Slow Cooker Keto Beef Stew

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And know those aren't potatoes it's Actually a special ingredient that we're Going to add that actually looks and Tastes like a potato usually the holiday Season is the busiest time of year so Let me help you by showing you some of My favorite keto slow cooker recipes Today let's make keto beef soup so to Your slow cooker add stew meat diced Tomatoes and you can use whatever Vegetables you want but I'm going to use Mushrooms and green beans and then Instead of potato I'm using a Daikon Radish because it looks like a potato it Gets tender like a potato and it has a Neutral flavor so it doesn't taste like A radish when you cook it then add broth Onion and I'm going to add a little bit Of carrot because I like the color so Don't get on me keto police it's only Going to add 0.5 grams of carbs per Serving so not that much wine garlic Vinegar tomato paste butter some more Seasonings and we're going to let that Slow cook for five to six hours on low And now you have a hearty beef stew That's ready for you right when you get Home from work