Puffy, Gooey Low Carb BREAD from a THISTLE

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These gooey, cheesy buns are the perfect way to enjoy the favorited Spinach Artichoke Dip inside a low carb, gluten free pastry dough. Serve for breakfast, lunch, dinner or enjoy as an appetizer at a potluck or cookout.





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A classic gooey cheesy party dip stuffed And rolled inside a warm fluffy low-carb Bun you're going to want to get your Hands on these buns outside every good Bun is pastry dough since I make low Carb recipes I can't just use regular Bread flour instead I'm using one and a Half cups of almond flour to help my Dough rise and to give it structure I'm Going to add in one teaspoon of baking Powder and a teaspoon of xanthan gum for Flavor one teaspoon of salt and a half a Teaspoon of onion powder since I'm not Using a carb heavy flour that contains Gluten in this recipe I need to have Something that gives this dough Elasticity the best way to achieve this Is to use mozzarella cheese melt 10 Ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese in The microwave at 60 second intervals you Could also melt this on a non-stick Skillet over the stove top if you think That the microwave is the devil hi Grandma now that it's gooey and melted Add that to the food processor along With an egg and mix it until a dough Ball forms You can use an electric mixer or your Hands to do this too but a food Processor especially this one by Breville is so much faster Seriously Mr chops I was just telling Them how amazing you are and then you go And do this to me don't make me pull out

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Those photos of Cuisinart attempted Mix until a dough is evenly Incorporated And looks like this you can see how Stretchy this is thanks to that cheese What I love about this recipe is that You can serve it at any meal except Dessert but appetizer dinner breakfast This is so good with a warm cup of Coffee speaking of coffee if you want to Be able to make the perfect cup of iced Or hot coffee every time in under a Minute you must try these coffee Capsules by commeteer my sponsor for Today's video these aren't your typical Coffee capsules in fact you don't need a Machine to brew these at all it's a new Format of coffee it's already brewed and Flash frozen to ensure freshness and Peak flavor they arrive Frozen and Shipped to your door monthly with Customizable options like decaf light Dark roasts and they have new roasts Every month just peel open your capsule Drop it into your mug then add 68 ounces Of hot water to melt and stir and I Gotta add a little cream to my coffee I've been enjoying this coffee for Several months now there's no bitter Flavor no sediment it's smooth and well Balanced but why I really love this Coffee is that it's so easy to make Commeteer has their best best deal yet For a limited time you can get twenty Dollars off each of your first two

Orders so a total of forty dollars off Both when you use my code keto focus at Commateer.com so head over there quickly Right after you finish making your buns Roll out the dough in between two sheets Of parchment paper but to keep your Parchment paper from sliding around all Over the place place a damp paper towel Down first it's a little helpful trick I Picked up from one of you guys roll it Into a long rectangle shape as best you Can I didn't get a ruler out to figure Out how long or wide or thick I made This so I'd say it was probably about as Long and wide as a Nike shoe box adult Size and as thick as a Tic Tac now for The spinach artichoke filling add eight Ounces of softened cream cheese to a Large bowl a half a cup of mayonnaise or Flavor add a half a teaspoon of garlic Powder and a quarter teaspoon each of Red pepper flakes salt and pepper mix This together with an electric mixer Until it's smooth and creamy for the Artichoke hearts I'm using a jar of These marinated ones really wasn't Necessary you could just get the canned Stuff because it's cheaper because I'm Just going to end up draining this Anyway try to squeeze out as much Moisture as possible then chop it up Into smaller chunks For the spinach you use a 9 to 10 ounce Bag of frozen spinach thought out first

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Drain it and then press out as much of The liquid as possible or else you're Going to end up with soggy buns then add In six ounces of shredded sharp white Cheddar cheese Monterey Jack cheese will Work too or pepper jack if you want it Spicy a quarter cup of grated Parmesan Cheese then mix this together Plop on your filling and spread it out Evenly and this is just spinach Artichoke dip here so if you have any Left over you could actually just heat It up and use it as a dip roll it up Using the longer side so that you end up With a longer tube with rolling this I Realized that I could have used the Entire spread here but such as life I Don't always end up making the right Decision using a sharp knife cut off Your buns into one inch slices If you use the shoe box in a Tic Tac to Measure this you should end up with nine Buns place these on a parchment lined Baking tray and then brush them with Melted butter then bake them in a 375 Degree oven for 35-40 minutes if they Start to turn a little bit too Brown on Top just cover them with a tinted piece Of aluminum foil these are best served Warm fresh out of the oven because that Cheese will be gooey if you find Yourself wanting cinnamon rolls now Because you probably do after seeing These don't use this recipe I have a

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