Pizza Pot Pie (Low Carb) #ketorecipes

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The other day I was scrolling through Tick Tock and I saw someone make a pot Pie but it was actually a pizza so Naturally my first thought was how can I Make this Keto So I started by making my favorite Recipe for keto pizza dough instead of Using flour we use mozzarella cheese That serves as our gluten to help give The stove a stretchy feel just like Pizza dough added an almond flour Xantham gum baking powder salt and of Course one egg and then there's our Melted mozzarella cheese And check out how much this looks like Actual dough To make the pot pie layer down some Cheese and then add your favorite pizza Toppings I'm using pepperoni salami Olives onion whatever you want to add And then your favorite low carb marinara Sauce more cheese divide the dough in Two give it a spin plop it on and then We bake this in the oven at 400 degrees For around 15 minutes To be honest I don't really understand The point of making pizza like this it Doesn't taste any different or look any Different and now I have more dishes to Do