Healthy Keto Tahini Cauliflower Salad Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

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hey we're back and with an amazing
recipe this one involves of course our favorite keto what is it what is it
called cauliflower this is a tahini cauliflower salad it's very very good
lots of garlic and onions What's the benefit of tahini tahini is a from sesame seed and it's usually raw and
it's very high in vitamin T and you're going to say what is vitamin T what is vitamin T well
you know the vitamins go vitamin A B C D E F there's F there's even a G so T
actually stands for thrombocytes so it supports the cells in your blood okay so
if you want a blood fortification idea okay good then this is it okay is there
a vitamin H there is a vitamin H there is by the way it's biotin oh I've heard of that
however getting back to the meal here go ahead and try this out I'm gonna take
a dainty bite yes so am I because I keep saying that and it never happens so this is a dainty
bite mm-hmm mm-hmm very rich a little tart I love it wakes up your mouth
so there's a lot of seasoning in here and this dish does for your mouth what
Indian food does for your mouth it fills it with flavor and a little tiny little
kick a little kick there a little tart and it keeps you coming back for more so
if you you know if you want something that's light on your stomach in terms of
content but you want an explosion of flavor in your mouth that's it that's
the ticket check it out check it

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