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Today's video has a dual purpose. The first is   for those of you who are not used to barbecuing or 
grilling. It's a how-to video. As well, it's a recipe   showing you how to make my two ingredient grilled 
steak, which is perfect for an outdoor summertime   barbecue. However, if you prefer, or you don't have 
a barbecue, you can also enjoy this recipe any time   of the year by grilling the steak on your stovetop. 
But, I have to tell you ahead of time that the   stovetop will require two more ingredients, 
so it's a four ingredient stovetop recipe.   If you're interested, or need it, I will 
provide an internal meat temperature guide   so that you can decide how 
well you like your steak done.   And, for a better variety, I will also suggest 
some of my other sugar-free, gluten-free, dry rubs   or barbecue sauces that you could use with 
steak or other meats.

I hope you'll keep watching. Since I like to know what ingredients are in my 
spice mixes, dry rubs or barbecue sauces, I usually   make them myself. It's also a lot less expensive 
and tastier. Before I forget, I want to mention   that all of the dry spice rubs last really well if 
you place them in a glass jar and keep them with   the rest of your spices. And, the prepared barbecue 
sauces will store really well in a mason jar with   a nice tight lid, in your refrigerator, and they 
will last in your refrigerator for several weeks.   As promised, here are the other suggested 
dry rubs and barbecue sauces I have made   and posted already. All of these suggestions go 
extremely well with beef, chicken, pork and lamb,   but most of them do not go with fish. The only one 
that I really like with fish is the teriyaki one.   When I'm making my spice rubs or barbecue sauces, I 
usually make a large batch of my more popular rubs   or sauces and keep them on hand, so that i can more 
quickly and simply make my meal.

As well, by having   prepared dry rubs or barbecue sauces on hand, it 
literally takes you just a few seconds to marinate   your meat. The link for the spice rub and anything 
else I suggest in this video, as well as the link   for the printable recipe, are all available in 
the description below. So, please go there to   check them out. So, let's begin. The macronutrient 
ratio for the two ingredient grilled steak, stove   top version is 2.2 to 1 1 with 4.6 grams of total 
carbs, 1.6 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 3   grams of net carbs per pan grilled steak. The first 
thing you should do is take your steak out of the   refrigerator and place it on your countertop.

have to allow the meat to get to room temperature.   Having the meat at room temperature is best, if 
you want even grilling or cooking of any meat,   because if the meat is chilled the internal meat 
temperature will be colder and that will affect   how quickly or slowly the meat will cook. Also, a 
room temperature steak will cook much faster than   a cold one will. Also, cold steak will contract 
more when you put it on a grill, which results   in more of the juices being pushed out. Today, I'm 
going to be using my North African dry spice rub.   This is a moroccan spice blend that 
has a wonderful, complex spice flavor,   which has a bit of a hot spicy bite, with a 
sweet and savory complement, all at the same   time. To season this size steak, I usually use 
one teaspoon of my North African spice rub,   sprinkling about half of the spice mixture on 
the first side, then using my hands to gently   massage or rub it in, into the meat. This also 
helps the spice to stick onto the meat better.   Then, just turn the steak over and sprinkle the 
other side, and rub the spice rub into it.

This is   all the prep you need. Wasn't that easy? I'd like 
to also caution you: don't be tempted to add more   salt or pepper, because this North African spice 
mixture is really well balanced and it does have   enough salt in it. Also, if you do like your steak 
salty, you can add a little extra right at the end. Now, there's two different ways you can do this. 
You can either grill it on your outdoor barbecue.   To do so preheat your barbecue 
according to instructions   and desired temperature for steaks. Place your 
steak on the grill and cook until the steak   is ready to be flipped. Then, flip once, cook 
to desired level and take it off your grill.   I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on how 
to barbecue, because many people who have barbecues   are really good at it already, and you don't 
need my prattling to tell you what to do. Even   if you're grilling your steak on the barbecue, 
to add extra flavor and good fats, I would like   to suggest you make my optional butter sauce, 
which is just two ingredients.

In a small pot,   combine the coconut oil or olive oil (with the butter) and then 
pour this melted butter mixture over the steak   while it's still hot. And now, all you have to do is 
let your steak rest for about two to five minutes. Now, I'm going to make my two ingredient 
grilled steak using a grilling pan.   And, if you're using a cast iron pan as i 
am, preheat your grill pan over medium heat.   When you notice that the pan is hot, then add the 
unflavored or refined coconut oil, or olive oil,   and one of the two tablespoons of unsalted butter. 
And then, when you notice that this butter mixture   is just about starting to smoke, place your 
seasoned steak in the middle of your pan.   Grill the first side, and then flip to the other 

Now it's time to place the second tablespoon   of butter on top of the steak, and let the butter 
just melt evenly over the steak as you're grilling.   And, after flipping, use a pastry brush to 
sop up some of this melted butter and juices   and brush it over the steak. When 
the steak is done to your liking,   remove the steak, put it on the platter 
and let it rest for two to five minutes.   And, it's that simple to make a really 
delicious, juicy and tender steak. For my video recipe today, I used a rib eye steak. 
You can, of course, use the steak of your choice, but   make sure it's about 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters 
thick, for best results. Now to enjoy my steak.   Now, to be able to tell the internal temperature, 
you will need either an instant read thermometer   or one of those inexpensive meat thermometers 
you insert into the center of your steak.   And, here's the temperature guide, to make your 
rare, medium rare, medium, and well done steak. This   temperature is just a guide and, as far as I can tell, 
works for all types of steaks, as long as they're   about an inch thick.

I know that there's a lot 
of conflicting information about how much meat   or protein you should or should not have on your 
keto, low-carb diet. I'm leaving the decision of   how much meat you want to eat up to you, because 
the keto, low-carb diet is not a "one-size-fits-all"   type of diet. You really have to use your common 
sense and eat according to your body's need,   and your goals. Because beef is a good source 
of vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, iron and zinc,   and I have discovered that, over time, if 
I'm not careful, I tend to be a little   low on my vitamin b12, so to compensate I 
do eat a larger steak from time to time.   Use your common sense and customize 
your keto and low-carb diet   so that you maximize your personal health goals.

hope that you have found this video to be useful   and informative and, if you have, please support 
my channel by giving this video a thumbs up,   leaving a comment or question, sharing the video 
with someone that you know and, most importantly,   please come back when I post my next video. 
Until next time, have a wonderful day. Cheers!.

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