3-Ingredient Keto-Friendly Tahini Bread – Gluten Free Bread!

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would you believe that this keto bread 
alternative is only made with three ingredients   the first ingredient is eggs you'll need four 
of them in a large bowl and an electric mixer or   a whisk and very strong arms beat the eggs until 
they double in size and become a pale yellow color   basically you just want to incorporate as much 
air as possible into the eggs now to make the   quote-unquote bread rise add one teaspoon of 
baking soda then beat again until combined   and the final ingredient is one cup of tahini 
which is a condiment made from roasted and ground   sesame seeds it has a savory nutty flavor that i 
personally love if you've never tried it before   i recommend it at this point you could also add a 
pinch of salt or some other seasonings if you want   a specific flavor otherwise just blend until 
combined then pour the batter into a loaf pan   greased and lined with parchment paper and 
bake at 350 fahrenheit for around 30 minutes   it's kind of crazy how much this looks like 
a loaf of bread when it comes out of the oven   and it's even crazier how much 
the slices look like normal bread   i'll be honest though there was a distinct 
egg smell and flavor but the tahini helps   to neutralize that so i think this could be a 
good alternative for sandwiches if you can't   eat regular bread and guess what we wrote a book 
click the link in the description to get your copy

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