosed with something like diabetes High blood pressure and autoimmune Disease these can have profound impact On your health and your quality of life And mortality you know the outcome if You continue down that path if it's Diabetes we're talking neuropathy Limited Mobility heart disease even Amputations remember diet and exercise Change can make the most difference in Reclaiming your health back and getting Your life together if it's weight loss What's your goal are you headed to a Beach vacation this summer or maybe You're just tired of always having to Buy the next size up or wearing leggings All the time not that there's anything Wrong with leggings but it's hard to Gauge if you're gaining weight or not Knowing your why and reminding yourself Every day is the most powerful motivator When it comes to sticking to your new Lifestyle but if you've given now and Even if it's just one time it's just

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Going to make it easier for you to make Excuses and bargain with yourself in the Future make sure you're getting plenty Of fat and protein these are satiating Macros always meeting your protein goal Is going to ensure that you're Resupplying your body with enough amino Acids it needs for proper repair and to Feel your best between carbs and fat fat Is more caloric dense and it takes Longer to burn fat it'll help keep you Satisfied longer and help Stave off Those sugar Cravings make sure you're Eating balanced meals filled with a Variety of proteins fruits and Vegetables having all of those Micronutrients like electrolytes Vitamins and minerals is going to ensure That your body is getting what it needs To perform its best when your bodies Feel properly you feel it you have more Energy and you're less hungry it's not Triggering those hunger hormones that Make you eat because it's trying to find Some missing nutrients make sure you're Getting enough sleep I am so guilty of This as a solopreneur a mom a wife it Never seems like there's enough time in The day sacrificing on sleep is the Easiest way to create more time but it Comes with a price Studies have shown That shorter sleep duration is Associated with an elevated body mass Index the reason for this is because

Your appetite regulating hormones leptin And ghrelin are negatively impact Because of lack of sleep this causes you To Crave easy sources of energy that's Usually sugary foods and junk food aim For seven to nine hours of unbroken Sleep every night studies also show that People that continually get less than Six hours of sleep every night have a Shorter lifespan I know you have a Million things to do and it seems like There aren't enough hours in the day but What good is it to accomplish everything On your to-do list if you can't live a Full life because of it if the life of Constant hustle and stress just causes Me to die earlier what was the point of All the hurry make it easy most often we Fall off because of convenience we get Busy we get hungry there's something to Eat you don't feel like cooking but Remember this you can make a home-cooked Healthy low-carb meal in the same amount Of time that it takes you to pull out a Pizza from the freezer and cook that or Head to the drive-through in order Takeout or just order doordash cooking Burns calories too because you're Constantly moving throughout your Kitchen I have lots of easy recipes on My website that take Around 10 to 30 minutes to make but Another easy solution I found is just Use green Chef my sponsor for today's

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Video green Chef is a ccof certified Organic company that helps you cook Delicious meals for your family it has Step-by-step instructions with pictures And the premium ingredients comes Pre-measured with minimal prep there's Options for every lifestyle like keto And paleo vegan vegetarian fast and fit Mediterranean and gluten-free it's Delivered right to your door weekly and It's the perfect solution when I forgot To pull out meat to thaw for dinner like I did tonight green Chef it is if you Want to try green Chef use my code Ketofocus60 to get 60 off plus free Shipping go to for more Details this is an amazing deal and just In time for the new year because green Chef is introducing an easier way to eat Keto with their limited time keto Kickoff 2023 you can order keto meals Like breakfast and dinner too again use My code keto Focus 62 to get 60 off your Order plus free shipping at increase your steps Studies have shown that short bursts of Low intensity activity like walking or Doing chores around the house help to Curb sugar Cravings not only that but One of the easiest changes that you can Make to help jump start your weight loss Or health is to just increase activity Throughout the day you don't have to go To the gym or go for a run simple

Changes like parking further away from The grocery store or using the bathroom That's the farthest away are just easy Ways to get extra movement in throughout Your day I set a step goal I have days Where all I do is sit in front of the Computer if it's 5 PM and I only have 3 000 steps in I can't go to bed until I Meet my minimum of 7 000 steps if that Means a walk or some housework or just Walking around the living room in Paces I'm gonna do it another option to Consider before giving in to those Sugar-filled Temptations is to have a Sugar-free option instead there are lots Of recipes for keto or sugar-free Desserts on the internet as well as ice Creams chocolates that you can buy at The store for some people these treats Aren't meant to be consumed regularly But if it keeps you from slipping into Your old ways you should include them From time to time if you need ideas on Easy sugar-free desserts that you can Make like a one minute chocolate chip Cookie or a cheesecake in the jar I got You covered just click right here

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