Keto Biscuits Recipe by Dr.Berg

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hey guys one of the biggest problems
that you run into is trying to find something to put your butter on did that
come out right sure yeah well the way I say it is you need a vehicle for the
butter a vehicle I need a vehicle for the butter other than bread crackers and pancakes although I make English muffins and pancakes and
waffles wheat-free sugar-free so I can put butter on that but I stumbled across
this recipe it was actually called a biscuit recipe it's not reminiscent of a
biscuit it's actually like a little piece of bread and the texture it's like
four ingredients texture is really cool it's very bready as a matter of fact I
don't have it right here but when this recipe posts I will have worked out the
measurements for a loaf pan because it rises beautifully and you can slice it
and I think it's it would make awesome toast even sandwich bread it really
holds together nicely yeah and we have the grass-fed butter yeah it's actually
cows eat the grass not the butter eats the grass grass-fed butter it doesn't sound right
mm-hmm you're gonna like this mm-hmm is it hard to make what do you think
it's very simple right the texture is really great and you know
when it comes down to it bread doesn't have gobs of flavor it's a vehicle for
the butter so many people like bread and muffins so you know you should sorry I
didn't mean to interrupt you but I was just gonna say another thing I love to do
with bread is dip it in like an Italian oil warm this up and soak it in some
Italian oil or something it would be a good solution a good alternative
absolutely Charlie so check this out how to make it and I think it'll be very
easy for you hey guys I just recently did a survey
and I found that the number one thing that you want is to know what to eat
okay you want examples of meals so I created a series of recipes that you can
get which basically show you how to combine the foods in the right portions
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