Amazing SOFT Keto Cookies (No egg, No Peanut Butter)

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Get the perfect keto cookies with ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS!! No need to buy extra ingredients on keto. Just stick with the basics with this recipe.


Almond Flour:
Cacao Bliss:
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder:

Substitutes for Almond Flour???
Try using 2/3 cup coconut flour or 1 cup lupin flour (not sure if these will work because I haven’t tested them)




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MACROS (per cookie)
Calories 111
Fat 11.2g
Protein 1.7g
Total Carbs 1.7g
Net Carbs 0.9g

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These are legit cookies they taste good They bake up just like a cookie and we Only use three ingredients sometimes you Don't have to buy up a bunch of extra Ingredients just to make a keto recipe But with this keto cookie recipe you Don't have to and I guarantee you Actually have these ingredients in your Pantry or your fridge I'll also show you How to make a chocolate version too so Let's get to baking with just three Ingredients to start add three quarters Of a cup of softened butter to a large Bowl our second ingredient is going to Be a half a cup of sweetener and I'm Using brown swerve because it adds a Hint of caramel flavor to these cookies But you can use any sort of sugar-free Sweetener as long as it measures cut for Cup with sugar even white granulated Sweetener will work cream this together Until it's fluffy and it's actually Better to use salted butter in this Recipe because this is only a three Ingredient recipe so you wouldn't have To add salt later on but if you do only Have unsalted butter you can use that Just throw in a pinch of salt at the end And now for our final ingredient can you Guess what it is two and a quarter cups Of almond bread flour and these are Almond flour based cookies so don't ask Me about another keto flour substitute Because we're using almond flour today

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But for those of you who can't tolerate Almond flour or just don't want to use It I will have some suggestions Down Below in the description box of Conversions that maybe you would want to Try once combined scoop out some cookie Dough and place it on a parchment lined Baking tray and then flatten each cookie With the back of a spatula or the palm Of your hand and you can also sprinkle On some sugar-free sprinkles like I'm Doing here it does add a fourth Ingredient but worth it and it makes Them look pretty now to get maximum Flavor from these and to keep them from Spreading you want to refrigerate the Dough for 10 minutes before baking and We'll bake these at 350 degrees for six To eight minutes or until the edges Start to turn golden brown and when you Remove them from the oven they're going To be super soft so do not attempt to Pick them up yet let them cool on the Baking tray for three to five minutes Before transferring them to a wire rack With a spatula and then let them cool Completely and you'll be able to pick Them up with your hands for the Chocolate version it's the same process And we're going to use the same three Ingredients creaming together the butter And the sugar-free sweetener but we're Only going to add two cups of almond Flour here because we have to add a

Fourth ingredient to get that chocolate Flavor you have two options you can use A third cup of unsweetened cocoa powder Or what I like to do is add in two Scoops of cacao Bliss by Earth Echo who I partnered with for this video cacao Bliss is not just your average raw cacao Powder blend it's actually sweetened With monk fruit so you want to have to Add too much additional sweetener if you Didn't want to plus it has superfoods in It like cinnamon turmeric Himalayan salt And a bunch of other ones that not only Give you nutritional benefits but They're going to add some extra flavor To our cookies without having to add a Bunch of different ingredients so you're Getting flavor enhancements from the Cinnamon the turmeric and the Himalayan Salt but you're also getting nutritional Benefits like decreased inflammation and Blood sugar regulation from those items As well if you want to try cacabolis go To com slash keto Focus and use my code keto focus and You'll get 15 off of your order after You refrigerate these for 10 minutes We're going to bake them in that 350 Degree oven for six to eight minutes This makes a really good option if You're just wanting a simple keto cookie Recipe without having to add a bunch of Extra ingredients but if you do want to Go that extra mile and make the ultimate

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