2 Ingredient Keto Spinach Wraps | Zero Carb | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free

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We're making two ingredient 
keto spinach wraps, let's go!   Zero carb… these two ingredient keto spinach 
wraps are so easy and simple to make. They're   actually by low carb norma and I found her on 
Instagram and I thought it would be a great   alternative for you if you're having trouble 
with our very popular keto tortillas or you're   just having a lazy day.

Very similarly, we 
put it into a blender and that's how it is   all mixed together but we also have our pasta 
2.0 recipe that you can do the same thing…   chuck it into a blender and a liquid is formed 
and you just chuck it into your skillet. If you do   find this recipe too spinach-y do click on this 
link now and it will take you to something more   similar to a wrap. Ingredients, shopping list 
and the macros are listed in the description box.   Let's get into the recipe now. To a blender add 
65 grams of spinach leaves and three whole eggs.   I'm just doing plain ones so I 
added a half teaspoon of salt   and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Then blend 
it thoroughly until the mixture is all one color.   Over a medium to low heat generously spray a 
non-stick pan with cooking spray, then add one   third of the mixture which is about 70 grams 
and spread it around so it covers the surface.

Now you just need to cover it and 
let that cook for two minutes.   Scrape down the edges so they come away from the 
pan then flip them over, then let that cook for   another minute and this is how they should turn 
out. Remove and repeat the process which will give   you a total of three wraps. You may be concerned 
that these might tear when wrapping so here I'm   just adding my fillings a spread of mayonnaise, 
shredded chicken and avocado and seasoned with   everything but the bagel seasoning.

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And see… 
they're delicate yes, but they do not tear. See how simple that was to make… the only trick 
is you must use cooking spray because even with   the non-stick pan my wraps were sticking 
so do be generous with your cooking spray.   I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you 
so much for watching, stay safe and be well..

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