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Keto Diet for Beginners: It seems like everyone is talking about the keto diet nowadays. This video will help you understand what happens when you start the keto diet. Ketosis is a metabolic state and occurs in our body when we start living a keto lifestyle.

This video will also show you how to enter into ketosis and will explain how long it takes to get into ketosis. There are also great ketosis benefits which are mentioned in the video as well.

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Hello, my name is Elsa. This channel is about my health journey with the keto diet and the success that my husband and I have had with the ketogenic lifestyle. Come along with me as I show you some recipes that I regularly eat plus some that I have never eaten as I make them into a keto friendly version. We are not doctors, but have lived a ketogenic lifestyle since February 2017. During these years we have experienced keto weight loss and my husband has reversed Type 2 Diabetes without medication. We want to spread the keto word to give hope to people fighting Type 2 Diabetes and who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

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Hello lovely people today we are going To be talking about ketosis we’re going To be answering what is ketosis does Ketosis cause weight loss Yes ketosis saved how do I get into Ketosis how long does it take to get Into ketosis how do I know if I am in Ketosis how do I check my level of Ketones and we’re going to be discussing Other ketosis benefits but before I Continue with this video let me let you Know that my name is Elsa and I am Asking keto journey on Instagram and I Invite you to follow me there as I do Post my daily meals and anything having To do with my Kiro life if you are new To this channel I welcome you and I Appreciate you being here I ask that you subscribe as I do post Keto recipe videos plus informational Videos like this one okay let’s get Started What is ketosis ketosis is a natural Metabolic state the term metabolic is Often used to refer specifically to the Breakdown of food and its transformation Into energy metabolic relating to Metabolism the whole range of Biochemical processes that occur within Us metabolism consists of anabolism Which is a buildable substances and Catabolism which is the breakdown of Substances it involves the body Producing ketone bodies out of fat and

Using them for energy instead of carbs It occurs when there is limited access To glucose which is the preferred fuel Source for many cells in the body you Can get into ketosis by following a very Low carb high fat ketogenic diet to go Into ketosis people generally need to Eat fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day And sometimes as little as 20 grams per Day This requires avoiding certain food Items from your diet that are high in Carbs when eating the very low carb diet Levels of the hormone insulin go down And fatty acids are released from body Fat stores in large amounts many of These fatty acids are transferred to the Liver where they are oxidized and turned Into ketones these molecules can provide Energy for the body Unlike fatty acids ketones can cross the Blood-brain barrier and provide energy For the brain in the absence of glucose There’s ketosis cause weight loss The ketogenic tile is a popular weight Loss diet that is well supported by Science in fact many studies have found That ketogenic diets lead to much Greater weight loss than low fat diets One study reported 2.2 times more weight Loss for people on a ketogenic diet Compared to those on a low-fat calorie Restricted diet people tend to feel less Hungry and more full on the ketogenic

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Diet which is attributed to ketosis Other ketosis benefits in addition to Fast weight loss ketosis may have Several health benefits ketosis and Ketogenic diets may also have other Therapeutic effects they are now being Studied as a treatment for a wide Variety of conditions let’s start with Heart disease reducing carbs to achieve Ketosis Mare improve heart disease risk Factors like blood triglycerides total Cholesterol HDL cholesterol type 2 Diabetes the diet may improve insulin Sensitivity by up to 75% and some Diabetics are able to reduce or even Stop diabetes medication metabolic Syndrome ketogenic diets can improve all Major symptoms of metabolic syndrome Including high triglycerides excess Belly fat and elevated blood pressure Alzheimer’s disease a ketogenic diet may Have benefits for patients with Alzheimer’s disease cancer some studies Suggest that ketogenic diets may aid in Cancer therapy possibly by helping to Starve cancer cells of glucose Parkinson’s disease a small study found That symptoms of Parkinson’s disease Improved of the 28 days on a ketogenic Diet acne there are some evidence that This diet may reduce the severity and Progression of acne there’s ketosis safe There are a few potential side effects You may experience from ketosis and

Ketogenic diets these include headache Fatigue constipation high cholesterol Levels and bad breath however most of The symptoms are temporary and should Disappear within a few days or weeks People who are taking blood sugar Lowering drugs should consult with the Doctor before trying to kill Jenna tight Because a diet may reduce the need for Medication sometimes ketogenic diets are Low in fiber for this reason it is Good idea to make sure to eat plenty of High fiber low carb vegetable all that Being said ketosis is generally safe for Healthy people nevertheless it will not Suit everyone some people may feel great And full of energy in ketosis while Others feel miserable how to get into Ketosis there are five tips that you can Do to get into ketosis one cut carbs to Increase fat intake 3 medium chain Triglycerides which is also called MCT For intermittent fasting and 5 exercise Cut carbs the most widely recognized Approach to getting into ketosis and Staying there is by following a very low Carb diet increase fat intake eating Higher fat alone is not going to promote Ketosis however including higher fat in Your diet is a way to provide your body With a consistent source of fuel that it Can use to generate ketone bodies and Sustain bodily functions the easiest way To determine how many grams of fat you

Need on a kilo diet is to calculate your Ketone macros using an online calculator Or Aikido friendly app medium chain Triglycerides also known as MCTS a Certain type of saturated fat called mem CT mini and chain triglycerides may Offer additional benefits on the keto Diet MCTS come from plant-based Saturated fats like coconut and palm oil As well as grass-fed dairy sources like Goat milk cheese yogurt kefir butter and Ghee you can also purchase MCT oil Supplements unlike other fatty acids MCTS do not require additional compounds To be digested and utilized for energy MCTS can be quickly absorbed and turned Into ketones for fuel similar to how Carbohydrates can be an immediate source Of glucose and unlike carbs MCTS do not Affect blood sugar levels their ability To form a rapid source of ketone bodies Is ideal for someone on a ketogenic diet Especially during times when fast energy Is needed for physical activity or Exercise the rate of absorption may also Aid in speeding up ketosis by promoting More ketone body formation intermittent Fasting fasting for 24 hours for up to Three days is another To get into ketosis quickly intermittent Fasting or fasting for shorter windows Is often discussed as an option to Promote faster ketosis and strengthen The overall benefits of a keto diet it

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Would make sense in theory that not Eating for extended periods of time Would help deeply glycogen stores reduce Overall carb intake and promote more fat Utilization for energy but this already Depends on what your overall diet looks Like similar to most other diets Intermittent fasting is effective as Another way to promote an overall Caloric deficit and with any fasting Pattern a deficit is only created when Food choices are kept in control Especially we are trying to stay in Ketosis fasting may be the best method For some who have a hard time Controlling their intake at the end of The day the best diet for you is one That you can stick to moreover with the Focus on quality nutritious foods and Calorie control many find that Intermittent fasting is just what they Need to manage their weight appetite and Blood sugar levels exercise exercise can Also help put you into ketosis more Quickly by using up available glucose Stores prolonged exercise or more slow Paced endurance sports like cycling Swimming and jogging also forced you to Switch to fat as a primary source of Fuel which can further support the Ketosis state but not all types of Exercises are sustainable without carbs If you are participating in heavy Training high intensity conditioning or

Heavy lifting throughout the week you Might need to add some additional carbs To maintain your strength and output how Long does it take to get into ketosis Getting into ketosis doesn’t happen Immediately it takes your body anywhere From two to seven days to get into Ketosis depending on a variety of Factors including your unique body Health activity level and diet why does It take long because you’re retraining Your body ketosis is a natural metabolic Process where your body uses fat for Fuel rather than glucose or Carbohydrates to activate this process You need to deprive your body of its Usual go-to fuel carbohydrates then you Need to give your body time to adjust And your liver time to convert fat from Your food and your body into ketones Which will be used for energy a Mayan Kettle The following symptoms and science will Help you determine if you are in control Says one rapid weight loss – sustained Fat loss 3 reduce cravings for more Stable energy and 5 clearer cognition Rapid weight loss you’ll probably lose Significant weight in your first couple Weeks of Kido it won’t be a fat loss That will come later it will most Probably be water weight that you lose When you burn through your glycogen Stores glycogen is your body stored form

Of glucose glycogen is mostly water Three molecules of water for every Molecule of glucose so when you burn Through your glycogen stores and don’t Refill them by eating carbs you lose Several pounds of water weight sustained Weight loss Once you’re two or three weeks into keto Your glycogen stores will be gone and You’ll start burning through body fat This fat burning state is the real Driver of sustained weight loss on keto Don’t be discouraged if your weight loss Slows down after a couple of weeks on Keto the initial weight loss was likely Water fat loss comes next and it’s more Gradual but it will happen reduce Cravings once tricular adapted you’ll Likely find you crave your snacks sweets And treats That’s because a high fat low carb diet Reduces appetite in several different Ways If hunger feels less press into you and You find it easy to go five to eight Hours without food or cravings there’s a Good chance you’re in ketosis or stable Energy Kido shifts your metabolism from Sugar burning to fat burning which takes Blood sugar fluctuation and incident off The table on keto your blood sugar stays Consistently low and stable which means You don’t get the energy rollercoaster Of sugar highs and sugar crashes ketones

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Are also an exceptionally efficient Energy source If you experience steady plentiful Energy throughout the day Odds are you’ve switched from burning Sugar to burning fat for fuel clear Cognition both glucose and ketones cross The blood-brain barrier to fill your Brain but sugar causes brain fog and Inflammation when you get too much of it Ketones have the opposite effect In one study for example elderly adults Achieved better mental performance after Ingesting MCT oil which is a compound That goes straight earlier For ketone production mental clarity is One of the most commonly cited benefits Of a ketogenic diet if you feel as Though your focus has improved that Could be a positive ketosis symptom the Signs in ketosis symptoms mentioned are Subjective ways to tell whether or not You’re fat adapting if you want hard Data on your metabolic state you can Also use tests to measure your body’s Ketone production how do I check my Ketone levels there are three ways blood Testing urine testing and breath testing Blood testing blood testing is the gold Standard and the most accurate way of Measuring ketosis you can have blood Ketone levels measured at the lab or you Can do it yourself at home with a blood Katan meter and test strips blood

Testing measures blood levels of beta Hydroxy butyrate which are bhp s which Is your primary energy ketone if your Blood pH B levels are above zero point Seven million moles you’re getting into The ptosis if they’re above 1.0 Millimoles you’re in deep nutritional Ketosis your intestine you can also use Test strips to figure out the levels of Ketones in your urine your intestine Isn’t as accurate as blood testing but It’s less expensive and more convenient Plus it doesn’t require pricking Yourself with a needle Generally urine strip’s turn a certain Color when they contact your ketogenic Pink the color indicates your depth of Ketosis by measuring levels of acetyl Acetate which is a predominant ketone Excreted in the urine the best time to Measure urinary ketones are early in the Morning and after dinner breath testing Ketone breath test measure acetone in Your breath ketone breath testing is Newer than other methods it’s less Accurate than blood testing but it’s a Convenient way to test your ketone Levels so there you go lovely people Ketosis has great benefits to becoming Overall healthier person first step is To start a ketogenic way of eating to be Able to get into a state of ketosis and To start to experience the benefits that Come with ketosis

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