Keto Pancakes Recipe – Enjoy This Delicious Treat While on a Low Carb Diet!

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pancakes recipe keto

Pancakes are a traditional breakfast food, often loaded with sugar and flour. But there are plenty of great keto pancake recipes out there you can try while on a low-carb diet!

These recipes are simple and delicious! Each serving only contains a few grams of net carbs – plus they’re gluten-free too!


Pancakes are an iconic breakfast food, yet they may not always be appropriate when trying to lose weight. With some clever tweaking, however, you can turn pancakes into a low-carb and high-protein dish that helps you remain on track while still enjoying this indulgent treat!

There are various keto pancake options, from homemade and store-bought mixes, as well as easy home preparation methods, available. Keto pancakes provide an enjoyable breakfast solution without too much effort required from you in the kitchen!

An ideal keto-friendly pancakes recipe requires ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, low-carb sweetener of choice, baking powder and salt. Once these components have been mixed together, either scoop a small amount onto a pan or transfer to a larger bowl before adding water for batter creation. These pancakes make a tasty breakfast item when served topped with fruit or butter as toppings.


Low-carb keto pancakes recipes make an easy breakfast solution. They can be prepared on the stovetop, oven or microwave.

To make keto pancakes, first combine all of the dry ingredients. When ready, pour in almond milk, melted coconut oil and eggs before mixing thoroughly to form a batter.

Add a few drops of vanilla extract for additional flavor or use an artificial sweetener like erythritol to increase sweetness.

Once the batter is mixed, transfer to a pan or griddle heated over medium heat and place cover over the pan for two minutes until bubbles appear at the surface of your pancakes. Flip and repeat until all pancakes have been cooked.

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Traditional pancakes contain plenty of carbs and sugar, causing your blood sugar levels to spike and potentially knocking you out of ketosis.

But if you prefer, there are keto pancake recipes available which make cooking much simpler, while remaining low in carbohydrates.

Easy and delicious are two characteristics you will always associate with each dish! Plus, their ingredients can easily be found in most kitchens.

Stovetop cooking can be the easiest and fastest way to enjoy them if you are short on time and in a rush.

Begin by placing a nonstick pan over medium heat and adding some butter. Once it has melted, pour in pancake batter.

As soon as you detect bubbles in the batter, it’s time to flip. Use a pancake flipper or spatula to help turn them over.

Once they’re completed, serve with your favorite toppings and take pleasure in eating!


When it comes to healthy and low carb breakfast options, nothing beats pancakes for easy preparation and fantastic taste! Plus they make for the perfect treat!

This keto diet-compliant recipe uses gluten-free almond flour, making it the ideal meal option. Plus, its quick preparation time makes this dish perfect for quick lunch or dinner preparation!

These pancakes make a delicious treat that are also versatile, plus you can add in colorful berry pieces for added fun!

These keto pancakes are an easy and delicious way to start the day off right and stay on track with your keto diet. High in protein, you can add your choice of sweetener – such as sugar-free maple syrup or coconut-whipped cream!

To serve, flip over your keto pancakes and top them off with any toppings or mix-ins you like! Additionally, these treats can be stored in either your fridge or freezer to be enjoyed later.