Turned CABBAGE into incredibly moist CAKE

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Do you like magic? Watch me turn this cabbage into a low carb chocolate cake!! This cake turned out so incredibly moist, rich and decant. It’s hard to believe it’s sugar free & low carb.


Oat fiber:
Unsweetened cocoa powder:
Granulated sugar-free sweetener:
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This isn't a magic trick although this Cabbage does do something magical to Make the most incredibly moist chocolate Cake well a form of it at least it's a Key ingredient in this low carb cake but First let's start with our dry Ingredients since we're making a keto Cake you'll need two cups of almond Flour even though I'm using super fine Almond flour you can still get that Gritty texture from almond flour and Cakes so I like to sift my flour first Using one of these old-fashioned sifters With the crank handle next I add a half A cup of oat fiber make sure you're Getting oat fiber and not oat flour They're not the same thing oat fiber has Zero net carbs to make this a chocolate Cake add in half a cup of unsweetened Cocoa powder then one teaspoon of baking Powder a teaspoon of baking soda and a Half a teaspoon of salt mix that Together until it's combined and When Selecting cocoa powder look for one that Doesn't contain any added sugar like a Raw cacao powder is fine I like to use Hershey's 100 cacao because it's fairly Inexpensive and I can find it at my Local store before moving on to the wet Ingredients to learn how cabbage plays a Role in this cake I want to appreciate How much proper hydration with element Electrolytes has played a role in my low Carb Journey on a keto diet you don't

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Always have optimal levels of important Electrolytes like sodium magnesium and Potassium mostly because very little Insulin is released and that's what Helps signal the reabsorption of these Electrolytes so they get flushed out This can be problematic if you're Fasting or if you're exercising while You're fasted I use element electrolytes Because they have a thousand milligrams Of sodium 200 milligrams of potassium And 60 milligrams of magnesium in each Packet it's free from sugars or dyes and They come in a wide variety of flavors And right now element is offering my Viewers a free sample pack with any Order that's eight single serving Packets free with any element order so It's a great way to try all eight Flavors get yours at drinkelement.com Keto Focus this deal is only available Through my link so you need to head to D-r-i-n-k-l-mnt.com Keto Focus right After we finish making this cake cheers Moving on to the wet ingredients add in A half a cup of unsalted softened butter Start to cream that with an electric Mixer to get it fluffy and add in some Air Then gradually add in one and a third Cups of sugar-free sweetener and it Doesn't matter which one you use just as Long as it measures cut for cup with Sugar I'm using the Kanto classic

Because it's one of my favorites once That's mixed together and it's as fluffy As it's gonna get crack in three eggs Beat well to mix it together after you Add each egg Then a teaspoon of vanilla extract Now let's talk about this I'm not Actually putting the raw cabbage into This cake but I am using a form of it as I mentioned earlier what's a Tangy Fermented condiment that's made from Cabbage Bueller Bueller sauerkraut and you can Definitely make your own from cabbage I Have a recipe on my website Ketofocus.com that shows you how but I'm Just going to use the stuff from the can Because I'm a lazy cook and I don't have Time to fiddle with making my own Sauerkraut today if you've never heard Of adding sauerkraut to chocolate cake Before you're probably thinking that I've lost my marbles or that it's going To taste disgusting but adding Sauerkraut to a cake Works similarly to Adding carrots to a carrot cake which I'll tell you more about that later on It adds moisture keto baked goods and Cakes can be dry because they're Sugar-free sugar and regular cakes not Only sweetens cakes but it helps to trap In moisture sugar-free sweeteners don't Do that the tanginess from the Sauerkraut also complements the sweet

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Chocolate flavor don't worry it's not Going to taste bitter because you want To strain and squeeze out any excess Liquid I just use a paper towel to help With this then chop up the sauerkraut Further into finer chunks to our cake Batter slowly add in the dry ingredients And the sauerkraut alternating between The two to get everything evenly Combined this batter is going to be Thick more like a brownie batter so to Thin it out pour in one cup of water Now that's a better cake batter Consistency pour this into prepared cake Pans that are sprayed with cooking spray And with a parchment circle on the Bottom this size of cake pan is around 8 Inches these will go into a 350 degree Oven to bake for 30 minutes while it's Baking let's make my favorite sugar-free Buttercream frosting start by adding two Cups of unsalted butter to a bowl What's that you say it looks like one Cup of butter and not two cups well You're actually right but I had to end Up doubling this recipe just to get that Thick layer of chocolate frosting I was Going for so don't pay attention to the Ingredients going in just follow what I'm saying Once you cream that until it's fluffy Slowly add in powdered sugar-free Sweetener you'll need three cups Then a half a cup of unsweetened cocoa

Powder Half a cup of sugar-free chocolate chips That I melted in the microwave at 30 Second intervals and if you don't want To use melted chocolate just use more Cocoa powder Then six tablespoons of heavy whipping Cream to help thin it out Four teaspoons of vanilla a half a Teaspoon of salt Once the cake is done baking let it cool For around 5 minutes then loosen the Edges with a knife then carefully flip Your cake over onto a wire rack to cool Completely but don't flip it like I did Because that was stupid oh my God it'll Break it's a good demonstration of how Much moisture is in this cake ideally You should just place that cooling wrap On top of the cake and then flipped it Over but that didn't happen once this Cake is decorated nobody's gonna know What happened unless it dropped on the Floor but even then you got the five Second rule to save you also disclaimer I am not a cake decorator I have all the Fancy tools but none of the skills so it Took me way too long to decorate this Cake but after three hours I think I did A pretty decent job can you taste the Sauerkraut in this cake nope at least I Can't so it's a great way to sneak in Some extra vegetables for your kids diet That's a joke because it's like saying

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That you can use carrot cake to replace The veggies on their dish although I do Have a pretty amazing keto carrot cake Recipe that uses real carrots and is Only five grams of carbs per slice click Here to see how to make it