A LOW CARB way to make THIS sandwich favorite

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This easy keto casserole has been a go-to weekly meal for my family lately. It requires minimal ingredients, minimal prep and the leftovers you can turn to into actual philly cheesesteaks by stuffing it into a low carb roll.





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We are ditching the bread for this Philly cheesesteak recipe but to turn This 30 minute casserole into a meal That the whole family is going to enjoy You're just gonna need three special Ingredients that you'll add at the end Start with the star of this Meal which Is the beef for this recipe I'm using Ground beef because it's easier to use And more budget friendly but you can Certainly use shaved beef or even just Thinly sliced sirloin steak it's even a Good recipe if you have leftover steak And you want to turn it into something Else just make this Philly cheesesteak Casserole ground turkey or chicken is a Great option if you're looking for more Of a high protein lower fat option Once your beef is crumbled and almost Browned we're going to add in some Seasoning a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon Of garlic powder A teaspoon of onion powder a half a Teaspoon of pepper and then one Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire sauce or Chester sauce I Don't know next slice up bell pepper and Onion and I'm going to use one green Bell pepper and one red just to add some Color Ful this recipe is a go-to weeknight Meal for me lately because it requires Minimal prep and comes together in just 30 minutes

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Details let's add these delicious Peppers and onions to our Skillet and Finish this recipe first then go to Greenchef.com and use my code Ketofocus60 to get 60 off your order Plus free shipping Cook these veggies until they're tender And if you overcrowd your Skillet it's Okay just put a lid on it and that will Help steam your veggies Once they're tender it's time for our Special ingredients that's going to make This dish a hit first add in four ounces Of cream cheese And it doesn't have to be softened but It might come together better if you Cube it first and like I did Next you need to decide how many dishes You want to do or how lazy you are Because after you add your final two Ingredients this dish needs to bake in The oven so if you're using a skillet That's oven proof you can just add those Last two ingredients and pop it right Into the oven however if it's not oven Proof or you notice that there's a lot Of liquid from all that moisture release From your vegetables down in your Skillet then you're going to want to Drain that off and just put it into an Oven proof Skillet or casserole dish to Finish with our special ingredients top Your casserole with sliced provolone Cheese and then a sprinkling of shredded

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Colby jack cheese this will go into the Oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes Once that delicious blend of three Cheeses is melted and bubbly pull it out I top mine with chopped parsley and a Few red pepper flakes now if you need to Fill in the rest of your menu for the Week with more easy keto dinners just Like this one well then click right here Because I show you how to make chicken Fried steak and sheet pan meatloaf in About 30 minutes