The DARKER Side of KETO – This is HOW TO FIX IT

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When first starting keto, you may experience some unpleasant side effects – like hair loss, fatigue, headaches, constipation and diarrhea. In this video, I discuss how to troubleshoot these issues in order to smooth the transition into a keto lifestyle.




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Keto has been touted a miracle diet for Rapid weight loss and the best way to Eat for longevity and overall health but If it's so great why do so many people Still struggle to lose weight and some Even gain weight and how can it be good For you if it causes you to lose your Hair let's talk about some of these Roadblocks what you're doing to Precipitate them how you're going to fix Them and how to get the most out of your Ketogenic Journey when it comes to Troubleshooting keto there are two main Problems that arise side effects and not Seeing results since they occur at Different points in your journey I Decided to split this video into two Different parts the first one is just Going to focus on things that occur During the first part of Keto so it's a Great beginner video whereas the second Part is going to deal with issues that Arise Midway through your journey some Of the first side effects that can Usually show up within the first few Days or a few weeks of starting keto is Fatigue headache irritability nausea Dizziness and difficulty concentrating It's a set of symptoms that has been Dubbed the keto flu because you kind of Feel like you're coming down with Something but you're not it's just your Body adjusting to using fat for fuel Instead of glucose or carbs and sugar

After years of Can overconsuming consuming carbs your Body have gotten really good at breaking Down carbs for energy and it can do it Quickly it doesn't efficiently break Down fat yet because it hasn't had to You've been giving it a constant supply Of carbs for energy but once the Glycogen stores and your liver and your Muscle are depleted and you stop that Constant carb intake your body turns to Using dietary or stored fat for fuel but In the beginning it's a really slow Process because you have to up regulate Some of those receptors and Pathways First in the meantime you can experience All the side effects that come with a Sudden drop of blood sugar like fatigue Irritability brain fog it's basically What we associate to somebody being Hangry consuming sugar would be the Obvious fix but we don't want to do that The best way to combat the hangaries Without compromising your keto diet is To gradually decrease your carbs when You first start out instead of suddenly Restricting your carbs down to hardly Anything reduce your carbs very slowly Over a period of a few weeks this can Help your body adjust easier to the Changes in fuel sources really ramping Up that fat into take to ensure that You're getting enough fuel to support Your energy needs is recommended include

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Good sources of healthy fats like Avocado nuts olive oil and coconut oil If you're still really feeling sluggish Like you don't have enough fuel just Give in and get some extra sleep sleep Will help your body transition over to a Fat burner quickly since you're giving It time to repair and build instead of Adding more strain and trying to operate On a strong out State dehydration could Be precipitating some of these symptoms As well when starting keto so many People lose a lot of water weight much Of this comes from your glycogen stores For every one gram of glycogen burned You release three grams of water so make Sure you're drinking plenty of water Throughout the day I recommend at least 80 ounces of water another set of Symptoms that can arise from lack of Carbohydrates is headache nausea and Dizziness these can occur from low Electrolytes in your body when you stop Consuming a ton of carbs you're getting Very little insulin release and insulin Is what triggers your kidneys to Reabsorb sodium so all that sodium gets Flushed out and other electrolytes Follow with it the best way to prevent Symptoms from electrolyte loss is to Replenish them and I like to do that With element electrolytes who is my Sponsor for today's video each packet of Element contains a science-backed

Electrolyte formula of a thousand Milligrams of sodium 200 milligrams of Potassium and 60 milligrams of magnesium It it's free from sugars added dyes and It comes in a wide range of flavors when First starting out on keto I recommend One packet a day and this should be Sufficient for replacing your Electrolyte loss as you get more keto Adapted you can just take it as you need It right now element is offering my Viewers a free sample pack with any Order you get eight single serving Packets free with any element order that Gets shipped right to you it's a great Way to try all eight flavors get yours At Ketofocus changes in the types of foods You eat can cause problems later on Usually in the form of constipation or Diarrhea when you first start keto you Could experience either or both Constipation can occur for a few reasons The first is changes in your microbiome Which is largely determined by what you Eat when you change your diet you cause Your microbiome to change which causes Your stools to change and any change in Diet can precipitate this the second Reason is that you're dehydrated for Reasons we already discussed and third It could be lack of fiber before keto You might have been consuming a high Fibrous diet so your digestive tract is

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Used to having all of that bulk to help Stimulate bowel movements to prevent or Treat constipation on the keto diet First make sure that you're drinking Plenty of water and taking electrolytes Easing slowly into keto can also help Mitigate some of those changes that we See in the microbiome in addition Focusing on higher fat consumption as Well as eating more fibrous vegetables On the flip side you could be Experiencing diarrhea with a sudden Flush of fluids and electrolytes Diarrhea can occur but it can also Happen because you're increasing fat Consumption and your pancreas and bile Production hasn't quite caught up with Your ability to absorb and digest fat Dietary fats can spill over and help Lubricate the Lumen which can cause Diarrhea and if you've ever had too much MCT oil you know what I'm talking about What can we do about this again make Sure that you're drinking plenty of Water so stay hydrated if you're Experiencing loose stool or diarrhea It's really important that you stay Hydrated and replenishing electrolytes Because those will get flushed out as Well and again making sure that you're Easy and into keto gradually and slowing Back those carbs will help your body Have a better time adjusting a rather Unpleasant side effect of Keto is bad

Breath or a weird taste in your mouth if You've had a metallic taste in your Mouth or your loved ones had told you That your breath smells like rotting Fruit you have keto breath when you're In ketosis you create different types of Ketones and one of those ketones is Called acetone and it's volatile it Comes out of your lungs as you breathe And that's what's causing the bad breath Fortunately this is short-lived because Most of that Ketone is only excreted in The first few weeks of Keto then it will Taper off until then just brush your Teeth marked frequently make sure you're Staying hydrated and maybe avoid people If you're looking for a more natural way Instead of chewing gum which can have Sugar in it unless you're having Xylitol Gum which I refuse to have in my house Because I have a dog you could try Chewing on mint leaves or even parsley It helps to neutralize that flavor Although I kind of just wonder if it Smells like parsley flavored rotten Fruit although it's not real common but Some people do notice that their hair Starts to fall out or is thinner after They start keto it's kind of hard to Tell because your hair naturally goes Through a cycle of building and falling Out but really with any diet change you Can see this happen it's not just from Keto and this can be for a number of

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Reasons from your calories are too low There's too low of protein you're not Getting enough micronutrients maybe There's hormone changes that are Happening and even just losing a large Amount of weight in a short period of Time can cause your hair to fall out on Top of that if you do notice that your Hair is starting to fall out or is Getting Thinner it creates anxiety and Depression which actually makes it worse It precipitates even more hair loss Stress is horrible for your hair and Your skin so what can you do about this First try not to stress both short-term And chronic stress trigger cortisol and That's what leads to hair loss High Cortisol levels slow the production of Necessary hyaluronic acid and proteins Necessary to form healthy scalp and skin And it lowers it by around 40 percent Yikes make sure you're on a balanced Keto diet and consuming a wide range of Micronutrients from different types of Proteins to different vegetables and Fruits the larger the variety the better Plus make sure you're getting sufficient Protein and calories to help with hair Growth talk to your doctor about getting Your hormones checked because this could Be an easy fix as well it could be as Simple as correcting thyroid or even Testosterone yes women can have low Testosterone levels luckily if you do

Experience any of these side effects From keto they're usually short-lived And you'll get to feeling better back to Your old self with little intervention But what if you start to have other Roadblocks on your keto Wellness Journey Like weight loss Plateau or even weight Gain look out for that video next it's Coming out shortly or I might have it Here already