How to Make THE BEST Keto Pasta in 10 Minutes | Reheat & Cook in Sauce | Flour & Dairy Free Option

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we have got a keto pasta recipe that 
won't melt in your sauce you can reheat it   you can freeze it and you can 
store it in the fridge stay tuned hi and welcome to Cook with Mel if you're 
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bell so you know when we post a new recipe it'll   really help my channel and i'll only take you a 
second i am absolutely blown away by this pasta   recipe we have got an almond flour version and 
if you have a nut allergy we have got a coconut   flour version and if you don't want to use any 
flour at all we have got a trick to show you   where you don't use any flour the ingredients 
macros and measurements are listed in the   description box let's get into those recipes now 
the basics of each recipe is exactly the same and   i will talk you through the substitutions 
for almond flour coconut flour or no flour   so first to your nutribullet bullet or blender 
you're going to add three eggs at room temperature   and we're adding the liquids first i'll explain 
why later next add one teaspoon of olive oil   and 60 grams of softened cream cheese now why 
we soften the cream cheese is i've found that   if you don't soften it and you just put it 
in the blender it still has a few lumps so   we're just going to try and eliminate that 
and it does actually work because i've tried   it both ways now we're going to add our almond 
flour and we're adding 4 tablespoons and lastly   one teaspoon of powdered gelatin we add this last 
because we don't want the mixture to solidify   anytime soon just in the blender and now before we 
blend this i'm just going to give it a quick shake   because i found that when you blend it some of the 
flower does get stuck at the top so i'm just going   to try and incorporate that a little bit and 
now we literally blend it for about 10 seconds give it another shake i feel like a 
bartender and then do a final blend that's it just going to show you the 
difference here when i didn't shake my   nutribullet up first before blending there was 
flour all caked in the lid and now look that's   fully taken care of it so i'm pretty happy 
with that next you're going to need um your   baking sheet that has um you know a bit of a 
depth and line it with a silicon silicone mat   and literally you're going to pour your mixture 
in the center and you can pour all of it this   its enough for a full tray and you have two 
options of spreading this around you could either   tilt your baking sheet or baking tray like this 
or you can use any flat surface and i'm using   one egg lifter that i think every single household 
will have so that is pretty good because it's like   really easy just literally spreading liquid around 
it's not fussy at all and i hope you can tell also   that it's quite liquidy at this point 
so i'm just gonna spread it to the edges   and i'm gonna get my edges right first 
before i try and even out my mixture   the other thing too is my baking tray 
is really old so it's not quite even in   in the center so i hope yours is 
pretty good on that on that front but   you know what my pasta sheets 
still came out really great i like how you say not quite straight it looks 
like it's been in a car crash yeah well it's got a   quite a dip in the middle and i only noticed 
it using when i was trying out this recipe   um you know before so it was interesting 
send it to the body shop on monday so i mean you could go like right 
to the edges it's not gonna matter   i think just as long as you stay on try and stay 
on the baking sheet and if you don't that's okay   too just try your best okay so now you can see 
there's some shading here that means that the   mixture is a bit thin in those areas so you're 
just going to tilt like that and tilt like that   and now you're going to bake it in the oven for 
exactly 10 minutes for our first recipe you saw   that we used four tablespoons of almond flour if 
you're allergic to almond flour or you just prefer   using coconut substitute the almond flour with 
coconut flour and you would use two tablespoons   instead of four now i'm going to show you a 
no flour version and for that we are using   four tablespoons of parmesan cheese instead of 
any flour so to that again we're starting off   with three eggs then one tablespoon of olive 
oil as before it's all the same as before   just your parmesan as the change four tablespoons 
of parmesan cheese and 60 grams of softened cream   cheese all these ingredients are well thought out 
the cheese the eggs they all add to your macros   to make it keto as well as giving you your 
nutrients your protein your high fat etc etc   your gelatin is gonna help bind your pasta as well 
as give you a little a little bit more protein   lastly we're going to add one teaspoon of gelatin 
adding it last so it doesn't bind too quickly and   the equates to three grams and remember guys 
we always put our ingredients and measurements   in the description box seal that off give it 
a good shake before you blend and blend shake and a final blend literally 
pour everything into the center   your parmesan will be more of a liquidy 
consistency but don't be fazed by that   you'll still be able to move your mixture around 
using the parmesan variant and it'll stay in   place it's just a slightly more of a liquid 
texture than the almond or the coconut flour   and remember you can also flavor up this pasta you 
can add turmeric if you want more of a yellow look   you can add oregano if you want more garlic 
pasta you can add some garlic powder so yum   while i'm doing this here's a tip you can freeze 
this pasta you can store it in the fridge for   three days and you can cook this pasta in the 
sauce and i'm going to show you how that performs   for the second option we are filming with seeing 
me doing the process because i want to show you   how quick and easy this pasta is to make but 
lastly i want to move around the parmesan   version just so you can get an idea of you 
know how liquidy it is it's not too bad at all   i just create a wedge for you it's quite liquidy 
but look at that it seals up quite nicely and when   i move it to the edges it does stay in place and 
now we're going to bake it in the oven for exactly   10 minutes all right my pasta has just been taken 
out the oven and now you will need to let it   cool down for 10 minutes because this gets 
removed all in one sheet and when it's too hot   it might break up so you want to let it cool 
settle down solidify a little bit okay so   this pasta went for exactly 10 minutes the other 
flour options i'll show you what they look like   but the coconut and almond don't have the slight 
browning like the parmesan does if you wish   you can reduce the time maybe by one and 
a half minutes but to me this is actually   a okay this is not burnt at all now how 
to remove it from your tray you simply   lift your your silicone mat and look at that 
oh my god and then you work the edges first there we go and you simply add it to your 
cutting board ready for you know whatever shape   you're going to make so of course you can 
do a spaghetti you can do a fettuccine   but you can also make lasagna noodles 
which would be really fantastic for this   recipe now here is another parmesan pasta sheet 
that i baked earlier and this one went for 15   minutes and of course you can see it has slight 
slightly darker browning and it's a bit cracked   in the middle you know when you cut your pasta 
it's not really going to make a difference you   do get all sizes you know of length so 
i don't feel that that's going to be   a deal breaker you'll you'll still be fine however 
you can see the difference this is perfectly baked   and that is slightly darker with the browning 
but if this happens to you just cut off the edges   and you're good to go so that's the parmesan i 
now want to show you the coconut flour version and to me there's virtually no 
difference the coconut flour is   maybe one shade darker and look at this guys 
there is absolutely no browning on the edges and   it did take a lot of experimentation to get the 
temperature and the times right but look at that   you should get exactly the same result as me and 
now i'm going to show you the almond flour version   so i'll just try and include the 
parmesan in that so here we got parmesan   coconut flour almond flour as you can see 
here there is virtually no difference and   you're not compromising in any way shape or 
form if you choose one or the other recipe   okay so i want to give you every possible tip 
that i can you know so you can have success   um with this recipe at home so i'm gonna use 
my worst pasta sheet and just work with this   and first like we said before i'm gonna cut 
off the edges and you can see it you know it's   pretty solid and it doesn't stick to your pizza 
cutter so i'm just going to trim off the edges and now literally you know cut whatever shape   you want and i'll do fettuccine with this 
one just because fettucine is quite fast you can do it that way and or um you 
could roll it up now because this one   is actually overcooked i'm not sure if it's 
going to crack but let's find out together   okay so with this one i rolled it up and now 
you're literally going to cut it like that and let's take a cracked one just 
so you can see it looks so good pasta beautiful of course if you're a really good 
cook or baker and you've got your pasta sheet   perfect i'm going to quickly um slice this up just 
to show you whether it cracks or not just one tip   when you are rolling it up don't tuck it in 
like tight tight just tuck it in gently so that   you know it does it doesn't crack the other thing i want to show you just so you can 
get an idea of the consistency and also what to   expect with these noodles what i was saying about 
not um rolling it up too tightly if you actually   press it together like that they actually do break 
that's why you want to do a big roll rather than a   tighter one almond flour done for your coconut 
flour i'll do the same thing and then set it   aside and it's probably going to turn out exactly 
the same i also wanted to say that if you want to   extrude this through a pasta machine you can 
it is literally a sheet of pasta i mean it is   um as sticky as cheese is i would say slightly 
sticky but not to the point where your hands you   know get messy now i'm going to show you how to 
combine your pasta with sauces i've made a simple   chicken alfredo sauce and now first we're going to 
taste the parmesan version you can see my source   of bubbling and literally i'm going to add the 
parmesan version to the sauce and just stir it in you know and you can add your cheese on top or 
whatever and do take note this is not melting   which is awesome and literally once you stir it in 
like that you turn off the heat and your pasta is   ready because essentially this is cooked pasta 
already so you don't need to re-cook it as such i've made three lots of my sauce just for this 
experiment and now i'm gonna turn on the heat   and let that come up to boiling just 
because we're testing out whether this   pasta is going to dissolve in the hot sauce 
now i'm adding the coconut flour version and giving it a stir it smells so good in here guys and literally if you want the if you want 
the recipe to this alfredo sauce i here's   the link for you now i just omitted the broccoli 
so that is the recipe to a chicken alfredo sauce   switch off the heat and ready to 
pop into your plate or your bowl and lastly we're going to 
add our almond flour version give it a stir and turn off the heat oh my god like seriously there's a slight color   variation in them all but we knew 
that right so i just can't wait hmm fabulous so here you go we have shown you a 
keto pasta that's for everyone no flour almond   flour or coconut flour version i feel like this 
keto pasta is on steroids and i think i'm going to   call it 2.0 version because it is just everything 
about it is fabulous you can put it through your   pasta machine you can freeze it you can store 
it in the fridge for three days it's not gonna   melt in your sauce and the macros are great for 
keto i really hope you get to try this pasta i'm   pretty confident that you will love it do drop 
me a comment down below if you have any uh   questions i'd love to help you out or if you get 
to make it and you want to give me some feedback   that'll be awesome for everyone to see thank 
you so much for watching stay safe and be well

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