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Cut 800 grams of chicken into bite-sized pieces 
you can use thighs or breast and it would need   to be skinless. It equates to about one and 
three-quarter pounds of chicken. Next finely   dice 50 grams or one third of a cup of onion and 
set that aside. I'm using three red chili peppers   for this dish. I de-seeded them and cut them 
into fours lengthways. Over medium heat melt one   tablespoon of coconut oil then add the chicken to 
the pan and saute that until the meat turns white   turning the pieces over occasionally and mine took 
about eight minutes.

Then remove that from the pan   and get rid of the excess water we don't need it 
we're going to add our own flavours. Over medium   heat again add another tablespoon of coconut oil 
and when that's heated through add the diced onion   and 1 tablespoon of garlic granules and stir. 
If you want to add heat you would do that now   by adding chili powder or chili flakes. Next 
add 1 cup of peanuts and the fresh chili peppers   and give it a stir then add one third of a 
cup of coconut aminos or low carb soy sauce,   2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a half a 
teaspoon of sweetener and one third cup of water.   Give it a good stir to combine all the ingredients 
then add the chicken back into the pan and try   to cover the chicken in the sauce, then close 
the pan and let it simmer on medium to low heat   for 10 minutes.

Give it a taste now and 
check if you want to have a thicker sauce   and if you do you can add two 
tablespoons of all natural peanut butter. Finally garnish with thinly sliced spring 
onion or you can use spinach leaves. In this clip I'm preparing the gluten-free orzo 
as rice. Place boiling hot water into a bowl then   a strainer into the hot water. Next add the keto 
rice into the strainer. Using a fork stir the rice   for 1 minute then test it to see if the rice is as 
soft as you like. I soaked mine in the hot water   for two minutes because I wanted my rice to be 
like mash because sushi rice is always very soft   so here I'm using the lupin flour non-gluten free 
orzo but both methods will work for either rice.   The second way to prepare the rice is add one 
serving to a bowl and add one tablespoon of water.   If you want additional servings of rice just add 
another tablespoon of water per serving of rice   then microwave for 15 seconds at a time stirring 
in between.

I wanted soft rice so I microwaved   my rice for a total of two minutes. This is 
a great way to control how soft you want your   rice to be. When your rice is ready add one 
tablespoon of rice wine vinegar to one serving   and combine. This will give you 
sushi rice, then set it aside.   Next we're gonna prepare the veggies. Cucumber 
is great in sushi and for keto so cut and peel   the cucumber then I cut it in half and sliced 
it thinly. The most important thing when using   cucumber in sushi is to cut it as thin as possible 
and to make sure it's dry because you don't want   soggy sushi. I also prepared my other ingredients 
and you will soon see what I used. First place   your sushi mat onto a cutting board then place a 
nori sheet onto the sushi mat with the shiny side   of the nori on the mat and the dull side facing up 
because the dull side of the nori helps the rice   stick better.

Now spread the keto rice onto the 
nori leaving about an inch spare at the furthest   side from you and you can see I'm using the gluten 
free orzo here. It mashed up really great. Hint!   hello mashed potato! Time to add the protein and 
the most common is salmon and chicken and here   you can see I'm using salmon, then some thinly 
sliced avocado and then strips of cucumber. For this one I'm using the lupin flour orzo 
and to this I added finely diced chicken   then slices of avocado and then cucumber. 
Now for the fun part, rolling the sushi.   And make no mistake we didn't get this right in 
one take but just be patient with it and try to   follow the instructions as best as you can. Lift 
the end of the sushi mat that is closest to you   and using your fingers to tuck in your 
ingredients roll the mat over. As you keep rolling   keep tucking in the ingredients you can check 
that everything is going well by having a peek.   If you find the sushi roll is loose pull the end 
of the sushi mat away from you while holding onto   the sushi roll.

Keep rolling until you get to 
the end of the rice line then with the nori just   beyond the rice and this is going to serve as a 
glue. Just think of it like sealing an envelope   then keep rolling. You can either cut off the 
excess with a wet knife or use up all your   nori. Now tuck in any escaping ingredients 
at the end and tidy the ends up as well. I want to give you some tips on how to get 
a great cut for your sushi. It's important   to use a sharp knife and make sure the blade 
is always wet and clean. To get even sushi   make a cut in the middle of each portion 
cleaning and wetting your blade after each cut.   This will ensure that you get clean cuts for 
each piece and you don't have messy sushi.   This is the sushi all done. You can 
see for the two gluten-free versions   I added more rice in one of them and I was just 
testing the keto rice to see how it would perform.   Of course as usual so with coconut 
aminos or a low-carb soy sauce. Over a medium heat add a quarter teaspoon 
of olive oil to a skillet then a half a cup   of ground beef and break up the meat.

Let that 
cook for a few minutes until the meat is brown   and add one teaspoon of garlic powder, a half 
teaspoon of ginger powder, a pinch of salt,   a tablespoon of coconut aminos or low-carb 
tamari sauce, 2 tablespoons of beef broth,   1 teaspoon of sesame oil and then mix to combine 
all of those flavors into the meat. Then I added   one tablespoon of finely sliced scallion or green 
onion stir that in and then turn off the heat. I have one cup of cauliflower rice here and I'm 
going to flavor this by adding a quarter teaspoon   of salt, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, 
a pinch of ginger powder and a half teaspoon of   sesame oil. Mix to combine and then microwave 
for 90 seconds and then I added it to my bowl,   then the Korean flavored beef and this is 
50 grams of sliced cucumber, a sprinkle   of chili flakes and sesame seeds and 1 fried egg. I'm using scotch steak for this recipe but you 
can use the steak of your choice. I finally   sliced the beef then added it to a bowl. For the 
seasonings add a tablespoon of garlic powder,   a teaspoon of ginger powder and a quarter 
cup of coconut aminos.

Mix that all together   until it's combined then cover it and let it 
sit in the fridge for at least an hour and you   can do this the night before, but this recipe 
is also designed to be really quick and easy.   When you're ready over a high heat melt the 
coconut oil add the beef and let it cook for   about five minutes depending on how you like 
your steak but also don't let the sauce dry out   and to serve it add a cup of lettuce leaves to 
your plate and 79 grams of the Mongolian beef   and lastly a sprinkle of sliced shallots or 
spring onion and a little bit of sesame seeds. Firstly dice 650 grams of skinless chicken breast 
into bite size pieces or you can buy diced chicken   from the store. Over a medium heat add the chicken 
pieces to a non-stick pan and cook the chicken   for about 5 minutes until white or golden. Add 3 
tablespoons or 84 grams of Thai green curry paste   and 1 tablespoon or 12 grams of fish sauce and 
toss to coat the chicken. reduce the heat to   a medium low then add 400 ml of coconut cream. 
Simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally until   cooked.

Turn off the heat and give it a taste to 
see if you wish to season and I didn't need any   and when you're ready to serve as an added extra I 
added fresh chopped cilantro or coriander leaves. Over a medium heat add one tablespoon of avocado 
oil then add a half a cup of thinly sliced chicken   and spread the chicken so it browns evenly. 
Once your chicken has some color to it add   one teaspoon of garlic powder, two tablespoons of 
thinly sliced carrots and let that cook a little   stirring occasionally so that the carrots soften 
for about two minutes.

Add two tablespoons of   tamari sauce or coconut aminos, one tablespoon of 
sesame oil, then two tablespoons of bean sprouts   and two tablespoons of spring onion or scallion. 
I'm adding one serving of my zero carb noodles   and stirring that in for two minutes just 
until they soften. If you want the recipe   for the noodles click on the link appearing now 
in the top right hand corner of your screen.   I added all of that to my plate because this 
is dinner for one, a sprinkle of fresh scallion   and black and white sesame seeds. Check it out 
close up.

It tastes even better than it looks..

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