Keto Smothered Chicken Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

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okay so this recipe is smothered chicken
smothered chicken it's a bit of a southern keto and actually are
daughter Ollie is an amazing cook and last week for your birthday
she made this unbelievable southern meal and it's amazing everything was keto
and what is this smothered with love and mushrooms and onions and there's scallions
oh and bacon yes yes there's some onions and chives and stuff that's raw on the
top but you could just cook it right in with the mushrooms I think that would
make a nice taste I think it's this recipe is a great way to enhance the
bacon so just another way let me just try this it's incredible come on come on I'm not
kidding that's really amazing wow that is really really good and um
I'm not gonna say anything else you just have to see the recipe hmm now yeah make
it it's good

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