Easy Keto Bread with no crazy ingredients! GLUTEN FREE TOO!

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one of the most searched for most requested 
keto recipes out there is keto bread   and i have an amazing recipe for you 
that is going to knock your socks off   and it's gluten-free that's the problem with 
a lot of the commercial breads out there   is that they're not gluten free they're 
filled with wheat protein and so they're   going to cause inflammation but this recipe 
tastes like bread and it's gluten free   to make this keto bread we're gonna start by 
adding three cups of shredded mozzarella cheese   to a bowl along with four ounces of cream cheese 
we're gonna microwave it at 30 seconds intervals   until it's melted and you can just stir it in 
between if you don't want to use a microwave   you can melt this on the stovetop just put it 
on a non-stick skillet and it will melt that   way next i'm going to add this melted cheese into 
a food processor i'm also going to add two eggs   two cups of almond flour and one and a half cups 
of protein powder and the protein powder that i'm   gonna be using today is by isopure i love this 
protein powder because it's zero carbs it has   clean ingredients and this one is unflavored and 
it works well in all of your keto baking recipes   we're also going to add a quarter cup of sour 
cream which is my secret ingredient to making this   taste like regular bread one teaspoon of baking 
powder a half a teaspoon of baking soda and a half   a teaspoon of salt we're gonna pulse this together 
in our food processor until everything is combined   then we're going to put this into our loaf 
pan now you have a couple of options you can   just spray it with some cooking spray if you 
want and then add in your batter into there   or to make it easier to lift out i recommend 
just putting in a piece of parchment paper down   there and then spraying it with cooking spray 
this will just allow you to lift out your loaf   easier once it's done baking we're going to bake 
it in a 325 degree oven for 20 to 22 minutes once   it's done you can see it's all puffed up thanks 
to that fabulous ice appear protein powder   let it cool for a few minutes and 
then slice it and add some butter this keto bread will make the perfect side 
dish to any of your dinners that you make   or you can use it to make a sandwich   and the best part is is that it's gluten-free 
and it puffs up just like regular bread you


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