The ONE KETO ingredient we don’t have yet

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Traditional home bakers have it so good. They can easily whip up batches of fudge, ice cream and cream pies with this ingredients because they can buy it at the store.

Those of us on a low carb lifestyle, have to make our own. Luckily, it’s not that hard to make and only requires three ingredients. But still, I’m surprise this ingredients isn’t readily available to us and someone could make $$$ if they decided to bottle it up and sell it.






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If there is one keto ingredient that I Wish was available commercially to Purchase that I didn't have to make it From scratch all the time it's sweet and Condensed milk all of the sugar eating Bakers out there can easily make all the Fudge caramels and cream pies they want Because they can just open up a can of This stuff and go on their way but us on A low carb diet have to make our own Luckily it's not that hard plus it uses Only three ingredients grab a medium Saucepan add three tablespoons of Unsalted butter then a half a cup of Powdered sugar-free sweetener and I'm Using powdered allulose because it Dissolves like regular powdered sugar Plus it doesn't crystallize when it Cools like some other sugar-free Sweeteners do then pour in two cups of Heavy whipping cream if you didn't want To use heavy whipping cream because of All the fat you could actually get away With using whole milk look for one Called Fair life because it's Ultra Filtered to get rid of a lot of the Sugars inside the milk so there's only Six grams of net carbs per cup as Opposed to heavy whipping cream which is Around 4 grams of net carbs per cup yes Heavy whipping cream does have carbs in It it's not zero carbs it's point three Grams of carbs per tablespoon it's just That most companies aren't required to

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Label it as 0.3 grams of carbs so they Just put zero because it's under the Minimum label requirement Bring this to a boil over medium Heat I did do a quick search on Amazon and Found a company who was selling a low Carb sweetened condensed milk but it was A powder that you still had to mix in With heavy cream and water and vanilla So it just sounded like a lot of work And I just rather make my own because It's going to be fresher and taste Better once it's boiling reduce the heat To low and let it simmer for 30 minutes Even though it's a few extra steps to Make your own this is one keto Ingredient that you can make ahead of Time so you can have it on hand whenever You need it it'll keep in the Refrigerator for two to three weeks or You can even freeze it for one to two Months this will start to thicken as it Simmers since some of the water from the Cream and the butter starts to evaporate That's about the consistency you want so Remove it from the Heat and then pour it Into a mason jar or whatever container You have let it cool at room temperature For 30 minutes before transferring it to The refrigerator otherwise the glass Might crack and nobody wants shards of Glass in their food maybe that's how That urban legend of Halloween candy Started although I think that was razor

Blades Both should never be added to food after Two hours in the fridge your sweetened Condensed milk will have thickened some More and now you're ready to make fudge Caramels or even this amazing keto key Lime pie