Six ingredient Slow Cooker Meal

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Supplies to Make These:


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Usually the holiday season is the Busiest time of year so let me help you By showing you some of my favorite keto Slow cooker recipes today let's make Keto crack chicken I love this one Because it only requires six ingredients And three of them we're only going to Use right now add chicken thighs or Breasts to a slow cooker sprinkle in a Packet of ranch dressing then add two Blocks of cream cheese cover and let This slow cook for five to six hours on Low come back and shred your chicken and An electric mixer is the best way and Fastest way to shred chicken then stir In cooked bacon top with shredded cheese And let it sit for five minutes until The cheese melts and then right before You serve it just top with sliced green Onions get the full recipe at or just Google search keto Focus crack chicken

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