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all right i have another easy keto 10 minute 
dinner for you guys today if you guys didn't   check out my first video click up here you can 
find it i took the 10 minute dinner challenge   where i made a keto recipe in from start to 
finish in just 10 minutes actually it was under 10   minutes we made keto shrimp fried rice and today 
we're going to be making keto lasagna in a skillet   so let's not waste another minute and let's 
start the clock and get cooking dinner to start we're going to be adding 
one pound of ground beef into a   skillet with a little bit of olive oil 
and then cook this until it's browned now if you guys are interested in this recipe 
i have it listed on my website although it's   a little different because i actually use two 
pounds of beef i use a pound of ground beef and   a pound of ground sausage but that actually 
having that much meat actually increases our   cooking time and i wanted to make this meal in 
under 10 minutes so i've kind of adapted it a   little bit so it's not going to take quite as 
long if you want to use two pounds of meat go   ahead it's actually super flavorful and increases 
your protein and your fat content for your meal the thing i love about this recipe is that 
everything is made in one pot which is   key for me because it limits the amount of dishes 
that i have to do after everything's done cooking i'm also gonna add in two teaspoons of italian 
seasoning one teaspoon of salt and two cloves of   minced garlic now you guys know me i like 
to use a shortcut here so i'm just gonna use   two teaspoons of garlic paste from 
this tube i bought from the store once our ground beef is cooked through we're 
going to leave the fat in the bottom of the   pan because i don't want to drain it out all that 
fat is good it keeps us full it keeps us healthy   next we're going to add in a 14 ounce can of 
crushed tomatoes along with a half of a cup   of tomato sauce now when you're picking these 
items out you want to make sure you find like   the ones that have the lowest carbohydrates in 
them so some brands actually do have sugars in   them so make sure you're checking the labels 
making sure there's no added sugars whatsoever you could also substitute with maybe a jar of 
low-carb marinara sauce like rayo's make some   and there's some other brands that are out 
there too i'll have them linked down below   that's a pretty good shortcut if you don't 
have crushed tomatoes on hand you could even   substitute with diced tomatoes too if that's all 
you had but you want to cook this until it boils   and now it's time for our lasagna noodles so you 
have a couple of options here the one i use on   my website i'm using hearts of palm noodles and 
there's a couple of different brands that make   these i'll have them listed down below as well 
but this is kind of our simplest option because   you take them out of the packaging and they're 
actually ready to go i just put them on top of   my lasagna mixture here my meat mixture here 
and just let it cook for a few minutes to heat   through and it's ready to eat if you didn't 
want to use hearts of palm noodles or you   don't have access to them well then you could 
probably just do sheets of zucchini and then   that's not going to take very long to cook 
either it's just going to cook maybe a few   minutes to cook through just cover it with some 
of that tomato sauce mixture and let it simmer the last step is steps of spinach this is a 
great way to add some vegetables to a dish   that my kids don't really i mean they'll 
see the green but they can't really   taste it at all it's spinach is such has such 
a neutral flavor so you can't really taste it   and then we're going to add in our cheeses 
you'll need a half of a cup of ricotta cheese   and then around four ounces of mozzarella 
cheese on the recipe on my website i use   freshly sliced mozzarella cheese i didn't have 
that on hand so i'm just using shredded cheese and then you'll also need a quarter 
cup of grated parmesan cheese   stir this until everything's combined you can even 
cover it to help that spinach wilt a little bit   more this only takes a couple minutes to do until 
it's wilted and then after that we're ready to eat   i love this keto dinner recipe because 
it has all the flavors of our favorite   keto comfort food lasagna but we don't have to 
go through the big hassle of layering it out   and baking it we just throw everything 
into a skillet and cook it and enjoy do   and looking at the time we were able to 
successfully make this dish in under 10 minutes   with some adaptions remember that full 
recipe is on my website ketofocus.com   so don't forget to head over there to 
see some more easy keto dinner recipes   click on a playlist down below that i have 
for you guys that has even more keto dinner   recipes that are all easy to make and all 
family friendly thanks for watching don't   forget to subscribe to my channel give me 
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