Keto Brioche Loaf Recipe| 0g Net Carbs | Lupin Flour Recipe

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i've got an amazing keto brioche 
loaf recipe for you stay tuned   i'm super impressed with this brioche loaf it's 
soft and it's beautiful now james from making it   keto here on youtube made buns with this recipe 
so do head over and check out if you want to make   brioche buns by the way hi and welcome back 
to my channel if you're new however do take a   look around we've got over a hundred keto recipes 
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bell so you know when i post a new recipe with   the brioche loaf you can have just plain butter 
or avocado or any keto approved sandwich type   things that you want to add to it i in particular 
have made this because i want to pair it up with   frangipane and make a bostock yum i can't wait and 
that's coming up real soon so without further ado   let's get into the recipe now set the oven to 
350 degrees fahrenheit or 150 degrees celsius   we're first preparing the yeast mixture so to 
a bowl add 120 grams of water and it's about 80   degrees fahrenheit or 30 degrees celsius which 
is warm one teaspoon of honey honey so that the   yeast can activate and you can get lots of bubbles 
just remember guys the honey is there so the yeast   can eat off all the sugars and you won't ingest 
any sugars at all now we're adding two teaspoons   of instant dried yeast give this a 
good stir to combine the yeast with   your honey and your water and once 
it's combined let it sit for 10 minutes   while the yeast is activating we're going to 
prepare the dry ingredients and i've got here   170 grams or one and a quarter 
cups of vital wheat gluten   add to that 80 grams or three quarters of a cup of 
lupine flour 38 grams or half a cup of oat fiber   three tablespoons or 43 grams of allulose and 
a little bit of salt this is about one gram   or half a teaspoon i'm just going to combine 
this until it's all one color and consistency   and this is what it looks like i'm pretty 
happy with that and now your dry ingredients   are ready this is what your yeast mixture 
looks like and then i gave it another stir   lightly beat two eggs at room temperature we're 
gonna add it to the yeast mixture 50 grams or   3 tablespoons of sour cream at room temperature 
i'm just whisking that in until it's combined   next add half of your dry ingredients you're 
just going to give this a quick stir until   it's combined and then add the other half 
of your dry ingredients attach your bowl   to your machine and we are using the dough 
hook we are going to mix this until combined okay my dough is coming together nicely 
now we scrape down the sides of the bowl   just to incorporate anything that 
hasn't been combined with your dough   then add a tablespoon of butter that's been 
melted and then cooled time now for the final mix the dough has come together nicely 
and it's a sticky kind of consistency   i have coated my surface with oat 
fiber and i'm just going to add my   dough to the surface like that and 
then i'm going to knead it out a bit i just want to show you this dough 
it's actually really beautiful   it is one of the best doughs i've worked 
with since with you know keto baking   grease and line your love tin you can add you 
know your entire dough ball to your loaf tin   i want to be a little bit fancy 
so i'm doing a design (braiding) and you're just going to lift your 
whatever shape you're doing it in   put one end in and then the other and lay it down this needs to rest for an hour in the 
loaf tin and that's going to allow your   dough to swell and fill up the loaf tin 
after your keto brioche loaf has rested   bake for 17 minutes remove it from the oven 
and you'll see that it's nice and brown on top   do stick a toothpick in the center and for me 
it's not quite cooked so cover it with foil and   bake for another 15 minutes and this is what it 
looks like after it's been removed from the oven   and then cooled i have to show you how amazing 
this loaf looks look how pretty this is   i had a little bit of sticking on the parchment 
paper and you can counteract that by buttering   your parchment paper as well and look how soft 
and pliable this loaf is i don't want to move it   too much because i'm probably going to break it 
but let's see what it looks like on the inside well i'm super impressed with how this keto 
brioche loaf turned out it's soft and just so yum   i really hope you get to try it thank you so 
much for watching stay safe and be well you

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