EASY way to transform plain chicken in 30 minutes

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Transform chicken into family approved meals in 30 minutes with these easy chicken marinade recipes.


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With just this pack of chicken and only Around five minutes of prep you can feed Your family a different dinner each Night of the week making these simple Marinades you don't have to spend the Majority of your evening cooking dinner Or waste an entire Sunday meal prepping But the results are sure going to taste Like it did first we're whisking up a Simple cilantro lime marinade start by Adding a quarter cup of avocado oil to a Bowl then add the lime juice a quarter Cup for the best flavor you can use Juice from fresh limes but ain't nobody Got time for that so I'm just going to Use the bottled stuff from the store it Works just as good a quarter cup of Chopped cilantro one teaspoon of salt Three cloves of garlic minced one Teaspoon of smoked paprika and it's got To be the smoked then a half a teaspoon Of pepper for all of these recipes I'm Using chicken thighs but chicken breast Would work too and besides chicken this Marinade could also go well with shrimp Or pork let the chicken sit in the Marinade for at least 30 minutes but Ideally two hours because you want to Give it time for all of those flavors to Infuse into your chicken then cook the Chicken either on the stove top oven air Fryer or the grill I'm using the grill Because it's fastest and easiest to Clean not only does this chicken have so

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Much flavor but you could use the Leftovers for a quick taco or burrito Bowl the next night one of the easiest Dinners that everyone in my family Enjoys is barbecue chicken and there are Lots of bottled barbecue sauces that you Can get at the store but the majority of Them use a lot of sugar or unnecessary Ingredients or they're expensive so We're just gonna make our own to a Saucepan add a half a cup of apple cider Vinegar 1 3 cup of tomato sauce A quarter cup of no sugar added ketchup Did you know that most ketchup brands Have a ton of sugar in them it's absurd Two tablespoons of brown sugar-free Sweetener you want that hint of sweet Caramelized flavor that's why I prefer To use the brown sugar substitute over The white granulated stuff then two Teaspoons of smoked paprika one teaspoon Of ground cumin one teaspoon of black Pepper and a half a teaspoon of salt Bring this to a simmer over medium heat For five minutes then you're just going To let the mixture cool for a little bit Before adding your chicken to the sauce We'll let it sit in the marinade for at Least an hour ideally four hours but you Really could let it go to like 24 hours Cook it however you like I'm using the Grill again because I like to get that Smoky charred barbecue chicken flavor That my family just loves

Before I show you how to get that Restaurant quality fajita flavor in your Homemade chicken fajitas I want to share My secret for having really good energy Throughout the day the best way that I Have found to feel good besides making Sure I'm eating a balanced diet is to Make sure I'm getting optimal hydration And including electrolytes when I need Them an element electrolytes is the Brand that I reach for element has a Science-backed electrolyte formula of a Thousand milligrams of sodium 200 Milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium if you're Consistently eating a low carb or keto Diet you're gonna eventually start to Run short on electrolytes which can make You feel fatigued or give you headaches They have delicious flavors like orange Watermelon raspberry and citrus and make It easy to get in the necessary Electrolytes I need to stay hydrated and Energized right now element is offering My viewers a free sample pack with any Order you get eight of their flavors to Try for free with any element order just Go to drinkelement.com keto Focus to try This deal is only available through my Links so head to drinkelement.com Ketofocus after I tell you about the Most delicious fajita marinade that Contains a surprising ingredient in a Large bowl start by adding a quarter cup

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Of avocado oil then we add a quarter cup Of soy sauce wait what yes soy sauce or You could use tamari if you're Gluten-free it sounds strange but it Adds such a wonderful Umami flavor that Is just unbeatable and don't worry it Won't taste like soy unless you're a Professional taste tester you're not Going to be able to tell it's in there Then add two tablespoons of lime juice Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar For some more acidity two cloves of Minced garlic and for seasoning we add Two teaspoons of chili powder a teaspoon Of cumin a teaspoon of oregano teaspoon Of salt and a half a teaspoon of pepper Add in your chicken and while that's Marinating for around 1 to 12 hours you Can prep up your other ingredients for The fajitas like slicing up some bell Pepper and some onions when it's time to Make dinner just add your chicken with The marinade to a preheated Skillet with Some oil down and then let it cook on Medium high until the mixture starts to Boil and it sautes for around three to Four minutes then add in the peppers and The onions and you just continue to let This cook until the chicken is cooked Through and your veggies are soft Service on its own with some melted Cheese on top or use a low carb tortilla To make fajitas if you want to know how To make a gluten-free zero carb tortilla

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