LEGIT Cheez-it Dupe (Low Carb)

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If Cheez-its are your Kryptonite, you need this video. I made keto cheez-its with just a few ingredients and got a crunchy, cheesy alternative to our favorite cheddar cracker!


Almond Flour:
Cheddar Cheese Powder:
Xanthan Gum:




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MACROS (per 14 crackers)
Calories 113
Fat 9.2g
Protein 5.1g
Total Carbs 2.6g
Net Carbs 1.1g

Uh uh uh a handful of Cheez-Its is about 20 carbs you know what to do but I have Small hands that voice in my head was Right sneaking Cheez-Its off my kid's Plate will keep me from my goals because I usually can't have just one instead I'm making my own Cheez-Its and these Are only one gram of carb per serving oh And we're not gonna cut up squares of Cheese and bake it and call it Cheez-Its Because that doesn't look or taste like Cheez-Its instead we start by adding 100 Milligrams of almond flour to a medium Bowl and if you don't have a food scale Just add a half a cup plus 1 3 cup of Almond flour a key ingredient to holding Your crackers together when we are Preparing your dough is to add two Teaspoons of xanthan gum thin a half a Teaspoon of salt and we're going to add Some cheese to these crackers in a bit Obviously but I found that it wasn't Cheddary enough for me to give that true Cheez-It flavor so I'm adding four Teaspoons of this cheddar powder I Picked up from Amazon this is an Optional ingredient the crackers turn Out just fine without it Cheez-Its are Made with real cheese well so are my Keto Cheez-Its I have four ounces of Extra sharp cheddar cheese that I've Shredded any flavor of cheddar will work I've used medium cheddar but I find that The sharper the cheddar the more flavor

It has to hold it all together all you Need is water just three tablespoons if You didn't use that cheese powder and You want a vibrant orange color to your Cheez-Its just add a few drops of food Coloring however I do suggest you add The food coloring to the water so that It gets distributed evenly into your Dough now this might seem like it's not Enough water to incorporate your dough Together but trust me it is just keep Stirring or you might have to get your Hands dirty and knead it together to get All of those dry ingredients to come Together into the dough don't worry About the shreds of cheese this will get Pressed into the dough when we prepare The crackers they serve an important Role that I'll explain later to get flat Crackers we need to roll out the dough Between two sheets of parchment paper to Keep the parchment paper from slipping Just lay down a damp piece of paper Towel first and then place your Parchment on top ideally you want to Roll out your dough into a rectangle Shape so that it's easy to cut your Crackers into square shapes so I'm going To try to mold it into a square shape First and when I roll it I repeatedly Check to make sure the corners are Square to prevent the parchment paper From creating lines in the dough I just Periodically flip the parchment over and

Then roll out that Underside keep Rolling until your dough is about the Thickness of a semi-dull pencil or the Prong of a fork you don't want it paper Thin unless you like crispy crackers That are more like chips that looks Perfect to cut our squares I use a pizza Cutter I like to get some of the rounded Edges off first and then cut into Squares and you can see the shreds of Cheese in the dough this cheese will Actually melt when it bakes and it Creates little pockets of air that help Make our crackers crunchy to give that Iconic hole in the center I use a wooden Skewer but a chopstick works too you can Sprinkle your crackers a little bit of Flaked salt just to make it look more Like a Cheez-It but we're going to bake These in a 250 degree oven for 20 to 25 Minutes if you rolled out your dough Super thin it's not going to take as Long to cook but you want to make sure You pull them out before they start to Get golden brown because as they cool They're actually going to turn into an Ugly kind of orangey brown color rather Than that vibrant orange color like a Cheese that should be let these cool for Several minutes because they're going to Continue to harden you know what would Go perfect with these crunchy Cheez-Its A grilled cheese sandwich and I show you How to make one without using

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