Shrimp Keto Recipes

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Shrimp are one of the healthiest seafood choices for those on a keto diet, as they contain minimal carbs and provide plenty of protein. If you’re partial to shellfish, consider adding shrimp to your meals!

Try these delectable keto shrimp recipes to satisfy your seafood cravings! They’re ideal for a weeknight dinner or an enjoyable Sunday lunch.

1. Garlic Butter Shrimp

Shrimp is an ideal low carb and keto-friendly seafood option due to its high protein content as well as beneficial micronutrients like B12, selenium, and zinc.

Garlic butter shrimp is an irresistibly simple appetizer or dinner that takes only 10 minutes to prepare! Packed with garlic, lemon juice, and spices for maximum flavor – perfect for any occasion!

Easy to prepare, this dish can be served over pasta or rice for a complete meal.

Shrimp cook quickly, so it’s essential to stir frequently and prevent overcooking. Once the shrimp turn opaque and pink, remove them from the pan and finish off with a sprinkle of parsley!

This garlic butter shrimp recipe is incredibly quick and simple, sure to become a staple in your weekly repertoire. It’s ideal for when you need something quick on weeknights when the kids need something easy from the oven.

2. Garlic Shrimp Tacos

Garlic shrimp tacos make for a quick and delicious family dinner. These shrimp are seasoned with smoky cumin, garlic, and lime for an unforgettable flavor profile.

They’re served with a crunchy cabbage slaw and cilantro sauce on warm tortillas – an irresistibly satisfying dinner that will please even pickiest eaters!

To devein shrimp, make a small incision lengthwise along the back with a sharp paring knife and lift out any veins (wipe onto paper towel).

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Depending on the size of your shrimp, this should take between 6 and 8 minutes. If they appear wet in the thickest part, they have been overcooked and require another minute or two of cooking time.

This recipe makes 4-6 tacos, so serve with all of the ingredients if you have guests over or need enough for a family of 4. The shrimp and slaw should be made ahead of time; any extra sauce can then be refrigerated in an airtight container in the fridge.

3. Garlic Shrimp Alfredo

For those watching their carbs or on a low-carb diet, this shrimp Alfredo recipe is an effortless way to create an irresistibly creamy meal. Perfect for a weeknight dinner, everyone in your family will love it!

Begin by preheating a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 114 cup of butter and melt, then add minced garlic and saute until fragrant but not burned.

Next, add the heavy cream and stir until well combined. Reduce the heat to low and simmer until your sauce has thickened.

Once the sauce has thickened, add shrimp and some parmesan cheese, stirring to evenly coat them in sauce.

This keto alfredo sauce is so easy to make and tastes so much better than store-bought! Plus, you can even make it dairy-free!

4. Garlic Shrimp Curry

Shrimps make an ideal keto food choice due to their low carbohydrates, high protein content and nutritional benefits. Plus, they supply a great source of potassium – essential for supporting both health and weight loss goals.

This flavorful garlic shrimp curry takes no time to prepare and features plump and succulent shrimp, an extra-flavored sauce, and all your desired spices. Serve over rice with naan (or cauliflower rice) and garnish with cilantro!

This keto friendly recipe is dairy free and ideal for those on a low carb diet. Plus, it contains MCTs – an essential fatty acid that many people on a ketogenic diet rely on as energy sources.

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