Are Konjac Noodles Keto Friendly?

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so is konjac noodles okay on keto well another 
name for konjac noodles would be miracle noodles   or shirataki noodles now this is really popular in 
asia japan and china but it's made its way over to   the us and uh it's totally keto friendly 97 of 
it is water it's like this gel that swells up   and three percent is fiber and 
yes fiber is a carbohydrate   but it doesn't have any effect on insulin because 
it's non-digestible your microbes will live on it   the type of fiber is called glucomannan and 
there's some interesting effects of this fiber   it can act as a detox it can help with 
weight loss there's several studies   and also it can help loosen mucus the thing is 
when you consume these noodles first of all the   flavor is flavorless there's like no flavor so you 
have to add some things to it it's not the same   texture as the regular pasta noodle unfortunately 
but it's similar okay and the other point is that   you may get really thirsty when you consume 
this because it's going to swell up with water   so you just want to drink some more water 
it'll hold like 50 times its weight in water   it decreases hunger because it decreases this 
hormone ghrelin okay that has to do with hunger   it also can help stabilize your blood sugars 
plus the fiber being digested by the microbes   helps to increase certain small chain fatty acids 
that help your blood sugars as well it can also   help constipation but most people consume just a 
small amount so they're not going to notice that   unless you consume like like huge huge amounts 
again it has no calories because it's a fiber   so you don't have to worry about it affecting 
your keto plan at all there are two other types   of noodle substitutes that i do like as well 
spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles so you   might want to check these out and definitely 
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