The FUTURE of KETO in 2023

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In 2022, we saw some new keto recipe trends (some good, some that need to go away) and new keto products come to market. We also saw some shifting in how people approach keto and a decline in the popularity of traditional keto.

In this video, I go over some of the top keto trends we saw for 2022 and I give my thoughts for the direction in 2023.






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Since we're about ready to ring in the New Year I thought it was only fitting To look back at some of the top keto Trends we saw this year and I want to Make some predictions on where I think Keto is going in the next year are People giving up on keto is there Something going to replace it but first Let's get to reminiscing before we get Into that This year we saw some new recipes some New keto food products new ingredients And new ways of approaching keto but Nothing took the Internet by storm quite Like Maria emerick's protein sparing Bread this zero carb bread flooded my Social media feeds with people either Making the bread or making a variation Of it and a little backstory for you in The early days of Keto recipes we relied On egg whites to help puff up our Breads And baked goods they help create these Air pockets that help puff it up it kind Of does the same thing that all-purpose Flour would do the gluten inside All-purpose flour but unfortunately a Lot of these early recipes tasted eggy And were weirdly dry and overly moist at The same time instead of using egg Whites Maria switched egg white protein Powder to use in her bread it's a lot Easier to use and you're not actually Having to crack open all those eggs and Separate the yolk from the white and she

Also found a way to mask that eggy Flavor by adding nutritional yeast the Result is a fluffy keto bread that looks Like bread but there's no carbs actually I think there's one gram of carb in it Regardless this recipe is well loved all Over the Internet did I try the bread Yes I did just one time and I'll Probably never make it again but it's Not because the flavor wasn't there I Actually really like the flavor and I Love the idea of it that it's zero carb And doesn't use any flowers and it's Gluten free the texture was a little off For me but my main reason why and this Might come as a surprise because of all Of my recipe videos and meal prep videos That I put out but I'm actually a pretty Lazy cook and I'm more than anything I'm Just busy so I don't have time to make Up my own bread all the time on the rare Occasion that I do actually have keto Bread it's gonna be either something That I bought at the store that's gluten Free or I'm gonna make my own 90 second Keto bread where it's just two slices That recipe is great because it only Takes a couple minutes to make and it's Just a few ingredients which there are a Lot of Keto breads now out on the market And many of them came into our radar This year France is no longer the only Keto bread that you can get at the Grocery store there are several others

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Aligning the shelves at the grocery Stores including Oroweat hero grow Extraordinary bites solar bread kiss my Keto ease and so many others that I Haven't even tried yet I try and stay Away from gluten containing keto breads But if gluten doesn't bother you this Was a good year for you because you're Probably able to find your favorite keto Breads in your grocery store rather than Having to purchase them online unless You live in the sticks in that case I Feel your pain this year we also Discovered that bread is not necessary To make a sandwich you can just use a Bell pepper the bell pepper sandwich Traveled along all of the Facebook Group's Instagram reels this year not Only did it give us a Whole Foods Approach to a gluten-free bread Alternative but it was portable packable And it has this unexpected crunch that a Lot of people fell in love with just Wipe some cream cheese on a green yellow Whatever color bell pepper you want then Add your favorite deli meats sandwich Fixings and then slice it in half and You're good to go Lunch is ready so Simple simple recipes like this were Very popular this year actually the Easier the better and we saw a big Trend In recipes that only took two or three Ingredients like keto cake cookie these Fudge chicken nuggets even Cheez-Its

It's literally a baked piece of cheese And it tastes like a big piece of cheese But it looks like a Cheez-It so I guess That's a Cheez-It although I love this Idea of simple easy keto treats and Snacks the majority of these recipes Actually just really tasted like they Only had two or three ingredients in Them they tasted like something was Missing like the three ingredient cookie Recipe I put out last month it's a basic Cookie recipe I mean don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the flavor but if you Really want a good cookie you need to Add the other ingredients in it I mean Sure this three ingredient cookie recipe Is easy and if you only have ingredients Like almond flour butter and sweetener It's a great option for you but I really Think the investment in time is not that Much more to add in a few other Ingredients to make a really killer keto Cookie and that's the case of my keto Chocolate chip cookie recipe that tastes Like a Toll House cookie another example Is the two ingredient chocolate cake That was really popular this year but This cake is just melted chocolate and Eggs it's a flourless cake but it's Lacking all the flavor that comes from Adding butter and additional sweetener And cocoa powder a little bit of salt so If you're wanting to have an easy Flourless cake just add all those

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Ingredients ingredients in there are Some good two or three ingredient Recipes out there but really I feel like This trend needs to Die Another Trend That continued to go strong this year And it's probably going to gain traction Into the next year as well it's the Carnivore diet which is where you're Only eating animal products the meats The organs fats gelatin some people Consume butter and dairy products too More and more people are flocking to This lifestyle because it's naturally Anti-inflammatory so if you have certain Skin conditions or autoimmune conditions It's going to help with that people have Also found benefits with weight loss Better cognition improved mood hormonal Balance I've tried it for a few weeks Here and there and I do kind of throw in A week or so every once in a while but I Really miss vegetables so I'm not the Type of person that can be on it for too Long there is an emerging trend of People who like the idea of the Carnivore diet because of the benefits Plus it's higher in protein and they Like to enjoy these delicious fatty cuts Of meat like a rib eye but they also Miss vegetables and they still want to Enjoy those so instead people are Combining elements of of carnivore and Keto and a Diet called ketovor and this Way of eating appeals to people because

They don't have to be so regimented like A traditional keto diet where it's 70 75 Fat low to moderate protein and the Carnivore diet which is strictly zero Carbs It's a combination of the two Similar to the carnivore diet you're Going to be in taking a little bit more Protein than you would on a traditional Keto diet but you're also incorporating Some carbohydrates in the form of very Low carb vegetables and fruits lower Than you would on a traditional keto Diet that said my first prediction in This new year is that carnivore and Ketovor will continue to gain popularity As more people start to explore what way Of eating helps them reach their goals In a sustainable way I could actually See ketovor becoming more popular than Carnivore for that reason because it's More sustainable long term and because Meat is so expensive given the state of Our current economy at least here in the U.S I think this year we're going to see A lot more budget-friendly meals and Recipes that people are going to be After I think people are going to be Eating out less and then not going to be Buying a lot of packaged keto products Because those are expensive when you buy The chips the cookies the ketones Everything else it just really adds up And it's not really necessary on a keto Diet so I think a lot of us are going to

Be cutting those products out and Probably going to a more Whole Foods Approach of Keto because it's cheaper That way I will have some more Budget-friendly keto videos coming out Soon and I already have some on my Channel I'll have them linked down below For you in the description box before we Get into the million dollar question of Is keto going away I want to thank our Sponsor for today's video which is Element electrolytes element contains a Science-backed electrolyte formula it Has a thousand milligrams of sodium 200 Milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium rehydrating and Replenishing electrolytes is really Essential on the keto diet it might seem Like those are a lot of electrolytes but When you're on the keto diet you Actually need more than just the average Person because your body flushes a lot Of those electrolytes out since you're Not having insulin released right now Element is offering my viewers a free Sample pack with any order that's eight Single serving packets free with any Element order so it's a great way to try All eight flavors get yours at ketofocus this deal is Only available through my links you have To go to Dr i n k l m n slash Ketofocus in 2022 we saw a decline in The popularity of the keto diet it made

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Its peak a few years ago and then it's Just been on a gradual decline in Interest as more and more people have Tried it and then decided that it wasn't Sustainable for them and maybe you Didn't notice because you're still here And you're still keto but a lot of us Keto bloggers noticed a decline in our Website traffic and it has a lot of People wondering if keto is fizzling out Just like a lot of other fad diets have But I don't think keto is going away and It's not a fad diet it provides too many Health benefits that people just can't Turn their back on it from reversing Type 2 diabetes to solving a lot of Autoimmune issues that people have been Having plus there's the weight loss too So it's not going to completely Disappear I I actually think it's more Evolving I've noticed a trend in some of The Facebook groups and reading your Comments and just talking to random People I meet where people are stepping Away from a traditional keto diet where It's 70 75 fat 20 25 protein 5 carbs and You have to keep your carbs below 20 and You don't want to eat too much protein And you want to get your fat up by Smothering butter on everything and Shove all these fat bombs down your Throat so that you can meet your fat Macro although a traditional keto diet Can work beautifully if weight loss is

Your goal it can be difficult to sustain For some people for a long period of Time instead we're seeing some people Keep the same principles of Keto and Making it fit more to their lifestyle Though for example some people have Stepped away from tracking macros and Carbs some are incorporating more Protein like the ketovor diet some are Transitioning into low carb or cycling Between keto and low carb and some are Just interested in cutting out sugar but Not necessarily other types of Carbohydrates and I think this is great Because the best diet is one that you Can stick to long-term term and make it Fit in your life in order for you to Achieve your health goals maybe that's a Hundred percent strict keto or maybe That's just having more flexibility Whatever your health goals are there's Always going to be a place for keto Recipes in your life because they're low In sugar low in carbs and they contain Healthy fats I'm curious what your Health goals are for the new year are You going to clean things up and tighten The reins and go strict keto for January Maybe you're going to give carnivore or Ketovore a try or maybe your goal is to Just find balance let me know in the Comments below Happy New Year