Homemade Low Carb Yogurt – Better than store bought

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Instead of spending money on expensive low carb yogurt, just make your own! It’s really easy with just 2-3 ingredients and an Instant Pot. Not only will you save money, but you can make any flavor you want and I think it tastes better.


Fairlife Milk
Nancy’s Yogurt
Instant Pot (with the yogurt button):
Sugar free sweetener:




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Makes 13 (5oz) servings

32 oz ultra-filtered, ultra-pasteurized whole milk
32 oz heavy whipping cream (or use all whole milk for lower calorie yogurt)
1/4 cup yogurt with active cultures

1️⃣ Add 32 oz ultra-filtered, ultra pasteurized whole milk and 32 oz of ultra pasteurized heavy whipping cream to the liner of an instant pot. (For a lower calorie, lower fat option, use 64 oz whole milk only.) Put the lid on and seal closed. Instant Pot with Yogurt Button: Press the “yogurt” button. Instant pot will slowly heat the milk up to 180 degrees. If your Instant Pot doesn’t have a Yogurt Button: Press the “keep warm” and heat milk for 40-45 minutes. Remove the lid and press “sauté”. Insert a candy thermometer and heat milk until it reaches 180 degrees F.
2️⃣ Remove the liner from the instant pot and place on cooling rack or pad to cool. Let milk cool to 110-112 degrees. DO NOT let the temperature drop passed 110 degrees or else your yogurt cultures may not grow.
3️⃣ Once the milk temperature has lowered to 112 degrees, whisk in the yogurt. Replace the lid. Instant Pot with Yogurt Button: Press the “yogurt” button. The Instant Pot will maintain the ideal temperature for incubation. If your Instant Pot doesn’t have a Yogurt Button: Turn off the Instant Pot. Wrap the Instant Pot with a large beach towel or sleeping bag to help insulate and let sit at room temperature for 8 hours. Insulating the pressure cooker, will help to keep it at the ideal temperature to allow the yogurt to grow.
4️⃣ Once the yogurt is done incubating, scoop into Mason jars and store in the refrigerator. The yogurt will continue to thicken as it cools.
5️⃣ To make flavored yogurt, portion out 5-6 oz of yogurt in a small bowl. Stir in powdered sweetener, flavoring extract and 1-2 drops of food coloring (if using).

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MACROS (if used half hwc + half whole milk)
per 5 oz serving
Calories 346
Fat 32.2g
Protein 5.7g
Total Carbs 3.5g
Net Carbs 3.5g

MACROS (if used all whole milk)
per 5 oz serving
Calories 96
Fat 5.1g
Protein 8.2g
Total Carbs 3.9g
Net Carbs 3.9g

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Groceries are so expensive right now Almost two dollars for a tiny yogurt and This one doesn't even taste that good if You missed yogurt on a low carb diet but Don't want to settle on those overpriced Mediocre brands that you get at the Store just make your own you can make Creamy yogurt for a fraction of the Price using just three ingredients but The best part is you can make any flavor Imaginable Peach lemon whatever you will Need an instant pot to make your own Homemade yogurt and preferably one with The yogurt button because it does a lot Of the work for you but if you're like Me and you don't have the model of Instant pot that has the yogurt button Don't worry you can still make yogurt Start by pouring 32 ounces of ultra Filtered ultra pasteurized milk into Your instant pot liner Fairlife is the Only brand of ultra filtered milk that I Know of it's a milk that has been Filtered so it removes the majority of The sugars and lactose while keeping the Protein you can see one cup has six Grams of carbs in it versus regular Whole milk which has about 12 grams of Carbs for Ultra creamy yogurt you do Want to use whole milk not only does This create a thicker yogurt than skim Milk does but it's ideal for a low carb Diet because you're getting more fats And less carbs compared to skim many

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Traditional yogurts like Yoplait are Made with skim milk so they're very high In sugars to get around this we add a High fat very low carb milk which is 32 Ounces of heavy whipping cream and I'm Sure if you wanted to you could make a Yogurt using all heavy cream and you'll Get more fat and lower carbs with that Recipe then we put on our lid and if you Don't have the yogurt button on your Instant pot press the keep warm button This will gently warm up your milk Without heating it too quickly after 40 45 minutes you can come back and give it A whisk even though these milks are Ultra pasteurized in order to make sure That we've killed off any bad bacteria That might be lingering you need to heat Your milk up to 180 degrees to do this We hit the saute button to let it heat Up to 180 degrees if you have the yogurt Button on your instant pot you're lucky Because you don't have to do any of Those steps your instant pot does it for You just press the yogurt button and Adjust to boil or high depending on your Model and the instant pot will slowly Heat the milk to 180 degrees within 30 Minutes now that it's at 180 degrees or If you have the model with the yogurt Button it will read yoked which is slang And instapot for yogurt lift out your Liner and you may want to use a towel or Hot pads just in case it's hot this

Needs to cool on the counter until it Reaches 110 112 degrees which may take Around an hour to speed that up you Could put your liner in an ice bath and Then Stir It occasionally but make sure The temperature of your milk mixture Doesn't dip below 110 degrees otherwise Your cultures aren't going to grow and You will wasted your time just to get Thinned out heavy whipping cream if you Want optimal creamy yogurt texture scoop Off any of the film that forms on top I Didn't I just kind of mixed it right Back in now in order to make yogurt you Have to have a starter culture and the Easiest way to do that is just to use Yogurt but you can't use just any old Yogurt it has to have active cultures I'm using this one by Nancy since it Says it has 41 billion probiotics add in Three to four tablespoons of yogurt now Place your liner back into your instant Pot and if you have the yogurt button Press that again so it can incubate for Eight hours the instant pot will keep at A constant ideal temperature for Multiplying that good bacteria to make Yogurt since I don't have that I have to Resort to an old school method that my Mom used to use for insulating food Which is to use a sleeping bag or towel Now I'm not unraveling a sleeping bag And rolling it back up so I'm using a Beach towel instead the combination of

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The mixture going back into a sealed Instant pot along with a towel wrapped Around will hopefully keep an ideal Temperature for growing our yogurt after Eight hours you're going to have yogurt And it will be thinner on top but don't Worry as it continues to cool like in The fridge it will thicken up you could Either strain this top layer out if you Wanted really thick creamy yogurt or Just stir it back in one of the reasons I love making my own keto yogurt is that My refrigerator doesn't get all Cluttered up with a bunch of tubs at Yogurt I just store the plain yogurt in The fridge and if I'm craving a certain Flavor I portion out five ounces of the Base yogurt and add half a tablespoon of Powdered sugar-free sweetener and a Quarter teaspoon of flavoring extracts Like vanilla strawberry peach or lemon You could even add a drop of food Coloring too if you really want to get Extra fancy only three and a half carbs For this besides making any flavor of Yogurt you want you can use this keto Yogurt to make other recipes like keto Rolls which is one of my most popular And loved recipes on my channel just Click right here to see it