Smashed Nice Potato 🀀 Keto Recipes πŸ₯˜ Low Carb πŸ₯— Keto Diet #shorts

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Smashed Nice Potato 🀀 Keto Recipes πŸ₯˜ Low Carb πŸ₯— Keto Diet #shorts
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These are the best crispiest creamiest Mini smashed lemon potatoes that we make In the air fryer let’s go boil your mini Potatoes for 10 minutes from the boiling Point or until tender strain them and Gently press them down with your Masher Salt dry oregano and I brushed them with Some olive oil and freshly squeezed Lemon juice feel free to use any Seasonings you love gently add them to Your air fryer and air fry them for six To eight minutes top them off with Parsley feta or lemon juice enjoy and Follow me for more [Music]

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