Transform Your Health with the Keto Carnivore Diet

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Are you thinking of trying the keto carnivore diet to achieve your health and nutrition goals? The keto carnivore diet is a simplified version of the keto diet, where one follows a high-fat, low-carb diet with the addition of only animal products. This approach restricts most vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes, and focuses on animal sources like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

The idea may sound daunting to some, but this diet has gained popularity among many people who have reported positive results in areas such as weight loss, improved energy, and better heart health. In this blog post, we will explore the different methods on how to do keto carnivore.

Method 1: All Meat Diet

As the name suggests, this first method is an all-meat approach, which means eating only animal-based proteins. The focus is on eating fatty cuts of meat, which provide the high fat intake essential to the keto carnivore diet. Foods that are allowed on this approach include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, and fish. You can eat these meats in a variety of ways, including grilling, baking, frying, braising or roasting.

As for portion sizes, people usually consume 2-3 meals a day, consisting of about 6-8 ounces of meat per serving. Some people may choose to add butter or lard for extra fat, and salt or seasonings for added flavor. The Bacon and butter approach is also popular, which includes consuming a lot of bacon and butter as staples.

While this method may sound straightforward, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the meat you purchase. Choosing organic, grass-fed or wild meat will provide you with higher nutrient content and fewer amounts of hormones or pesticides. You could also consult with a healthcare provider or a nutritionist to get a plan tailored to your needs.

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Method 2: Meat and Dairy Approach

For those who cannot imagine a diet without the addition of certain dairy products like cheese, butter, and cream, this method may be the best fit. This approach follows a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet by adding limited dairy products to the mix to achieve the desired macronutrient ratios.

Foods that are allowed on this approach include fatty meats like beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, alongside limited amounts of high-fat dairy products such as heavy cream, cheese, and butter. It is essential to note that while dairy can provide some health benefits, it is a source of carbohydrates, and consuming too much can kick one out of their ketosis or carnivore diet.

If you plan on adding dairy products to your diet, it is best to choose full-fat, grass-fed or pasture-raised products, and eliminate processed dairy products or anything with added sugars.

Method 3: Animal Imbalanced Approach

This approach includes consuming animal products in a predefined ratio of fat and protein without being concerned about the quantity of food. The goal is to eat until you feel full and satisfied, without overeating or undereating, and let your body be your guide.

This method may be the most difficult to follow since it requires intuitiveness and self-awareness about one’s body’s needs. Those who choose this approach may feel more control over their food intake, and therefore, it may be easier to stick to the diet long term.

To ensure you’re getting the right ratios, it is essential to keep a food diary and monitor your calorie intake. Moreover, it’s equally important to pay attention to the quality of the meat and dairy products you’re consuming.


In conclusion, there are several ways to do the keto carnivore diet, and it’s essential to find a method that works best for you. Each of the approaches mentioned above has its unique benefits, and it is up to you to decide which one suits your lifestyle, preferences, and nutrient needs.

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It is also vital to remember that this diet, like any other, requires careful planning and monitoring to ensure that all nutrient needs are met. Combining the diet with regular exercise, adequate hydration, and a healthy lifestyle could maximize its benefits and improve overall health.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight or aiming to improve your overall health, consider the keto carnivore diet as a potential option. Remember to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new diet. Happy eating!