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Have you heard of the keto egg fast? Join me and follow me day by day during my 3 days of egg fast and egg fast transition days showing you my egg fast meal plan plus step by step egg fast recipes.

Day 1 – 6 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: buttery scrambled eggs topped with cheese
Meal 3: egg fast cream cheese pancakes (starts at time 14:24)
Meal 4: buttery scrambled eggs topped with cheese

Day 2 – 4 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: egg chalupa (recipe by @noelledoesketo on Instagram ) (starts at time 16:57)
Meal 3: egg salad & microwavable cheese crisps (cheese crisps recipe by @angel619sd on Instragram ) (starts at time 20:56)

Day 3 – 6 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: chaffle breakfast sandwich
Meal 3: egg drop soup (recipe by @wishuwereketo on Instagram ) (starts at time 25:17)
Meal 4: cinnamon rolls (recipe by @no.carbs.needed on Instagram ) (starts at time 28:10)

Day 4 – 4 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: chaffle burger
Meal 3: egg salad & microwavable cheese crisps
Meal 4: coffee mousse (recipe by @no.carbs.needed on Instagram ) (starts at time 34:12)

Day 5 – 3 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: Choice of protein: I chose pork belly
Meal 3: buttery scrambled eggs topped with cheese

Day 6 – 3 Eggs Total
Meal 1: bulletproof coffee
Meal 2: Italian egg bake (recipe by @fromgoudatogreat on Instagram ) (starts at time 37:10)
Meal 3: Choice of protein with keto cole slaw: I chose pork belly
Meal 4: baked lemon custard (recipe by @no.carbs.needed on Instagram ) (starts at time 39:33)

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Hello, my name is Elsa. This channel is about my health journey with the keto diet and the success that my husband and I have had with the ketogenic lifestyle. Come along with me as I show you some recipes that I regularly eat plus some that I have never eaten as I make them into a keto friendly version. We are not doctors, but have lived a ketogenic lifestyle since February 2017. During these years we have experienced keto weight loss and my husband has reversed Type 2 Diabetes without medication. We want to spread the keto word to give hope to people fighting Type 2 Diabetes and who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

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30.7 wow I started point five Hello lonely people today we are going To follow along as I do a six day egg Fast I will be doing three days of an Egg fast plus three translational days Total in six days now what is the net Fast a necklace is when you dedicate a Certain amount of days you decide how Many days you’re going to do to eating Mainly eggs as the protein source in a Little bit I will give you the rules but For now let me tell you that the egg Phase has some benefits and to begin With the eggs are full of fat protein And nutrients and that’s going to help You kick start a healthy weight loss Journey will you be losing some weight You may or you may not but it is going To help you get into deep ketosis which Is going to kick-start your weight loss Now to be honest with you the only time That I have been in deep ketosis is During an egg fast I’m going to show you My readings on day one and I’m also Going to show you the readings the Morning after day six to show you what I Mean of being in deep ketosis now the Egg fast does have some rules that have Been established by the original person Who started the af-s which is jenny Moore but people myself included have Modified those rules let me show you a Set of rules that I have been following But before I continue with the rules let

Me let you know that my name is says Cyanide executors journey on instagram And i invite you to follow me there as i Do post my daily meals and anything Having to do with my Kido life i post a Lot of my stories about anything Happening during the day for example This week i’ve been posting about the Egg pass and what i will be doing and All that stuff anyway if you are new to My channel i thank you for being here And i invite you to subscribe as i do Polls a weekly keto recipe videos and Other videos having to do with my keto Journey like this egg has video if you Are not new to my channel i thank you Again for being here for coming back and Watching my video And the egg has rules are the following Eggs and cheese are the only source of Protein allowed one tablespoon of butter Or other healthy fat per egg consumed One ounce of cheese per egg consumed it Every three to five hours must eat at Least six eggs per day stop eating three Hours before bedtime eat at least one Egg within 30 minutes of waking up eat At least one egg even if not hungry Alex Must be pastured eggs for omega-3 fats And vitamin D and up to 3 cans of diet Soda allowed per day now let’s continue With the rules that I do not follow I Have done several FS now I’m thinking About five or six egg fast and in each

Egg fast I have not followed these rules I’m about to show you and I have always Seen results so the first rule that I Did not follow is I did not wake up and Eat an egg thirty minutes after I wake Up I don’t I can’t I don’t know um maybe I Could but I just decide to get my coffee Instead another rule that I do not Follow is to eat one egg even though you Are not hungry I can’t I just can’t okay So I don’t if I’m hungry I will make my Meal usually it’s two eggs the rules say Between six to ten eggs a day most of The time I’ve only eaten four eggs for The day and I sometimes I do force the Six eggs but most of the time is for Eggs for me for the day another rule I Do not follow is that the eggs must be Pasteurized I just buy the regular eggs From my store and that’s what I use Another rule is and this rule I get a Lot of questions from me because of how I have worded and the rules or maybe how It’s been worded in the rules it says up To three sodas daily this does not mean You have to drink the Presonus day this Means that you are allowed to drink Three sodas daily me personally I try to Live in my Assumption of sodas so I tried to drink As least possible soda as I can okay and I have noticed that journey egg fast is When I drink more soda so I have tried

To limit that I try my best to only Drink three sodas for the entire six Days egg fast okay so that is what I’m Going to try to do this time as well it Took me two years after I started my Kido journey to even consider doing an Egg fast I always thought it was crazy And then it was no need freight but I Was very curious and I finally decided To do it I let me tell you that I am Very happy that I did do it the first Time I did my egg fast was a year ago And I enjoyed the overall experience and How I felt that i decided to do a Monthly egg fast maybe about five months After doing the egg fast monthly I came To a point where I just couldn’t so I Did take a break from doing it fast for A while and now I’m back to doing the Egg bath I myself highly recommended I Do have a highlight in my Instagram Stories in my highlight of my profile I Talked about my first egg fast Experience and other questions that were Asked that I was able to answer now this Goes for the women I was able to feel Really good during the egg fast and the First time that I did the egg fest was When I was on my menstrual cycle I Noticed a huge difference of how I felt During the egg fast than the other ones When I was not doing the egg fast the Thing is that a fast gets you into Ketosis and ketosis just just a lot of

Good things for your body so that’s one Thing it helps you with your motorcycle With your PMS symptoms It just helps overall with the cravings With how you feel at least it helped me And that is a reason why I really Enjoyed it and decided to do monthly egg Fast so yes that is why I do an egg fast To feel better during my menstrual cycle But also for a keto reset the FS always Helps me get back on track I am human I Am imperfect and there are several times Where I have an on keto meal maybe Sometimes two in a day that just throws Me off big-time Body off and then you know how it goes Each one or anything the egg face just Gets me back on track and then I’m on Track for a long time again after that Electrolytes it is very important that You take your electrolytes whether You’re doing an excess or not is very Very important to take electrolytes Daily daily I myself just take slowly Water every single morning and I also Have a highlight in my Instagram profile That has to do with solely water and how You do it and the benefits to it and how You take it During the neck bust I sometimes even Take them in the evening before I go to Sleep this is to avoid the kiddo flu This is to avoid any cramps I have noticed a dream that fast at

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Night my legs tend to want to cramp up So that is why I have decided to take The electrolytes my solely water and Evening as well they have other types of Electrolytes sometimes I just take pink Salt in my hand and I just eat it off my Hand but they do sell some electrolyte One is called Gautama one is Kira Beam And they have other electrolytes you can Go go kiddo electrolytes or just Electrolytes and try to take that I Recommend that you don’t take like Powering zero for electrolytes there are Other sources and for me pink salt Slowly water just works perfect Another huge recommendation is a variety Of meals please do not just only eat Hard-boiled eggs you will be fed up by The second day if you really really Enjoy hard-boiled eggs and it’s up to You but my recommendation I totally Suggest that you do a variety of meals Nowadays are so many meals that you can Do with just eggs and cheese so this Time I will be adding some desserts I Usually don’t but I’m going to try to Add some desserts here that I have Recently found on Instagram and I will Also be doing a variety Miios I usually do the same maybe for Meals and rotate them throughout the egg Fast but I’m going to try to make new Meals that I have never made that I Recently took note of and I made a list

Of the meals that I want to make and I Will be showing them to you as I go day By day We are in day one we’re going to check My glucose levels first we are I am at 92 this is the beginning of the day the Beginning of the egg fast this is before I even take my solo water now I’m going To check my kids own levels I am hoping I am at least at what maybe A little bit under one but I hope I Don’t come out with the reading of low Let’s see what it says I am at 0.5 That’s not too bad First things first every single day we Need to take our electrolytes I used solely water this is just pink Salt when it’s water I do have a Highlight in my Instagram profile on how To make it here I have a clear cup with Just water and a plastic spoon I use the Tablespoon measuring spoon to add the Soleil water in my cup of water I Usually add a tablespoon you can start Off with one teaspoon and I just start Off with one teaspoon and I am now at Three teaspoons which equals one Tablespoon My husband does two tablespoons now you Can just stir it and drink it before Anything else every single day Once the solely water is done I’m going To be making my bulletproof coffee every Single morning this is my first meal

This is what I drink every single Morning Before I have my first meal you do not Have to take the bulletproof coffee Every single morning for you if you Don’t even drink coffee or you just Don’t want to drink coffee and you Rather have a meal instead this is my Coffee I have two cups of coffee in There I’m going to add a tablespoon of Butter This is the butter that I use this is The salt at one they also have unsalted I usually use a salted one but sometimes I switch it up because I don’t want Salty coffee I always add vanilla I don’t usually add m60 or coconut oil I Am going to add it for this week I am Using this one that I bought at the Store but I also buy one that’s in a Bottle sometimes I just use regular Coconut oil I’m going to add a splash of heavy Whipping cream and now usually heat up My my milk my heavy whipping cream and Butter but right now I want to start Drinking my coffee already so I don’t Want it that hot so I’m not gonna heat It up sweetener I used were I add two Tablespoons I don’t know that’s too much That’s how I like my coffee and then the Little frother Whoopsie Just gonna blend everything together

There you go for me to drink and Continue on with the day before I make My first meal I don’t know what it is That I always start my egg fast my Second meal because my first meal is the Bulletproof coffee I always start my Fast with eating scrambled buttery eggs I don’t know what it is it’s just it Just tastes so good and I don’t notice Because of the simplicity of it because I don’t want to become overwhelmed I Don’t know but it’s just the easiest Thing to do I just cook my eggs and 2 Tablespoons of Kerrygold butter and That’s it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] And for mill 3 for day one we’re going To make cream cheese pancakes I really Wanted some egg loaf and then I wanted Some french toast but we are running Short on time and I’m going to make this Pancakes because they’re so simple and So easy to make so to make the pancakes We need 2 ounces of cream cheese we need 2 eggs and if you notice I did put a Little bit of coconut oil on my Cast-iron skillet so you can get ready For when I blends all my ingredients Together I am using swerve I added 1 TSP Of it that is the sweetener that we use You’re going to need 1/4 teaspoon of

Baking powder we’re going to need half a Teaspoon of cinnamon We also gonna need 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla You can use whatever blender you want to Use I am using my immersion blender this Is really easy to just blend but if you Don’t have one you can easily use your Blender They each take about three minutes to Cook on one side and when you flip them Over it takes about one minute to Completely cook Here I have my stack of pancakes I am Topping them with Kerrygold butter as You can see I made five pancakes I don’t Know if I will finish them off This is the syrup that I use I use the Carries that I buy at Walmart And day one is over in for my last meal I had scrambled butter eggs again just Because I was just running short on time And I was hungry and that’s what I made Really quick and the total of eggs that I had today was six So we are not starting there – I already Have my bulletproof coffee so now my Second meal is this a chalupa we start Off with pouring 1/4 cup of shredded Cheese onto a non-stick pan it has to be Nonstick I’ve made the mistake of using The pan that’s not nonstick slide out Got stuck to it we’re gonna let that Bubble let that toast for a little bit

And they were going to crack two eggs on It I have decided to only do two eggs You Once you crack the eggs you can season It with whatever you want you can use Pepper I’m going to use trader Joy’s Chili lime you could also use everything But the bagel seasoning or whatever Favorite seasoning that you like now We’re going to cover this and let this Cook for a while onto the white and egg Yolk cooks a little bit longer like this I sometimes like to have the yolks less Ronnie sometimes I like them to be more Cold but there’s someone wouldn’t leave It like this I do like to run my spatula Around it to release it a little bit From the pan because it does get a Little bit harder it gets stuck to the Pan now you can flip it over and let the Yolks cook a little bit longer on that Side but I’m not gonna flip it today This is how I’m going to leave it I’m Just gonna let them cook a little bit More and then I’m going to serve it on My plate and fold it like in so I can Hold it like a taco [Music] Day two military will be egg salad and Cheese scripts so I’m going to make the Hard-boiled eggs I am using my instant Pot you need to make sure you have the The trivet inside your insta pour in a Cup of water and I do make a dozen of

Eggs at a time so that I can share with My husband and so I can just have any Some available for throughout the egg Fast we’re going to close the lid make Sure it’s off sealing and we are not Going to use this egg option we’re going To set it to four minutes once they are Done we’re going to take them out and Put it into a dish with ice water and Let them sit there for about five Minutes I find this is the easiest way To peel my eggs I let them sit for about Five minutes and then I just come and I Peel the eggs and they’re just so easy To peel I remember I used to have such a Hard time peeling hard-boiled eggs until I started making them in an instant pot I do break the bottom of the egg first See how nice it is see how nice it it Came out I break the bottom of the egg First where the little bubble but There’s like a little bubble that forms At the bottom of the egg and it leaves An empty space so you break that and This shell just completely just comes Off sometimes so here I have all my eggs Ready for the egg salad and ready for The week okay let’s get ready to make The egg salad I am making a single Serving I am using only two hard-boiled Eggs and I usually separate the egg yolk And mash that and then I cut up the Whites but right now I’m just cutting Everything together so I’m gonna cut

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Both of the eggs and we’re gonna start Adding all the ingredients after that Let’s start off with adding some Mayonnaise we’re going to need two Tablespoons of mayonnaise I am using the Store-bought mayonnaise you can of Course use one that you make at home but I’m just making it easier on myself and This is a manís I use we will be adding Some mustard this is option If you do not like mustard thing you Don’t use it ready now add one teaspoon Of mustard I just feel like it adds that Extra flavor and something that I Recently found out is that I also like Pickle juice in my exile so I’m going to Add one teaspoon of pickle juice this is Also optional as well If you like pickles I’m going to just Add some black pepper to give it some Taste some salt and you can add any Other seasons like the one that I have Here that everything but the bagel Seasoning from my store and now we’re Just gonna mix it all up and get ready To put it in the refrigerator to chill For a little bit And by the way I have not finished my Coffee it is in the back you notice it There I am still drinking my coffee at This point and now it’s time to make the Microwavable cheese scripts I am so glad That I came across this method on Instagram here I have my microwave plate

And I’m laying down some silicone cups This is the easiest method that I could Think of that I have ever done so I’m Just laying some silicone cups and I’m Going to add some cheese on those and The last cheese you add the crispier it Will be this is a cheese that I’m using I’m using the Mexican blood blend but if You use whatever cheese that you want I Have used other types of cheeses as well I have used Colby jack cheese I have Used mozzarella cheese but for today I Am using this one um the more cheese you Add the thicker they will be and the Less crunch here they were now I am Using the 1 tablespoon measuring spoon And if you noticed I’m not even filling It up with a tablespoon so I do want Mine fairly thin I want them crunchy and I don’t want to Use as much cheese I don’t to be Consuming a lot of cheese on the egg Fast now you can season them with Whatever flavor you want I am using Chili lime again because that is what I Have available I am also going to be Using everything but the bago seasoning And I’m going to leave without any Seasoning You It is now time to microwave them you’re Going to microwave them for a minute and A half and then you’re going to check Them this is how mine came out after a

Minute and a half what I’m going to do Now is I’m going to lay a plate with a Napkin and I’m going to put all the Cheese strips there so the napkin can Grab the excess oil and the cheese Strips can Harden It doesn’t really take much for them to Dry by the time you are done with the Last one they the first ones will Probably be already dry and ready for You to eat So I was not hungry after having my last Meal after having meal three so my total Is for the day was only four Day three mill to was supposed to be a Breakfast shuffle sandwich but I had a Tough Alice sandwich because I do not Have time to make the chapel’s before I Head it out to church so I only made my Egg round and I took a slice of cheese And this is my lunch Day three military is going to be egg Drop soup we’re going to start off with Boiling 2 cups of water or broth now if You didn’t notice I did use the care Goat Garlic and herb butter you will need two Tablespoons of butter or ghee we’re Going to add some salt and pepper to Taste And 1/8 onion powder 1/8 teaspoon I did Not add 1/8 teaspoon to the recipe but It’s 1/8 teaspoon onion powder now I’m Going to omit the 1/8 teaspoon garlic

Powder because of the butter that I did Use which is garlic and herb now we’re Gonna mix this well and we’re gonna just Let it boil and simmer together once it Starts boiling then it is time to add The eggs I already have my eggs ready I’m just gonna pour it in and give it a Little mix and it is basically ready and In a few seconds that egg cooks really Quick after the water starts to boil You Now you want to go ahead and taste it Before you serve it you might have to Add some more salt some more onion Powder in my case I needed to add a lot More salt and I’m going to also add some Onion powder as well And some pepper tell now let’s just stir This all together so we can go ahead and Serve it in a bowl You If you do have this for flavor you can Add coconut aminos it just give it gives It a little bit more flavor Now we are ready to serve it and I am Also going to add this salsa Valentina Just gives it a little bit more spicy Flavor I like spicy not too much but I Like how this tastes with the egg so now We’re all ready to enjoy the soup Day three meal 4 will be cinnamon rolls Let’s start off with adding butter to Our pan that is preheating because we’re Going to make a pancake so for this

Pancake we need 2 ounces of cream cheese We need 2 eggs I’m using this cup so I Can use my immersion blender and just Pour it out of there onto the pan I’m Going to just blend it all together my Immersion blender fits perfectly in this Cup And from here I’m going to pour the Batter onto the skillet to make one big Pancake You It takes about three minutes for the Pancake to be cooked on one side we’re Going to flip this and then cook it on The other side that’ll take about Another two minutes meanwhile that is Cooking let’s go ahead and prepare this Mixture that will go on top of the Pancake It is one tablespoon of butter with some Cinnamon 1 teaspoon of both birth rattle We’re just going to mix that really good And this will be added to the top of the Pancake You We’re just going to spread it evenly Just make sure you pour all of it on And we’re going to now roll it up as Carefully as you can so it doesn’t tear Once it is real we’re going to cut it Into pieces to kind of form the cinnamon Rolls you can cut them as thick as you Want as soon as you want this is up to You how you want to cut them Pike and

You can see I can’t I cut them into Small pieces now let’s go ahead and make The frosting for the cinnamon rolls all We need is 1 ounce of cream cheese make Sure to soften so we can mix it well and 1 teaspoon of powdered sweetener we’re Going to mix that well and then we’re Going to top our salmon rolls with this You could also just spread it over the Entire pancake like that or you could Just arrange the cinnamon rolls and Spread it on top of each cinnamon roll Doesn’t have to be perfect just spread It over it and just enjoy it You could also top with some cinnamon or You can just eat it like that I wanted to top it with syrup as well But I didn’t Day three has ended and I had a total of Six days today now let’s move on to day Four which is transition day one we Finally get to have something other than Just eggs and cheese So for my first meal day for Mewtwo I’m Going to have a Chavo burger I am just Cooking my beef patty and I’m going to Get ready to make my Chavez Now for the egg fast I am going to use Two eggs and 1/2 cup of shredded cheese I am using two eggs I usually use one But I’m using two eggs so that I can get My eggs in for today You could also season it with salt and Pepper or any other seasonings that you

Like you’re just going to mix it in your Hands together make sure your mini Waffle maker is he preheating And you’re going to pour half of the Batter in the waffle maker now note Again I usually only use one egg and 1/4 Cup of cheese to make two towels today I’ll use two eggs for the egg bath and If you can see I am making a huge mess Plus I am also using a small plate which I usually use a big plate or I set a Napkin in the bottom or a piece of Parchment paper so I don’t have such a Huge mess we’re going to let that cook I Usually cook it for about 5 minutes if You can see this I am making such a huge Mess I usually this usually doesn’t happen to Me I like I said I usually only use one Egg – me – travels right now I’m using 2 Eggs – me too Charles So we have a little bit of overflow here 5 minutes have passed I do like mine crunchy so I let them Cook for about 5 minutes and now we’re Going to pour the second part of the Batter to make our second chavo same day Making more mess here just spread the Batter evenly over the waffle maker to Hopefully make an even shuffle my patty Is ready to get it to my Chapel I’m just Going to get a slice of cheese and then I’m going to take up my other Chapel From the mini waffles and complete my

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Burger I am adding a little bit of Condiments during this egg fast so I am Using ultra rich ketchup to give it some Flavor There you go now I will definitely enjoy This meal day 4 meal 4 will be coffee Mousse we’re going to start off with one Egg yolk and a tablespoon of mascarpone Cheese if you notice I am using what’s Called a double boiler method which Means I have that red pan with some Water in there boiling and on top I Added this dish so that the water does Not test ingredients we’re going to add One teaspoon of instant coffee powder And one teaspoon of vanilla extract This is the sweetener that I use we’re Going to add one and a half tablespoons Of powdered erythritol We’re just going to mix that well I Think you’ll be better if I will use my Whisk but it’s still working well so Let’s just mix this well and continue The process Now it’s time to beat the egg white we Have separated they are gonna begin in The yolk wet with the mixture over the Heat and now we’re going to beat the egg White until it is until it forms a stiff Peak now it you can also use a whiskey We do not have a hand mixer but I’m Pretty sure this would just be a little Bit more quicker since it is taking Quite a while to get into the

Consistency that we need once we have it At the consistency that we need we’re Going to pour the warm mixture over the Egg whites and we’re going to fold in The ingredients Try not to overmix it just make sure Everything is well incorporated This is smelling so good I have never Made any most in my life and this just Looks and smells so good You This is how it looks this is how it came Out and it is now time to put in the Refrigerator for at least 30 minutes Before you serve it you need it take for Military was egg salad again with only One egg and some cheese Crips so total Eggs for the day was four we are now at Day 5 this is transition day 2 and for My first meal which is after my coffee I Had some pork belly for my third meal I Had scrambled buttery eggs again And the total eggs for today was 3 now On to day 6 transition day 3 which is The last day for the egg fast ok so here We have 1 tbsp melted butter I am using The caret gold garlic and herb butter We’re going to have a tablespoon of Heavy whipping cream that’s about that’s About right I’m going to crack your egg [Music] Are you going to sprinkle some cheese The two tablespoons that’s probably more And you’re going to sudden pepper onion

Powder oregano garlic powder or if you Have it in Italian seasoning that you Like and since I already added the Garlic and herb butter I’m now going to Add these seasonings and you’re going to Top with some crushed red pepper flakes We are now going to bake it at 350 Degrees for 10 minutes I’m about to Start making my base lemon custard but Before that I wanted to show you how This came out I did bake it for 15 Minutes I made me to bake it for another 5 more Minutes because I do like my eggs runny But I think right now I want to bake for 5 more minutes plus I think I may have Added too much butter I don’t know if I Mistake added 2 tablespoons instead of What ok I’m getting ready to make Today’s dessert which is base lemon Custard I am going to double the recipe I am the recipes here on the right is For one serving I’m going to double that Recipe so I can offer one to my husband Later on today here I have 2 tablespoons Melted butter I’m going to add 2 Tablespoons of this cheese mascarpone You could use cream cheese if you want I Am using this one because this is what I Bought for the egg fast and I’m going to Use it Two eggs 2 tablespoons lemon juice this Is the one I’m using it could also be Fresh lemon juice but this is what I use

Then the flavor I use this one from the Dollar Tree like about 1 teaspoon or Half a teaspoon they’re worse if he Calls for lemon stevia drops I do not Like stevia at all actually my husband And I do not like stevia at all so we’re Going to omit that but you can have the Lemon stream stick your drops if you Want I’m going to that the recipe calls For 1 to 2 tablespoons of powder Erythritol I use 4 we only use swerve in This house and I am adding 3 tablespoons Because I do not want it to be very Sweet and you’re gonna mix all that up I Should have used my handheld mixer ok it Has been mixed now we’re going to pour It and your little bowls so he can bake We’re going to place it on a baking Sheet on the baking sheet we’re going to Add some water and then we’re gonna Place the little bowls on top we’re now Going to bake this at 350 degrees for 25 To 30 minutes okay The lemon custard is and it smells so so Good Oopsie so this is how looks like I’m Going to chill it in the refrigerator And for a few hours I’m going to come Pick it up before I take off to the Meeting that I have you can top this With some mascarpone cheese or some Cream cheese and some lemon zest if you Do have some lemon zest I will let you Guys know how it was after I eat it it

Looks good it smells really good but and I bet you it is really good I’m going to Make myself a single serving of coleslaw And I’m gonna make myself a quick Serving because I need to head out for My kids and I’m actually preparing this For my dinner I’m going to pack it so I Can eat it on the go for dinner before I Head to a women’s meeting that I have so This is one cup of coleslaw this is the One I use I already I by the already Shredded cabbage about two tablespoons Of mayo A splash of apple cider vinegar a splash Of lemon juice sprinkle some swerve some Sweetener salt and pepper and your mix Once you mix it well you can chill it For at least half an hour and there it Is I was actually not a big fan of Coleslaw until very recent about maybe Six months ago and now I really enjoy it I’m going to have this with some pork Belly that I cooked yesterday in the Airfryer I’m going to pack this up in a Plastic container so I can put under a Refrigerator and then take it with me When I leave day six has ended and I ate A total of three eggs for the day and Now for the results okay I’m going to Test my my glucose levels this is my Husband’s I ran out of my strips from my Kido mojo Seventy-six and now let’s check my Ketones for my to check my ketones

Three-point-seven wow I started at 0.5 So this is this is my usual result after An egg fast this is day 7 Yesterday was my last transition day of My six-day egg fast so these are my Final peg fast results after 6 days my Studying glucose was 92 and my starting Ketone levels was 0.5 day 7 my glucose Was at 76 and my ketone levels was at 3 Point 7 giving me a GK I of 1.14 and I Lost 6.1 pounds now what does my 1.14 GK I mean if you see in this chart I am Between 1 and 3 that means I am in high Therapeutics level of ketosis so there You go lovely people 6 day egg fast Complete do I recommend the neck pass Yes I do if you’re going to do an Exercise I said you go to the beam of The video so you can listen to the Recommendations that I have for you Again I will continue to do it fast I do Not know if I will do one this coming Month if I do skip this month I will Continue on the following month because This is just something that I’d like to Do either to break a plateau or just to Get back on track to ask you that even Going to do the egg fast that you Comment down below that you’re ready for An egg fast anti-acid you please like This video that you share this video With someone who’s thinking about doing The egg fast and I ask that you Subscribe and I will see you on my next