This bread is ONLY 1.8 carbs – NO cheese required

This bread is ONLY 1.8 carbs - NO cheese required

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Flavorful focaccia bread made keto!! Dip in olive oil, balsamic or your favorite marinara sauce!


Almond Flour:
Lupin Flour:
Protein Powder:
Xanthan Gum:
Rosemary Salt:




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MACROS (per slice – makes 12 slices)
Calories 149
Fat 12.3g
Protein 6.4g
Total Carbs 4.2g
Net Carbs 1.8g

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I believe that leading a healthy keto Lifestyle doesn't mean that you have to Deprive yourself on good Italian Focaccia bread the problem is is that You can't use gluten yeast or really any Of the classic ingredients but how do You make it delicious and something that Anyone is going to want to eat the Former pharmacist in me loves to Experiment sometimes I find gold Sometimes not so much I took a failed Pizza crust recipe and turned it into a Flat focaccia bread and I did it without Any of the ingredients found in Traditional Focaccia for this easy 15 Minute Twist on the classic Focaccia We've got a problem using all almond Flour because those carbs can add up Quickly to get around this I use Lupine Flour since it's mostly fiber it's how You can keep each piece under two grams Of carbs but one thing I notice is that It gives a hint of cornmeal flavor not That that has anything to do with Traditional Focaccia but it actually Tastes good with Italian flavors Traditional focaccia bread is made using Flowers with high gluten contents it's What gives the bread its good elasticity It'll help trap in those air bubbles From the yeast as it bakes and that's How you get those air holes within bread Since this Focaccia is gluten free we Use three tablespoons of protein powder

To form that elastic structure in our Dough to trap those air bubbles formed By the one teaspoon of baking powder Which is our leavening agent in this Recipe we also need to add a half a Teaspoon of xanthan gum for a little Extra elasticity and a half a teaspoon Of salt for flavor add in one tablespoon Of melted butter and crack in two eggs Mix this together until a dough forms And at some point you're going to have To knead the dough to get all of your Ingredients Incorporated just make sure You don't over need or it can make your Dough too tough to go with my anything But authentic focaccia bread I'm making An Italian cream soda but instead of Using those sugary syrups for flavor I'm Going to use sugar-free electrolytes by Element instead which flavor they have Raspberry Citrus orange watermelon Chocolate let's go with orange trust me When I say that you want to add your Electrolytes to the glass first and then Pour it into your soda water don't don't Add them straight to your canner bottle That was not my brightest moment element Has a science-backed electrolyte formula Of a thousand milligrams of sodium 200 Milligrams of potassium and 60 Milligrams of magnesium it sounds like a Lot but you actually require more if You're on a low carb diet or if you do Any sort of strenuous job or activity

Like Landscaping right now element is Offering my viewers a free sample pack With any order that's eight single Serving packets free with any element Order it's a great way to try all eight Flavors head to Ketofocus this deal is only available Through my link so head thereafter but First let's finish up this Focaccia I Like to roll out my dough because it Makes it an even shape to keep the Parchment paper from sliding when I use A rolling pin lay down a damp piece of Paper towel first then sandwich the Dough in between the two pieces of Parchment I'm trying to keep a rectangle Shape here so that it looks more like Focaccia bread and you want it about a Half an inch thick the spread will rise A bit and if you're thinking that the Stove looks a lot like pizza across well You're right that's what I was Originally trying to make I just didn't Really like the texture of it for a Pizza crust but that's the beauty of Science sometimes disasters turn it into Beautiful surprises to give this spread That Sheen that most Focaccia has I'm Going to paint a touch of egg white on Here so that it gives it a crust to Prevent the dough from rising too Quickly in traditional Focaccia they put Those dimples in there here we don't Have to worry about that but you should

Still put those dimples in because Otherwise nobody else is going to know What this is use your fingers or a round Utensil or this thingy this is from a Mortal and pest mortar Mortal Mortal Immortal pestle that's wrong you don't Have to tell me I'm wrong I know I'm Wrong to decorate my Focaccia I'm Sprinkling on a rosemary flavored flaky Salt and then some Italian seasonings And you can add other toppings like Parmesan cheese olives garlic We're Gonna Bake this at 350 degrees for 10 Minutes but to get that nice Golden Crust on top place it under the broiler For a few minutes until it turns golden Traditional Focaccia is sprinkled with Olive oil before it's baked but I'm Adding it afterwards for flavor plus it Looks prettier my favorite way to have This is dipped in marinara which yeah I Guess you could use this for pizza crust Especially if you like a bready crust But if you're like me and you want a Pizza crust that's crunchy on the Outside but chewy on the inside well Then you must make my famous keto pizza Crust right here

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