You’ll Never Know It’s Sugar-Free: KETO PUMPKIN PIE

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You don't wanna miss out on
desserts this holiday season, but you don't wanna give up
your low carb lifestyle either. So what do you do? You make this keto pumpkin
pie, you don't miss out, and your friends and family ask you "Is this really sugar free?" Hi everyone, it's Maya
from and I make easy, healthy recipes with 10 ingredients or less. So today I'm showing you how
to make a keto pumpkin pie. This pie is silky, smooth and rich. It's thick and sweet, and it's bursting with real pumpkin and pumpkin spice. I'll show you how to make
sure it doesn't crack, doesn't have a grainy texture, and tastes just like a
real one made with sugar. Let's do this. (upbeat music) The first thing you're going to need to do is make the keto pie crust. I have my almond flour
pie crust recipe here.

It uses Wholesome Yum Almond Flour, because this gives us the best texture. But you can also make
a coconut flour crust or really any crust recipe you like. I'll link the almond and
coconut flour versions down in the description for you. So I'm gonna go ahead and
place this in the oven. Bake the crust at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about six to eight minutes
until it's just barely set. So while that's baking, I'm going to make the sugar
free pumpkin pie filling. It's going to be very similar
to a regular pumpkin pie.

You only need five ingredients
plus a couple optional ones. We'll start with a 15
ounce can of pumpkin puree. Make sure you're using
pure pumpkin puree here not pumpkin pie filling which has added ingredients and sugar. And next I'm adding half a
cup of heavy whipping cream. You can also use coconut
cream to make this dairy free. Either way, make sure that
your cream and the eggs we're adding next are at room temperature before you add them to the filling. Crack two large eggs right into the bowl. This pie filling does tend
to be a little bit softer, so if you like it super
firm, add an extra egg here, and two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice. I'll link my five minute homemade version for you down below, but you can use store
bought here if you like.

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And you can also add an extra teaspoon if you like a lot of
pumpkin pie spice flavor. Couple optional ingredients here, but I highly recommend them. One teaspoon of vanilla extract, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt, which balances the sweetness, and one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. Just one teaspoon of molasses in the entire keto pumpkin pie won't teach the carb count significantly, so I highly recommend adding this, but if you don't wanna use that, you can also add a tablespoon or two of Besti brown sugar substitute instead.

That is going to give
you a similar effect. The last ingredient we need in the filling is Besti Powdered Monk
Fruit Allulose Blend. And there are a few reasons that this is the best
sweetener for the job. So first of all, we just
improved the consistency of this. So it's super powdery, just
like real powdered sugar. This is also going to
dissolve effortlessly, and it doesn't crystallize, which means you don't
get that gritty texture. And I have 2/3 of a cup here, so I'm just gonna add it in.

The other advantage of this is it doesn't have that cooling effect that a lot of sugar substitutes have. So it really tastes so much
like sugar with zero net carbs. So now I'm just gonna
beat this all together. We wanna keep this at medium-low speed, because we are going to
have too many air bubbles if you get it too high. So once your pie crust is done, reduce the oven temperature
to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. And I've let this cool for 10 minutes before I'm adding the filling. So now I can go ahead and pour this in. (upbeat music continues) We don't want any air bubbles, so I'm going to tap this
lightly on the counter.

And you can see sometimes there are a
couple of air bubbles that come to the surface. You don't have to get them
all, but do your best. You can kind of pop them too. Now, because we pre-bake the crust you can see the edges are already golden, so they will get too dark if we place this in the
oven just like this.

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So what I'm going to do instead is I'm going to cover
these edges with foil. So I folded this in half, and then I'm going to
fold it in half again, and arrange the corner kind of in the middle of the pie here, and then I can just cut
around just like this. (upbeat music continues) Unfold that, and check
if it fits correctly. Mine never fits on the first try, so you can just fold it back up and kind of adjust as needed. That's better. Make sure the shiny side is
up and just fold that over. Bake the pie at 325 degrees
Fahrenheit for 35 to 45 minutes. You want to stop baking
the sugar free pumpkin pie when it's still jiggly at the
center, not completely set.

So this is similar to a cheesecake. I have a keto cheesecake recipe I'll link down below for you
if you're interested in that. If you wait for this to
fully set in the oven, it is going to be dry
and is going to crack. This is going to set as it
fully cools on the counter and then in the fridge
for at least one hour. My keto pumpkin pie is set, so let's slice this and
see how it turned out. Make sure you're going
all the way to the bottom so that you cut through the crust. (upbeat music continues) And you can't have pumpkin
pie without whipped cream, so I'm gonna add some of this on as well.

I'll add this to the
slice that I have here, and to the pie. You also don't have to do this, but I like a little sprinkle
of pumpkin pie spice on this as well. Really good. Sweet, creamy pumpkiny,
feels like the holidays. Let me know what you
think if you try this. And if you need another must have recipe to make for Thanksgiving, don't miss this sugar
free cranberry sauce..

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