7 More ways to make a sandwich WITHOUT bread

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Since you loved my first video on how to make a keto sandwich without using bread I had to make another one using a few different alternative for bread!





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I've proven to you guys before that you Don't need bread or even keto bread to Make a sandwich well I found some more Creative and crazy ways to make a Sandwich without using bread you could Be eating a bacon liver and testicle Sandwich I'm not that crazy [Music] First is a wrap that's made out of lunch Meat you may have already made this Before or a variation of it but this is A version that I enjoy take your Favorite deli meat and I'm going to use Turkey you're going to need two slices Then layer on some cheese bell pepper Onion lettuce and mayo [Music] And there are sugar-free Preservative-free lunch meats out there And if you need some ideas I already did A whole video on this and I'll have it Linked down below Then roll it up and you can secure it With a toothpick if needed especially if You're going to pack these in your lunch These are easy and surprisingly filling With that combination of meat cheese and Veggies Next is an Italian sandwich but instead Of using focaccia bread or a ciabatta Roll we're going to be using mozzarella Cheese as our bread sliced mozzarella Cheese from those cheese balls is what Works best you can Pat them dry before

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Assembling and then add your favorite Italian Meats like ham salami pepperoni And for some crunch I like to throw in Some cucumber on my sandwich even though The combination of the meats and Mozzarella cheese have Italian flavor I Want to give it some ultimate kick in That flavor by soaking my cucumber in Some Italian dressing and this is the One that I'm using These cute little sandwiches would also Make a fun appetizer for a party Now for a carnivore sandwich for those Of you following a carnivore or kitivore Lifestyle and no it's not the liver and Testicle sandwich this one is going to Be way more palatable to make the Carnivore bread add one egg a half a cup Of pork panko which is just ground up Pork rinds a third cup of shredded Mozzarella cheese and a pinch of salt We're going to mix that up To bake this carnivore bread we use a Waffle maker this waffle maker was one Of chalk Zero's limited releases that Just so happened to feature my keto Truffle recipe on the box and this Smaller waffle maker works perfectly Because you can usually get two waffles From the batter and no need to grease Your waffle plate here there's enough Fat that gets released from the cooking To prevent the waffle from sticking to The plate if you were to open up now it

Would probably stick so just close it And wait for another two to three Minutes To finish this sandwich you could add an Egg bacon I'm using sliced cheese that I Par cooked on parchment paper in the Microwave there might be a tiny bit of Carbs in here from the shredded Mozzarella cheese and the Egg but really It's going to fit in your Macros because It's practically zero carbs When our waffle maker out let's make a Pizza sandwich to your waffle maker add A handful of shredded mozzarella cheese Then fill in your favorite pizza Toppings pepperoni I like olives and canned mushrooms They're my favorite kind of mushroom Don't judge me then top with more Shredded cheese and close it down to Cook again let it cook for two to three Minutes These waffle makers are a must-have to Anyone on a keto diet I have like eight Of them maybe nine you can make all Kinds of flavored waffles with them and I have a bunch of recipes on my website Ketofocus.com the cheese gets pretty Hard on the outside perfect if you like Crunchy crust and some of it is still Melty in the inside I've actually Probably let this one cook a little bit Too long but you get the idea While I have the waffle maker out let's

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Do one more this chip sandwich sounds Really interesting I don't have Flamin Hot Ruffles because they aren't keto and I also don't have one of those like cast Iron pie makers so we're gonna use the Waffle maker and some Quest chips and These are Ranch flavored not Flamin Hot I've shredded some cheddar cheese add a Handful of that to the waffle maker And then open up the bag of chips and Add some on there Then top with more cheese I wasn't sure if this was going to close But as soon as the cheese started Melting it did Although the cheese melted out of the Waffle maker and it got all over the Counter it was a big mess and I tried to Clean it up using a spatula to throw That cheese back in there but that Wasn't working once I felt enough of the Cheese had Spilled Out I used the chewy Spatula to help me get this sandwich off The waffle maker now for an epic cheese Pole [Music] It's not as good as the one I saw on Tick Tock but it might have had Something to do with the fact that I Didn't have Flamin Hot Ruffles [Music] One of my favorite sandwiches is a club Sandwich and luckily it's easy to make a Keto club sandwich with all the fixings

Without using bread instead we're going To use iceberg lettuce you'll need six Large pieces of iceberg lettuce start by Laying down two Then add mayo and spread that on A typical club sandwich has turkey and Ham so two slices of each Then some cheese Another two slices of iceberg lettuce For our middle red layer more lunch meat Tomato and of course the bacon Top with two more pieces of lettuce Then secure the corners with a toothpick To prevent everything from falling out Then I make two cuts You could also take off the excess Lettuce around the edges just to make it Look prettier These club sandwiches would be perfect For a party or you can pack them in your Lunch easily too this sandwich Definitely satisfies those club sandwich Cravings Next is a mushroom sandwich but we're Going to be using portobello mushroom as Our bread cut off the stem and brush With olive oil Sprinkle on some salt to season it and Then layer on some of that sliced Mozzarella cheese I air fried mine you can air Fry at 380 Degrees for around five to eight minutes Or you can bake it in the oven at Probably around 400 425 degrees for five

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To ten minutes after the cheese is Melted top it with some sliced tomato And some fresh pieces of Basil Definitely have some paper towels ready Because this one is messy because all of That moisture gets released from the Mushroom maybe I shouldn't have added Salt to the mushroom I don't know if There's like a tip that you guys have For cooking portobello mushrooms that Isn't going to release all this moisture And get all over the place let me know Either way these were delicious and a Unique way to have a sandwich not quite As good as the club sandwich but better Than the bell pepper sandwich and if you Want to see how to make the bell pepper Sandwich along with seven other unique Keto sandwich recipes that don't require Bread just click right here