Flourless Keto Bread | Oat Fiber | no Dairy, no Nuts, no Sugar and Gluten Free

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This flourless oat fiber keto bread is nut 
free, dairy free and gluten free. Let's go! This keto bread is flourless, it's mainly made 
with oat fiber if you're wondering. We don't   have any nuts in this recipe and it's dairy free 
because normally with people who are allergic to   dairy, they can still have eggs. What I love about 
this recipe is you can create your own shape of   bread and you can be so creative and here in my 
thumbnail I just showed you one example of how   pretty you can make your bread. Another fantastic 
thing is that you can pre-mix your dry ingredients   and place them in a Ziploc bag and then just make 
bread whenever you feel like. It's so easy you   literally throw everything into a mixing bowl 
and then bake it. Nutritional information and   your shopping list is listed in the description 
box. Let's get into this recipe now. Let's first   make up the dry ingredients which will be the 
substitute for flour.

To a bowl add 150 grams   of oat fiber, then remove one tablespoon and one 
teaspoon of the oat fiber and place into another   bowl. I will explain why a little later. Next add 
30 grams of egg white powder, 80 grams of flax   seed powder, 33 grams of psyllium husk powder, 17 
grams of baking powder, 5 grams of salt, I have   30 grams of sweetener here. Remove one teaspoon 
and add it to the oat fiber we set aside earlier,   then add the rest of the sweetener to the dry 
ingredients and lastly 7 grams of instant dried   yeast. Mix the small amount of oat fiber and 
sweetener we set aside earlier and whisk the dry   ingredients in the big bowl as well until fully 
combined and one color then set aside for now.   To a separate bowl add five eggs 400 mills of 
lukewarm water and 50 grams of white vinegar or   you can use apple cider vinegar as well, then 
give it a good whisking until you cannot see   any yolks and the liquid is all one color.

the dry ingredients and I mean from the big bowl   not the small one just yet and I'm using a dough 
hook but you can use a paddle attachment or you   can whisk it by hand too if you like. The main 
thing is that everything is mixed well together. If you're using a machine you will probably need 
to scrape down the sides of the bowl a couple   times and once you're happy that everything 
is mixed well you will notice the dough   is quite runny. That's okay that means it's 
exactly right. Let it sit for five minutes   and that's going to allow the egg white, the 
psyllium husk and the flaxseed powders to absorb   some of the liquid. While that's happening set 
your oven to 356 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees   Celsius and grease and line an oven tray and set 
that aside. Now after five minutes you can see   a real difference in the dough.

It's not so runny 
anymore but it's still going to be a bit sticky so   oil your hands with a keto approved oil and dump 
all of the dough onto the lined baking tray. Now   it's time for some fun. Shape the dough however 
you like and this time I'm going for a round   shape and if you cannot be bothered you can just 
add all of the dough to a lined loaf tin as well.

Once you're happy with your shape sprinkle the oat 
fiber, sweetener mixture we set aside earlier all   over the surface of the bread and you can create a 
design like I'm doing here and I'm not even using   a precision knife like I normally would for this 
kind of baking. I just wanted to show you what you   could do with a normal knife. A leaf on either 
side of a flower and then some lines to fill   up the other half of the bread and now I'm just 
filling in some spaces with a couple of stems. As I said earlier your oven temperature should 
be 356 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius   and my bread took 55 minutes to bake but you 
want to start checking it at about 40 minutes.   Of course I let it cool first and now I'm 
just pressing in to show you how soft it is   and I want to show you all 
sides of this bread so you know,   around the sides and check out the 
underneath, it is perfectly baked.

And now let's check out the inside, I'm 
just gonna slice into it and please do take   note of the texture and how soft this 
bread is and how easy it is to slice. This is just one example of how much fun you can 
have creating your own bread and I'm holding it   up so you can see the size generally of how 
it's going to turn out for you. In some other   videos we are going to do a plated bread and 
we're going to do some rolls as well or buns.   Thank you so much for watching, I hope 
you get to try it and please do send me   pictures. I'd love to see what you create. 
Thanks for watching, stay safe and be well..

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