Secrets To The BEST KETO ICE CREAM Recipe: Creamy, Sweet, & Scoopable!

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Hi everyone. It's Maya from And today, I'm showing you
how to make keto ice cream. This stuff is sweet. It's creamy. It taste just like regular ice cream. You can't even tell that it's sugar-free. And this low carb ice cream recipe has been popular on my website for years. It used to have four ingredients, but recently I retested
it, made it even better, and now it has five. I think that extra ingredient
is going to be worth it. First, I adjusted the recipe to use both heavy cream and almond milk. It used to be only heavy cream, but some people complained
it was a little bit too much in butter territory, so adding the almond milk
gives it the perfect balance.

And if you can't have
almond milk, don't worry, I have some alternatives
I'll show you in the video. Second, I used to make this
recipe with the erythritol, but now I use Besti powdered sweetener. And this you guys, has
been a game changer. I created the sweetener
because I wasn't happy with the sugar substitutes
that were available out there. Either they were gritty or
they didn't dissolve well or they had an after taste. This solves all of those issues. It tastes just like sugar.
It has zero net carbs. It's 100% natural and
you're going to love it. But in particular for ice cream, this is really great because
it makes your keto ice cream soft and scoopable.

If you've ever made a
low carb ice cream recipe where it just came out of
the freezer hard as a rock, this is going to solve that problem. What Besti does in ice cream is it helps lower the freezing point, which is going to keep your
ice cream soft and creamy, just the right texture,
right outta the freezer. You can pick it up on
my website or on Amazon.

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I'll link both down below for you. Okay, let me show you how easy it is to make this keto ice
cream. Let's do this. (upbeat music) The fifth component in this
sugar-free ice cream recipe is the keto sweetened condensed milk. It works very similarly to the way regular condensed milk works in traditional ice cream recipes
that are not custard-based. So that's what I'm making here. I've added three tablespoons
of unsalted butter to my pan and I'm just gonna go
ahead and let that melt.

Now, I'm going to add a third of a cup of Besti Powdered Monk
Fruit Allulose Blend. Like I mentioned before,
this is a key ingredient in making soft and scoopable
low carb ice cream. So, don't use another sweetener, this one is going to
give you the best result. And I'm adding two cups
of heavy cream here. This is the same as heavy whipping cream, sometimes that's what it's labeled as. Go ahead and stir that together and you'll notice the
sweetener starts to dissolve really easily, very quickly. So the condensed milk
does take a bit of time and it is important to
use a large pan like this because if you use a smaller sauce pan, it's going to take even longer.

This takes about 30 to 45 minutes total, even in this larger pan, but this larger surface area
of the pan does help a ton. The condensed milk is the longest part of making the keto ice
cream, but it's so worth it, and I like to turn on some soft music and it's actually kind of relaxing. You'll notice the condensed milk is going to start to thicken and bubble. This is all totally normal. And the way you know it's done, is when it coats the back of a spoon and it's gonna be nice and bubbly and turn a little bit darker in color. But be careful not to have
it on the heat too long or it's going to turn into caramel sauce. Delicious, but not what we want here. Remove the condensed milk from the stove and pour it into a large bowl
so that it stops heating. And add two teaspoons of vanilla extract. There are a whole bunch of
other flavors you can use here.

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So in my blog post, which
I'll link down below, I'll show you how to make
other ice cream flavors. But for now, we're
making straight vanilla. So, I'm adding one cup each of heavy cream and one cup of almond milk. You can also use coconut
milk beverage here or even regular dairy milk, though that will up the carbs
and will no longer keto. Cover your low carb ice
cream base with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge
for at least four hours or preferably, overnight. This is going to help improve the texture of your keto ice cream, so don't skip it.

Now, it's time to churn. I highly recommend using
an ice cream maker. I'll link my favorite one
that I have here down below. But if you don't have one, I'll tell you about a
no churn method as well. So, for the ice cream maker method, you're going to pour the
mixture into the ice cream maker and then churn according to the
manufacturer's instructions. It takes about 20 minutes
or so in my ice cream maker, but you'll know it's done when it's about the texture of soft serve. If you want to use the no churn method, what you're gonna do instead is pour it into a glass container and
place it in the freezer, stir every 30 to 60 minutes
for the first two hours, and then every 60 to 90 minutes
for a few hours after that.

This is going to prevent ice
crystals from building up. So, my sugar-free ice cream is done here. You can see this is about
the texture of soft serve, which is as firm as it's going to get right out of the ice cream maker. Feel free to enjoy it as is,
but I like my ice cream firmer. So what you're gonna do if you want that is just transfer the mixture
to a glass container, be sure to do this fairly quickly so that it doesn't have time to melt and you may need to
scrape some the ice cream from the bottom of the
bowl, that's totally normal.


Go ahead and smooth the top
and then place in the freezer for about two to four hours until firm. As you can see, this sugar-free ice cream
does take some time to make, but it's only a few ingredients and the steps are really
easy and it's so worth it. This is going to taste
just like the real thing. Let me get a scoop of this and show you. It does scoop a little bit better if you let it sit out for a
few minutes before you do it. But if you're impatient, it's
still gonna be very scoopable. If anyone has any tricks for
perfect ice cream scoops, let me know. This is how I do it.

It also helps if your ice
cream scoop is a little bit hot or you could even run
it under some hot water. That's what I usually do. That's what I did right before. Now, this is delicious plain, but I like to add a little
sugar-free chocolate syrup, I'll link that recipe down
below for you as well. And also not required, but I have a recipe for
homemade sugar-free sprinkles. So, I think these are fun. All right. Time for dessert. So rich and creamy and sweet. You can't even tell that
this isn't real ice cream. I hope you'll make this
keto ice cream soon. If you do, be sure to leave me a comment, let me know what you think.

And snap a photo post
it with #WholesomeYum so that I can see it too. See you next time on Wholesome Yum, where I share easy,
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